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Hot Rods Look what followed me home today

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by racer-x, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. impala4speed
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  2. squirrel
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    I expect they would be a real pain in the ass to live with....the plug is buried right at the header flange on a bbc
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  3. enloe
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    from east , tn.

    I regret that I can only hit the like button once and there isn't a "like infinity" button:)
    I started with a 66SS and that car would have to have been 2 steps up to qualify as rough. I had no money I had big dreams though. Sadly that car is no more. One day I will find a suitable substitute and build the car that I wanted. It won't be quite as strict as yours though. It will probably be when the kids are out of school.
  4. guthriesmith
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    1. H.A.M.B. Chapel

    Yep, very cool that you get a second chance to build the car the way we would have all loved to at the time. Pretty sure I will never come across my high school hotrod again, but can sure relate to the style you are going after.
  5. ROADSTER1927
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    P8240005.JPG I have them on my Roadster and have no problem in the rain! P8240005.JPG
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  6. saltflats
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    from Missouri

    Some people had spark jumping to ground problems with them on some engines.
  7. 20210711_160038.jpg It looks like a ordinary distributor cap but look closely. The Delco cap has patent pending in raised letters. This means ita a pre 71 cap. The 71 and newer had patent and a part number. The brown color and brass terminals make it a restorers dream find. These are seen going for 450.00 on several sites. I was at Iola this past week and found a guy selling them for 40.00 each. He had two of them. Now i have them. Its a small detail but a cool detail to those that know how hard it is to find them. You can see the part number and the r. By the points window the plastic has a bump. This is original. The repo does not have this. Happy hunting. 20210709_110532.jpg
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  8. 427 sleeper
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    427 sleeper

    You have quite the collection of hen's teeth for this car... Killer find's!
  9. Very cool Brian. I have one of those caps in my stash. Got it when I was 16 years old.:)
  10. The day has come to get the engine to the machine shop. Its stripped down to nothing. Even though it was rebuilt 35 years ago and only fired up i still want a thorough cleaning and inspection. If all goes as planned i want it in the car and fired by christmas. Alot depends on how much time and money the nitro coupe uses up.
  11. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

    I can’t wait to see one of my favorite “in the details” builds come together.
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  12. My neighbor across the corn field said he had a cam for me. Its a brand new isky solid cam never used still in the plastic. Its very similar to a L-88. Isky recommends 4:11 gears along with 10-1 compression and a 850 cfm carb. I have all those bases covered. They say rough idle and big power 3000 rpm up to 7500 rpm. Should be fun and sound good. 20210718_110336.jpg
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  13. Budget36
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    I know you’re out looking for this stuff, but you sure seem to easily find what you’re after!
    Reminds me of Chris and old Fords!
  14. I can cast a large net. The solid cam should sound like the cars i remember. With .028 lash the valve train should sound just right along with the exhaust. The price was 100 dollars. That was easy.
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  15. 427 sleeper
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    427 sleeper

    I'll give you your money back for the cam, it'll be useless for you. :rolleyes: You need the Z-90 cam and 4.88 gears... ;):p LOL!
    All kidding aside, Another Killer find! :cool:
  16. No self respecting GM-A body would be caught dead on the streets without ladder bars. Three main companies made them. They came in the most popular yellow and reddish orange. These are the bars that came on my car when i bought it in 1984. They have been powder coated along with the brackets that are not on yet. New front bushings replaced the worn out originals. This is for mock up only at this time. They had a reputation for tearing up frames. Mine suffered some damage back then. I cut out the bad mounting areas and replaced them with steel plate that is twice as thick. The photo is of the horrible repair from long ago. Stick welding at its finest. I will mount the brackets with three quarter bolts instead of the seven sixteenths it had originally. You cant tell the work was done. I mounted new plate even with the frame. The extra material is on the inside of the frame. This should solve that problem and allow me to run my bars trouble free. I need to have full weight on the car to mount the brackets in the right spot. 20201115_160624.jpg 20201221_095902.jpg 20210718_173248.jpg
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  17. I could change course and put the 427 vette engine back in a vette. This 57 hasnt been on the road since 75. I got it running again this weekend and took it for a spin. 20210717_113810.jpg 20210717_113827.jpg 20210717_113816.jpg
  18. Runnin shine
    Joined: Apr 12, 2013
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    Runnin shine

    Is the Vette a late Valentines for Mrs. S/FC?
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  19. She said it looks like a car from the circus that a clown would drive so i dont think so.
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  20. squirrel
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    heh....I'd be that clown!
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  21. Hemi Joel
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    Hemi Joel
    from Minnesota

    I know some pretty cool clowns who drive 1st gen corvettes! Murdock in corvette.jpg
  22. I thought it was fun to drive. Thats the first time i have ever drove one. The seat doesn't go back far enough. With the big steering wheel its a bit uncomfortable with the wheel under my chin. Maybe the seat track is frozen. It felt like a toy car driving around.
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  23. Joel where is your white satin jacket and the matching pink jacket for the misses. Then there is the gloves where are the corvette driving gloves? A guy could develop blisters steering a car like that going for a ice cream cone.
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  24. Runnin shine
    Joined: Apr 12, 2013
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    Runnin shine

    If you look closely you will see my good friend was trying the “Lakewood” bars back in 93 or 4. Mostly cause his dad had them hanging on the garage wall and insisted. I could never figure out how they don’t put the stock suspension pieces in a bind since the pivot from a different position?

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  25. I completely agree with this statement. The installer is essentially turning a four-link into a six-link with all the links on each side being a different length. That just has to bind to some extent. The only hope would be that the factory rubber bushings are still in place and very pliable.

    Do those ladder bars actually work? I don't know, I do know a former co-worker had them on his '66 Beaumont the he street and stripped. Do they 'look the part' for the time? Oh yeah.

    Speaking of traction aids, I saw a slammed S10 yesterday (driving) that had the a set of 'traction bars' in conjunction with the leafs and I would swear the front of the bar was less than two inches off the pavement ... that'll make for a bit of a mess if/when he catches a pothole or whatever at speed :rolleyes:
  26. Deuces
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    from Michigan

    Maybe even a speed bump.....
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  27. That's why Cal-tracs are better for slammed cars.
  28. i run umi lift bars on the bottom and umi adjustable bars on top. they really make the car launch. i hope the ladder bars dont mess that up. if they do i will make them non functional by not connecting them in the front. the ladder bars were used to stop the dreaded wheel hop a bodies were known for. i dont have wheel hop with the umi bars so the ladders are really just for the look. i dont like fake things on cars but these were so much a part of the era it would be hard to not have them on the car. cal tracs are for leaf spring cars. my son has them on his 9 sec 69 super bee. the single leaf design saves a ton of weight. they work great.
  29. Brian. A friend of mine had those eact ladder bars on his Hot 1966 Chevelle back in the 1980,s They did slam on the frame, he had some thick rubber attached there. Sounded violent when they would hit, rowing through the 4 gears, but it did launch very well. Brings back memories of good times.;):)
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