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Hot Rods lug nuts

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by bottomfeeder pete, May 31, 2014.

  1. I am now the owner of 5 sets of ten, shank style lug nuts, I have measured the hole in the wheel, it is .687 shank diameter, I have ordered lug nuts stating that they were .687 but are really .680,my question is can these be used? or should continue my quest for the .687`s Thank`s in advance. Pete.
  2. 2OLD2FAST
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    from illinois

    That's .0035 clearance.... much tighter & you wouldn't be able to get the shank's in the hole .....
  3. It is lug centric and not hub centric so I thought this might allow some misalignment not fitting snug in the hole. Anybody else have an opinion, thanx for the input 2old2fast.Pete.
  4. metlmunchr
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    2Old is right. You have to consider 3 things. First is the hole diameter in the wheel, which you measured. Next is the true position of the stud holes in the hub. Those will have some tolerance that allows them to be in a less than perfect position even though the tolerance is small. And third is the concentricity of the knurled portion of the stud with respect to the rolled thread on the stud. There's some manufacturing tolerance there as well.

    And, thinking about it a bit further, there's also a true position tolerance of the holes in the wheels, which will also have some manufacturing tolerance.

    So there's a total of four different things, none of which will be perfect if you have the equipment to measure their inaccuracy. All done, everything has to be pretty close to get by with a radial clearance that's no more than the thickness of a couple sheets of paper. I've got 20 yrs of machine shop experience and can pretty much guarantee you that nuts with a ,687 shank won't work when you start bolting things up.

  5. Thank you,metlmunchr I will quit fussing over this and use what I have.Pete.

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