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History Looking for pics of 40's cars with 60's Hot Rod style

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by BigO, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Been looking around on the web and "here" of course but find very few examples, hope you guys can help me out. Looking for the 60's Hot Rod look with my '47 Ford coupe, more of a "Mean Street racer" look not "sweet and simple." If you have any ideas or pics for the car, feel free to post them. Thanks in advance, BigO wheels.jpg
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  2. ss34coupe
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    Nice looking coupe, the stance is perfect.
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  3. hotrodjack33
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    That IS a nice looking coupe with a great stance. Unfortunately, for that 60s street racer look, your car needs to be about 12" higher:( Remember Hi-Jackers, air shocks, extended spring shackles? You needed to be "lifted" so your TOO wide tires would clear the wheel openings. Then you had to get the front end up for optimum weight transfer. Not that pretty, it was more function than form. I say forget it...I like your coupe LOW:D
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  4. prpmmp
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    Big0!! Don,t know about the sixties look but that car has the LOOK!!! Pete
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  5. dlandberg
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    from Sweden

    My 46 looks to be your twin, took the mags of and running steel rims for now.[​IMG]

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  6. Petejoe
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    from Zoar, Ohio

    The reason you can’t find any examples may tell the story.
    Back in the 60’s the only 41-47 fords I remember seeing were stock examples.
    Not even many customs.

    Yes, this was the time of wide rear tires sticking outside the fenders and rear ends raised by extended shackles.
    Mostly found on early pre 35 fords and the new and used 50 and 60’s cars at the time.
    I like your ford as it is. Perfect stance.
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  7. rockable
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  8. 0NE BAD 51 MERC
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    0NE BAD 51 MERC

    I was 10 in 1965 but what I remember of my Uncles and older cousins cars . At least shave and deck the hood and trunk and the lower fender and rocker trim. Paint it a blue,dark green, or any other metallic that was popular on the newer "cool" cars of the day {think SS, XL , 2+2 , GS }. Black, white or red tuck and roll or diamond tuff interior. The slots would work or Chrome reverse, Chrome slots , Rader mags and Frosted spoke American style mag wheels, or every high school kids favorite , black wheels , NARROW white walls and Baby Moons. This was what I remember as a car crazy kid in Milwaukee Wi back in 1965. I became a driving hot rodder in 1971 and by then jacked up with deep dish mags and white letter wide ovals was all the rage. We even had a name for that look , We called it "California Style" because that's where it started, All great car style start out in California!:rolleyes: lol Hope people start posting the pics you want to see and not a bunch of early 50,s style and resto rods. Larry
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  9. Thanks, I remember that style from the '70s in my part of the country, I plan to keep the stance just get it more in the "Mean Street " feel. You guys are great.
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  10. Dang if they don't look like twins, thats cool. I like the louvered hood, great addition . Thanks BigO
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  12. Thanks , I was 5 in '65, started my life of cars in '74 here in NC, and come to think about I really don't remember any '41- '48 cars being very popular, I guess mine will be a "What if they did this in the '60s" kind of car, I'm happy with the stance, I'm now going to look at the interior and engine compartment of maybe mid to late '50s street Hot Rods for ideas. Thanks for getting me going in the right direction, you guys are a great help, I don't care how many years we've been into cars we don't know everything and age doesn't help the memory part . BigO
  13. OLSKOOL57
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  14. This was PM'ed to me from a fellow Hammer.
    upload_2019-11-30_7-31-17.png upload_2019-11-30_7-39-28.png
  15. 0NE BAD 51 MERC
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    0NE BAD 51 MERC

    ^ Love or hate it, That was a part of the early to mid 60's style. Google the Doyle Gammell 32 coupe , originally built by the late Dick Bergrin in 1962 and featured in Rod and custom in 1963 when it was owned by Doyle. And although it went through a number of different owners and was changed a lot ,it was eventually bought by collector Bruce Meyer and restore back to the 1963 version by Bob Bauder. Not many people would have done much with a mid 40's coupe back in the 60's, but if they had and used that 32 as inspiration more people might not have seen them as something their great uncles drove!! Larry
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  17. WB69
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    That was the 70's look in my neck of the woods also. Guess you found the twin you didn't know about.
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  18. chevy57dude
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    O, nice coupe! Attractive profile on those cars. Lots of elbow grease required to keep aluminum slots shiny.
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  19. Make it your own, but you've got a gorgeous car the way it is :)
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  20. Chopt 34
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    Chopt 34

  21. jnaki
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    The above thread was talking about a 46 similar to yours. The interior, paint, custom features, all exactly as we saw and drove in during our high school times from 1959-62. By 1965 when we were winding down with our hot rod drag racing and cruising scene for what life was pushing us towards, these hot rods cruised the streets of Bixby Knolls. The style of lowered, California Style Rake was popular and the awful “nose in the air” did not come in until the 1968-69 era with the new high school kids emulating their drag racing hero, race cars.

    Most of those nose in the air cars were copies of what the kids saw at the drags, when a gas coupe or sedan accelerated off of the starting line. It helped that the weak front shocks allowed the rise of the whole front end. But, the ride was awful. The standard, if there was a standard was still the California Rake, for fast cars and cruising. It was hard not to laugh at the extremes in the style of the 1968-70 styling and cars. But, if it did not go fast at the drags, at least it looked like it accelerates while standing still, at any stop light. Ha! (plus the tickets)

    Your coupe has the look with the mag style wheels that were so popular, but expensive in our teenage hot rod days. The “SO MANY WHEEL STYLES. CAN'T DECIDE” thread shows many choices of wheels, but the most sought after wheels look like the ones you already have. They were popular, but expensive for most teenagers.

    If you look at the 46 of @Chris from Spokane, Wa, you will see a very complete representation of what those coupes and sedans looked like during most of the 60s. (add in chromed reversed or mag wheels) The style was and will always be the look of the “sixties.” What you see as a representative of the 60’s with the nose in the air came at the end and into the 70s, NOT in the whole era of the 1960s.


    In my humble opinion, as one who rode around in a purple 46 coupe similar to the look of @Chris from Spokane, Wa, all your coupe needs is a nice interior, paint and stick to your styling of the lowered stance/rake with those cool wheels. Your car would have fit nicely in the hot rod cruising era of the teenage Bixby Knolls cars. Even if the paint remains rustic, with a nicely upholstered interior, it has “THE’” look from the most of the 60s era hot rods.
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  22. I sold this car earlier this year...unfortunately it’s getting chopped as we speak, so it will be “cool”

  23. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

  24. verde742
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    1. a veteran died today

  25. rotten ron
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    rotten ron

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