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Technical How to stop stromberg 97's from leaking

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by hotrodnomader, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. hotrodnomader
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    thanks for the help
  2. Mine runs up to 3 lbs pressure and doesn't leak, I've put it together several times with cheap $4.50 gasket set fro Macs. If the surfaces ain't flat it's not going to work is it?? Gently with a plastic hammer flatten the top then flatten further with a flat surface and wet n dry paper. Lightly grease the gaskets and a dob of oil on the pump felt. And don't bloody over tighten, the jet plugs may need a bit of a nip up tho..
  3. speedshifter
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    Sometimes with low fuel press & smooth gskt surfaces the little rascals will still leak. Here's what I do & it has completely dried my 97's up. I make sure the float tange is exactly vertical when it closes against the aftermarket ball type float valve (needle & seat). To alter the n & s position to achieve this one must either move the n&s deeper toward the float , by cutting back the gskt surface of the seat in a lathe or move the seat away from float by adding another seat gskt or using a thicker gskt. Set the float level to factory spec. by bending the float at the fulcrum. Next using a product called SealAll, available at O'Reilly's, etc coat the threads of the fulcrum pin & all the threaded plugs &drive in balls at the bottom of the float bowel. I really hope this will cure your pesky leaks as it did for me. Greg W
  4. christmas tree
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    christmas tree

    The plugs for the jets and power valve is also a likely spot.
  5. Bandit Billy
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    Bandit Billy

    I bought my 97's from England and Clive suggested that exact thing prior to start up. I also use a return line and a low pressure adjustable regulator. I have no leaks, I don't tolerate leaks.
  6. 1950mercsled
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    from oregon

    I've always soaked my gaskets in oil before installation. They swell and fit and full the deformations of old carbs. And I always buy the Genuine Stromberg gaskets.
  7. Old thread for sure but it reminded me of asking my Grandpa High pockets how to prevent a old carburetor from leaking, he looked me square in the eye and said," don't use it,buy a new one". :rolleyes: HRP

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