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Is a 1936 Ford 1 ton dump truck hot rod material?

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by 461/2ton, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. RuckusJones
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    from Montana

    Just picked up a 47 Ford COE from a farm and going back for the 35 Ford Dump. When you say you want to turn it into a hot rod, not sure what you mean.

    The 1.5 ton dump WAS the hotrod for that year. Think about it. 2-speed axle. Yes, that means more power AND better cruising (if you upsize the meats). If you haven't driven 2-speed axles, you really don't know what yer missing. They are awesome. You just hit the lever and blip the gas and BAWAAAA! perfectly 1/2 shift right into the powerband. Want to hot rod the motor for extra power? These bigger diffs can take it a lot better than the wimpy car/pickup diffs.

    Hydraulics. Don't all really nice rods have hydraulics or pneumatics or both?? This has them STOCK! Nothing impresses the ladies like when you dump yer load. Tired of blending into the background at the car show? Lift that dump and you will have a crowd in no time. Guaranteed.

    BIG BRAKES!! Ok, this might be the bestest reason yet. Those heavy duty axles came with HUGE brakes. Oh, did I mention that the heavy trucks got power brakes about 20 years before the regular trucks? Yeah, that's right, giant vacuum-boosted power brakes. Hmmmm?? starting to sound pretty good huh?

    And finally, Suspension. The heavy trucks had wider springs, heavier shackles, and heavier joints. All better for serious cornering. No sway or lean. Just spin that wheel and let those giant tires show you how it's done. If you really have to mod stuff, de-leaf the pack and put on some bags. Now you have a softer ride, better cornering (from the wider and heavier suspension parts), and adjustable height. cool.

    I would wager big money (ok, a dollar) that once you actually drove the old dumper you would never want to turn it into yet another run-of-the-mill wimpy pickup. It is much rarer as a dump.

    Cheers :)


    Ok, I've got some work to do.. But not bad for $200 each.. (hood in back)

    Soon to be all-stock car hauler... note the much longer wheelbase than the 41 tanker.
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  2. jack_pine
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    from Motor City

    I totally support building a hot rod around a Tonner platform. Bruce Schneider built me a dually quick change and I am using a truck 331 Hemi & 727. After those changes + E350 discs up front and electrical upgrades, I am trying to change as little as possible.

    The E350 spindles fit the 1.5 ton front axle with only minimal changes to the original axle. 20191227_115716.jpeg 20191227_115723.jpeg 20191227_115811.jpeg 20191227_115825.jpeg 20191230_113403.jpeg

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  3. mgtstumpy
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  4. Wanderlust
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  5. trollst
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    Yes, mine was a Bellingham Washington airport fire truck, 1.5 ton with a tank. Always stored in a hanger, and was beautiful. It still is beautiful, been a hot rod twenty years, pickup fenders bolt right on, I'll die with her. DSC07205.JPG DSC05379.JPG DSC05383.JPG
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