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Features Model A roadster highboys on Model A frames

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Chris, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. flatout51
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    Couldn't disagree more.

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  2. a boner
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    a boner

    They are sort of growing on me. On the right hot rod, they look fantastic! image.png
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  3. I find myself liking them more and more.
  4. madfish
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    Whose car is this and what's the story with the windshield cover? That looks cool. Never seen that done before.
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  5. Trend?

    Might want to go look at some old hotrod magazines from the late 40s and 50s... :)
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  6. Deescott
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  7. The aprons were left on because you have to lift the body to remove them, everything else unbolts.
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  9. Never2low
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    Remember, alot of the prewar cars racing at the lakes, weren't trailer queens.
    They were driven on the street and subject to traffic/DOT laws.
    Removing the splash apron would mean the fenders couldn't easily be put back on.
    I recall Vic Edelbrock jr. talking about his dad driving up to the lake, after work on Fridays, unbolting the fenders, headlight bar and windshield, racing all weekend, then bolting everything back on and driving home.
    And before the peanut gallery chimes in, I know Vic Sr. had a Deuce, not an A, but the point remains.
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  10. This has been done to Death now.........Back to posting Pictures. JW
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