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Technical How do I disassemble the gearbox end of a Model A torque tube?

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by quickrack-alan, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. quickrack-alan
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    from Ireland

    As above. Don't seem to be able to find this info. Rest seems easy enough.
    I removed the two piece casting holding the ball. And the Speedo drive. But what's next?

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  2. wheeltramp brian
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    wheeltramp brian

    Remove the rear end assembly and brakes and pull it back and you got it
  3. There is a snap ring that holds the gear for the speedo on the drive shaft. remove that. once that is removed, you can take the bolts out of the torque tube at the axle and remove the entire torque tube exposing the drive shaft. There are pins that holds the drive shaft coupler to the pinion gear and the drive shaft, remove the pin on the pinion gear and you can then pull the drive shaft off the pinion gear. After that, you can remove the hubs, and the axle bells from the banjo and its all completely apart. Judging by the look of that turtle shell you posted a picture off, you need to pull the entire axle down for a complete cleaning and overhaul.
  4. woodiewagon46
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    from New York

    I have done it a couple of ways, but I like to use a spring spreader to allow the shackles to be removed and drop the rear. With the wheels off you don't need to jack the car so high. Of course you will need to remove both the service and emergency brake rods first. They are only attached with pins. Once you get the universal joint cap housing off it should just pull straight back, however, with the amount of rust that you show under the speedometer gear the universal might be rusted in place. If you don't have a spring spreader DO NOT attempt to remove it from the rear end.

  5. studebakerjoe
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    Nailhead Jason, no pins, no coupler. Its a Model A rear with a tapered end on the shaft and a key with a nut holding the pinion on. A bit different from the v8 rears. A bit like a Model T rear as far as the pinion mounting goes.

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