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How do I wire a Signal Stat 900 ?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by swade41, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Who can read the fine print ? I swaped out the signal stat 400 for the 900 the wires are there but cut. What does "pilot " wire and "load" wire do ?
    I've got 5 out of the eight figured out but the yellow (load) and blue(pilot) both go to a flasher then a power source. My fuse box has seperate flashers and mounting points for signals and hazards and power supply. Which is which ? Which wire can I hook up for power, yellow or blue and then which wires will go to the flasher and which to hazards ?
    In the following link the upper diagram has 8 wires like i have but i can't make out where the red with green stripe wire goes or the yellow and blue ones.
    Who can read this thing and point me in the right direction ?
    the red with green wire is the one third to the right from the upper left in the picture, it looks to be going to the parking light side of the light switch.
  2. squirrel
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    The notes say:

    1. Mount switch on steering column.
    2. Remove flasher during wiring. Replace flasher only after wiring is completed and checked.
    3. Wire as indicated in accompanying diagram A.
    4. Tape ends of unused wires to prevent shorts.
    5. Replace flasher to complete installation.

    * All switches are used with three prong flashers marked, (X) = power, (L) = Load, (P) = Pilot



    I've included the Figure A that it's talking about, this is the wiring diagram you need for the 900 switch.

    The Pilot and Load wires are to be connected to the P and L terminals on the special 3 prong flasher can that you have to buy. You don't use the flasher cans on your "modern" fuse block. Connect the power wire to a switched power source, such as the power (fuse) side of the Turn Signal flasher can socket on the fuse panel.

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  3. HemiRambler
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    Isn;t the "pilot" the turn signal indicator light.
  4. mortecai
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    I think that the pilot would be the pilot would be for a dash mounted turning indicator. I'm not sure if the 900 has a flashing indicator on the body or not.
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  5. That diagram for the 900 has one less wire than I got on mine, mine looks just like the one in the photo with the cast in 900 and the indicaters. Mine has 8 wires like the 800 diagram, the red with green stripe wire is the extra wire.
    I thought I could just bring the wires off my fuse box to work flasher and hazards, since I don't have the flasher box on the signal.
    Do you think if I ran the power wire to the yellow and the flasher to the blue it would work ?
  6. Lobucrod
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    The pilot would be for a single dash mounted inticator. If you have or want an indicator for each side then splice into the red and green wires that go to the front turn signals and hook your indicators to these.

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