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Folks Of Interest Interesting comments when stopped for the light

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. This afternoon we were headed to the monthly cruise in at McDonald's and a gentleman rolled up beside us rolled down his window and said, " What a lovely motor car", I was kinda shocked, I have never heard that line before and his English was without a doubt English, I told him to follow me and you will see a lot more a few miles down the road.

    He followed me there and as we got parked I looked around and didn't see him, about 20 minutes later he found me and thanked me for letting him know about the show because he wouldn't have come this way, he's name was Dave and he told me he's " London Boy" and living in Durham, North Carolina and he loves American cars and had just bought a Ford Fairlane today.

    It's cool meeting someone who didn't grow up around the cars we take for granted and the almost giddy excitement in his voice talking about his new acquisition, this guy made my day.:) HRP
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  2. aircap
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    Car guys are an international phenomenon.
  3. Dan in Pasadena
    Joined: Sep 11, 2009
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    Dan in Pasadena

    Nice story, thanks!

    Years ago I restored an OT mid-year Porsche 911. Not an especially valuable one but I'd always wanted one and did a very good job on it. I drove it to an older small town near Pasadena called Sierra Madre. An older man was helping his very elderly father walk across the street and they stopped to look at it. The dad said, "I used to have a four cam Carrera in the 50's, do you know what those were? I said yes.

    He asked, "What do those cost these days?" I said I really wasn't familiar with their prices but I knew they were rare and I'd recently seen an ad in a Porsche magazine for a rebuildable core engine for sale for $10,000. You'd think I had struck him with lightning. he was mumbling curse words as they wandered off.
  4. I had an idiot get out of his truck and stick his whole head and shoulders through the window on the drivers side trying to hand me a business card for his "paint shop" at a light. He startled me mostly because he looked like one of the "homeless" cardboard sign people the hang around intersections and stop lights all over Houston. I forgot my manners and got called some not so nice names myself. I didn't realize he belonged in a vehicle until I saw him walk back to his truck.

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  5. Casey Riley
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    Casey Riley

    Thanks for posting. That's what it's all about, brother. Cars bring people together.
  6. .....................Good job, Danny! Spreading the Gospel of Traditional Hot Rods and Customs to Hoodlums Worldwide!:D;)
  7. jim snow
    Joined: Feb 16, 2007
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    jim snow

    Good stuff. The best comments I get from Harley riders. Snowman
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  8. Great Stories! Spreading the word.... Thanks for sharing Danny and others!
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  9. Cool story Danny. I had a kid in a tuner ask if I wanted to race to the next light. I smiled and nodded. I thought I'd just bark the tires a little. I DID :eek: and the wife would'nt speak the rest of the evening. { good or bad? } lol I guess I'll never grow up!;)
  10. I just got my gasser style 57 Chevy finished and decided to take for a cruise through my local town. Stopped at a light in the center of town when a police car pulled up along side and the cop sitting on the passenger side looked over at me and said.."Nice car although it's a little loud,we'll be keeping an eye on you".

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  11. Brenda & I were seated in Micky D's and Mark stopped to talk, he told me on the way to the cruise-in with his split window BB Corvette was at a light when a new ZR-1 pulled up along side him,the light changed and Mark left the new vette in a cloud of smoke, then he said it didn't take long for the ZR-1 to blow by him and he was waiting for Mark at the at the next light, the guy had his window down when Mark drove up,a told the man, " I don't have anything for you, your car is much faster.

    The ZR-1 driver replied, Yeah but you old Vette sure sounds grea
  12. jnaki
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    Hey Ron,
    Nice story vs. a "tuner" car. Drag racing or hot rods aren't for everyone, but the draw of old cars does it to people. My wife is always prepared because I may do something while driving, if it is necessary. We were in her little 5 speed compact with 200 hp. It was just a stocker, but very fast. We were coming home from a dinner out and these high school kids in a lowered tuner car pulled up and revved up their motor in their flashy vehicle. They gave us the pointed finger for the green light to go. And...go we did.

    We were across the intersection before they crossed the crosswalk. Reading the lights from the early days of Lions Dragstrip and the street, paid off this time. At the next stop light, my wife was impressed, but asked what the boys wanted.

    They came up again and pointed again. So, this time was the exact same thing and we were now in 4th gear heading for our turn off, 2-3 cars in front. When we turned and stopped at the next light, my wife was really impressed, as that was her first drag race in any car. (and it was in her car!)

    Those guys pulled up one last time and we left them in the dust for a third time... they never learned. Modern HS kids...sheesh... vs an old drag racer? No contest.

    The old fox does it again. So, from that point on, any new car for my wife, on her request, has to have lots of HP (at least 300 hp) and be fast. Does she race? No, but it is there just in case.

    The odd thing was, the location was just a block away from the big Sheriff's substation, but there were no B/W on the road for miles. So, it was worth it. The incident totally impressed my wife...isn't that fun and rewarding?
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  13. Looked over or looked up at you? :D HRP
  14. I recently had a pair of mouth-breathers pull up next to me at the lights (this is after the annoying fast-slow-fast-slow for a couple of miles, while the passenger hangs out the window blurting bullshit talk), and he says "What year is it?"
    So I gave him a puzzled look and said "2018", which left him bamboozled, and I took off.
  15. Use to be "do you wanna sell it?" before it got painted.
  16. Gman0046
    Joined: Jul 24, 2005
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    The other night on the way to a car show in my 63 Impala which has a hard hitting "347" and a four speed in it and stopped at a light a 63 Chevy four door with 6 cylinder emblems pulled up next to me and jokingly asked do you want to run for pink slips? I don't need any drag racing tickets and wouldn't have anything to prove running a 6. Just replied I don't think you'd want to do that and just eased away as the light turned green.

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  17. The one that got away. Didn't you just hate those?
  18. hrm2k
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    While on my way to the MobTown Greaseball a couple of years ago in my V8 Corvair, a guy and his wife pulled up next to me at a red light, rolled down the window to tell me he had one just like mine...………..except it was red...…….and it was a Pontiac...……….at that I point I said…… wasn't just like mine was it...…….I'm still not sure they understood
  19. Had a Poncharello pulled me over (acted just like photo) to ask what mufflers I had (my mind say's I'm getting a ticket for excessive noise) when suddenly the conversation takes a turn for the best. He just wanted to know because he was looking for mufflers for his build.
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  20. Cree
    Joined: Jun 13, 2017
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    from Montana

    Stopped at a light in my chopped '52 F-1 while a mom and her about 5-year-old daughter are in the crosswalk. The little girl turns with a big grin and yells "Cool car!". There will be a new generation...
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  21. 392
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    007CAA67-FDB5-445A-9DE6-8A524805C904.jpeg Nice R R. No it’s a hot rod. It’s never ending.
  22. Yeah...I guess it was a bit high. I probably couldn't even get up into it these days!:eek:
  23. I had a guy (that was obviously into stereos) look down into my roadster at a traffic light and ask where my tunes were.
    I said "you can't hear it?" Then proceeded to rev my healthy small block to about 6 grand. The guy on the left yelled out "what the hell", the stereo buff on the right just had a big grin on his face as he put his head back into his truck window.
  24. maplefrm
    Joined: Aug 15, 2010
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    from Central IL

    My last encounter with a stranger was this last Thursday, the lights were red and blue and he asked "Do you know how fast you were going? We parted as friends with me getting a warning ticket. My birthday present from the Indiana State Police.
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  25. Stopped for the light or stopped by the lights? I had an encounter with a Missouri Highway trooper a couple of years ago. Admittedly, I was traveling well in excess of the posted speed limit.

    The trooper walked up to the window of my '55 Chevy and asked for my license and insurance info. He studied them for a minute or two and asked "How old are you?" I answered that I had just turned 70 and he just shook his head and told me to slow down a little. I was watching him through the mirror as he returned to his vehicle. He was shaking his head and laughing.
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  26. Kan Kustom
    Joined: Jul 20, 2009
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    Kan Kustom

    This could have happened to one of the rock stars that have hotrods just as well but I remember hearing about Rod Stewart being held at gunpoint in his Porsche at a stop light and made to get out as the thief took off in it. Stewart was on his way to his concert and began walking to get there. He walked all the way to the concert as fans passed him heading there. No one stopped to pick him up.
  27. This might have been the inspiration for Rod Stewart's recording the song "Nobody knows you when you're down" :D HRP
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  28. choptop40
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    Stopped at a light in my 37 plum crazy colored straight axle plymouth coupe and a fellow blurts out thats a nice willys , I had one just like it..funny as shit...
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  29. TagMan
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    "The trooper walked up to the window of my '55 Chevy and asked for my license and insurance info. He studied them for a minute or two and asked "How old are you?" I answered that I had just turned 70 and he just shook his head and told me to slow down a little. I was watching him through the mirror as he returned to his vehicle. He was shaking his head"

    I had the same thing happen to me, only it was a N.Y.S. Trooper, who looked to be about 30-years old. He looked at my license and said "Aren't we a little old for this?", but he let me go with a warning.
  30. desotot
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    Most body man painters look like homeless people.

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