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Hot Rods Just Another 5-Window Build Thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by TomT, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Been working on finishing the interior so I can install the seat - kick panels kicked my butt for awhile there but I got them in. I tried to use all of the original screw holes and that may not have been the best plan ...

    That’s a shadow along the screws on the passenger side bye. The kick panel windlace at the firewall are visible- worked out ok but they definitely made for a snug fit.....
    The seat box is getting there and is nearly done. The floor is carpeted along with the back wall - the rest is vinyl. The pic below is between the seat box and the driver door edge. I haven’t finished the master cutoff switch location but you get the idea ....

    I like the contrast between the carpet and vinyl - better than doing it all in carpet.

    My punch list is getting smaller which is a good thing. I still have the rear end leak and new windshield gaskets as big items to do before taking it out for a spin around the block. Since the weather is sucky for almost a week coming up, I am still garage bound so I will get these done and not fight the weather.

    Looks like I finally got all the water leaks fixed - making progress ....
  2. More interior work - got the seat tray done. I also wanted to flatten out the trunk floor. I am short and have a tough time dragging stuff out of my roadsters trunk sovI decided to flatten it out somewhat from the rear truck floor jump to the seat....

    I should be able to get the deep stuff in my trunk much easier that without it. I will not be carrying anywhere near the amount of spare parts and stuff like in my roadster. It will be carpeted but things will tent to slide and bounce around. I will probably put perimeters around some stuff to keep it all in its place. We will see how that works out ....
    I will put a top over the master disconnect area and put in some sides to keep things from banging into the body. Gettin closer .....
  3. Still on the interior .... I put a lip on the back floor leveling piece ....

    Btw I used 3/4” maple cabinet grade plywood for the part behind the seat - 2x4 ‘ piece from Lowe’s. That stuff is nice - edging is oak 1x2, one 4’ and one 6’. I jumped on the area just in front of the package tray and almost finished it....

    Did this in 1/2” birch cabinet grade plywood, 2x4’ piece. Ran out of gas just on the last piece of edging. Then it’s some thin padding and carpet and we are done interior wise save for the seat, seat belts, and shifter. I keep plugging away until I am pooped or start making mistakes! Lol!
  4. Some have asked why I am doing the interior up when it’s just a hot rod . For one, this interior was pretty much done for me - a La Baron Bonney at some point. But also I like to do an interior once when it’s first built and let it wear (patina) in over time. One final reason - the wife likes it! Lol!
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  5. Finished carpeting the interior today - came out pretty good .....
    Glued some insul down for cushioning and then the carpet .....
    I stapled it down on the floorboards and we will see how that holds up. Shifter and the outer half of the seatbelts are in as well ...
    But, there’s always a downside it seems - for whatever reason I have lost power. No lights, no startup, nothing. I think during the install of the driver side kickpanel I had to move some wires. I will start there tomorrow ..... it’s always something but it has to be either some thing simple or stupid ....
  6. greaser
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    Or Bat master switch? Looking GOOD Tom!
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  7. Got the electrical problem sorted out. This is the second or third time using the older large fuse EZ wiring kit so I am somewhat familiar with it. Everything was working great then nothing .... so what did I do? After searching for most of the afternoon I remembered, after being on the phone half the afternoon with my buddy JohnnyC helping me troubleshoot, having a similar problem in my roadster. Back then I eliminated the amp gauge and things got sorted out. Did that today - bypassed the amp gauge - and things started to come alive and, after bit more testing, got it all working properly.

    It was actually a good thing since I now understand all the wiring work I did much better. So, a lot of work for a rather simple solution but they’re all simple once solved .... On to the rear leak tomorrow .....
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  8. the flatlander
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    the flatlander

    Just had to look at your plan Tom, looks like going to b a great hot rod. I’m a UPI dealer & although their stuff is made “offshore” most of it I have sold is really spot on. Their dash is heavier than original, & their door mech. are better than the other guys. Would I buy the 5w body? Not yet, still looking here . Get to work
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  9. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    Tom...Voltmeter! More Panterras burned to the ground (no pun intended) due to main circuit being run thru the Ammeter with NO SHUNT than anything. That's No shunt! (well,...pun probably intended!...or, simile, anyway)
  10. the flatlander
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    the flatlander

    I second that emotion...
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    • I would have gone that way from the start but the 35 Buick gauges I’m using are with an amp gauge. At this juncture I could modify the amp gauge to be a voltmeter at some point - I thought of that when I sent the amp gauge out to make it 12 volts. I should have done it then but that’s water under the bridge ...
  11. the flatlander
    Joined: Apr 29, 2004
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    the flatlander

    Just keep movin fwd pal. I’ve about 75% finished on my BB 32 Fordor. Been on it far too long, but see the light now. C ya in June.
  12. It was not easy but I got everything off from the rear end - the nut proved to be problematic but after about a half hour of hitting it with Kroil, doing a quick tighten then hammering away at it with the battery gun then the air one, it finally can off. The yoke was not easy at all and I alternated from side to side hitting it with the hand sledge from the back side and it came off after an hour plus. The seal was a battle as well but it submitted to my will ...
    Fortunately the seal part number was visible but a search on the internet and a trip to the auto parts store proved fruitless. So I posted on the HAMB for the cross reference number and thanks to porknbeaner I got the number and my part will be in tomorrow. I hope to have everything buttoned back up tomorrow as well.

    It was fun doing everything on my back, sliding in and out from under the car with restless abandon - I was having waaaay too much fun but then again, that’s hot rodding .....
  13. Part came in later than expected this afternoon so the rear pinion seal repair/replace is not complete. Still need to drive the yoke home a bit farther and then locktite the nut on. So I cleaned the shop up a little and started greasing all of my tie rod ends .... there is always something to do ....
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  14. Rear is back together, after one bad grease nipple (in the hardest place to change one) the car is greased, and the seat is now in the car and I am in the middle of getting it bolted down ....

    8B12EA3A-3603-4D7F-BE9B-D0162DB19FDC.jpeg The punch list is very, very short....
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  15. Got a late start today but the seat is in and it looks good ....
    The steering wheel is now in and I have completed the column of a few bits that needed to be done.

    We are close to the end now .....
  16. loudbang
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    Not long now before she's on the road. When it warms up :rolleyes:
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  17. Took the car out for its maiden voyage today - turned out pretty well. My neighbor Dennis has been instrumental for all those things you need an extra hand for during the build so it was only fair he come with on the first ride. Besides, I needed someone to take the video! I cleaned my windows and that was it. Fire up and pullout from the garage ...

    Then we went nice and easy around the block ... hit “First Drive - 2” and it comes up fine. Still getting used to this you tube stuff but thanks to d-Russ I got ‘er done ....

    What I learned Friday on the first drive ...

    • brakes are mushy so I need to attend to that
    • clutch pedal return spring is too stiff - I have a lighter one ready to go
    • passenger door will not open via the exterior handle but fine with the interior handle- I have a fix for that
    • once that clutch disk grabs she wants to go NOW - not like my roadster!
    • feels like a real smooth ride but I only went around the block
    • steering is easy and smooth
    • I forgot to look at the speedometer but temp, gas, and oil worked fine. Thexamp gauge is disco’d as you know
    All in all, felt real solid - no wanting to wander, steering wheel returned after the turns and she sounded GREAT!

    So afterwards I blew off the car, gave her a quick bath and she’s back in the garage. I am overjoyed so far with no major issues as of this time. The clutch setup worked great for those of you who followed along during that portion of the build. Here are some pics outside ...
    A friend of mine is making up a shift ball so I am still waiting on that .... what a day!
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  18. WooHoo! Congrats Tom! Looks (and sounds) stellar!!
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  19. Good job, Tom! Looks and sounds like a real hot rod my friend.
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  20. WOW! Looks and sounds GREAT!! Congratulations!
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  21. Thank you, gents - looked at my first post here - July 15, 2015. 3.5 or almost 4 years goes by pretty fast!
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  22. The 39 guy
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    The 39 guy

    Tom! Thanks for the ride along! Congratulations!
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  23. Outstanding, Tom!! Congratulations!! Jalopyrama 2020???:)
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  24. loudbang
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    A momentous day for sure. Sounds great just purrs right along. :)
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  25. CheatersPete
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    That s great! congratulation
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  26. Bow tie - thank and Jalopyrana 2019

    Cheaters Pete - thanks so much for the congrats!

    Loud bang - thank you very much - you have been very supportive throughout the build and I appreciate that ....
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  27. pprather
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    Hope we meet at Jalopyrama.

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  28. I will be inside somewhere .....
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