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how much to chop it??

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by ltex old iron, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. 6 inches

  2. 10 inches

  3. 12 inches

  4. 13 inches

  5. other

  1. Streetwerkz
    Joined: Oct 1, 2008
    Posts: 718


    I like it the way it is in the picture
    maybe a low level, or slight raked channel, and tall top
  2. Put me down for unchopped too. It looks good the way it sits. But, since you'll probably chop it anyway, the minimum and wedged slightly would look good. I like what you've got so far.
  3. 60HT
    Joined: Feb 12, 2007
    Posts: 63

    from So. OK

    I saw a T coupe at the nats in OKC once that was unchopped, black with black and white t&r interior, chrome reverses and wide whites. Man that car has stuck in my mind for a bunch of years. Beautiful.
  4. this car was built in the late 40's with a 2 inch chop

  5. spanky
    Joined: Sep 9, 2005
    Posts: 85


    I'm thinking about an 8 inch chop on mine . I think it's a good mix between looks and comfort. BTW Howell sheet metal makes that peice your looking for,i bought one looks good but i have not installed it yet so i don't know about fit yet.
  6. 29 rattrap
    Joined: Apr 28, 2009
    Posts: 166

    29 rattrap
    from New York

    id chop it 13.
    those are TALL
  7. 51chevcoupe
    Joined: Oct 24, 2008
    Posts: 110


    None! Dare to be different. And remember, once it is chopped it has limited appeal at re-sale time. That being said- it's your car, do what ya want with it. Don't build somebody else's idea of a car, build yours. :rolleyes:
  8. lost rodder
    Joined: Aug 6, 2009
    Posts: 148

    lost rodder

    i think 12 would look good taken out of it....
  9. Michael Pukash
    Joined: Mar 1, 2006
    Posts: 256

    Michael Pukash

    Keep it a tall T. The little black coupe above looks cool with 2 inches removed.
  10. 2 1/2" on front, zero on back.
  11. wvenfield
    Joined: Nov 23, 2006
    Posts: 5,273


  12. ltex old iron
    Joined: Dec 10, 2008
    Posts: 515

    ltex old iron

  13. slamdpup
    Joined: Apr 27, 2005
    Posts: 1,094


    i say go 6'' ..anymore than that will look like overkill....besides let the next owner, if its your kids or brother or whoever enjoy the car..instead of it being way to much of a chop and the car being sold as scrap some you take away 6''..if not enough easier to take more than add more
  14. Mr48chev
    Joined: Dec 28, 2007
    Posts: 29,077


    I'd say get the body setup on the chassis and the floors done and sit in it before even thinking about touching the top. Myself I really like that two inch chop on the full fendered car posted previously and don't think these cars need to be hacked to death just to make them look radical and then be so damned uncomfortable that you can't drive the thing.

    If you intend to drive it more than ten miles one way at a time those butt pads on the floor will get mighty uncomfortable real quick. Oh yea you might look cool sliding into a rod trot but it won't be too cool if you can't walk straight for an hour after you get there.
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