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Customs have a 455 olds that runs hot looking for one that runs cooler

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by cobalt333, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. im just curious i have a 455 engine in my 1956 olds and it runs hot which i understand big blocks do i do have it under control and now its at 197 course its not looking for info how to cool her down.....i was just wondering what other engines i could put into my car that are known to run cool and would bolt into the 1972 olds motor mounts that i have welded into my car...thanks
  2. Mr48chev
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    Good gawd almighty 197 frigging degrees is just warmed up nice for a 455. A lot of those run 195 thermostats in what they came in.
    You clowns drive daily drivers that run at 200+ all day long and then get in a car with a modern engine and piss your pants because you think it should run at a temp expected for a 216 Chevrolet six with no pressure cap.
    If it isn't running too hot for the rating of the thermostat of the car the engine originally came out of it isn't running too hot in the old ride you stuck it in.
    They do sell 160 and 180 thermostats for that engine but the oem specified thermostat for the 75 455 I have in the shed is 195
  3. :) warming up to keeping the 455..pun intended...i do know its running good if it keeps at the temps now..just thinking ahead when it turns 115 degrees here in the summer time...i guess i will cross that bridge when i come to it...meanwhile i need to wrap all my lines so they dont boil my gas
  4. Ol Deuce
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    Ol Deuce
    from Mt. U.S.A.

  5. low budget
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    low budget
    from Central Ky

    Ive heard of coolant or a additive or something that is suppose to help cars run cooler, A buddy of mine used something like that in his 69 caddy and swore it helped, I dont know??? I say do every little trick possible to get it cool and maybe the combination of all of em will help. fan close to radiator,use a shroud,etc.etc. I have completely done away with the thermostat before to help em run cooler but some say they are needed to help control the system and therefore make em run cooler by having more time for the coolant to cool in the radiator??? guess it depends on the particular system???
    Heres just one of many things I came across after doing a search, not sure what my buddy used, his was something reccomended at a parts house.
  6. upspirate
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    Why do you have two threads on the same subject including the title???:confused:
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  7. What other engines are known to run cool? ????????????
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  8. Blownolds
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    from So Cal

    I have seen it said that not all t-stats are really made right for Olds. I believe Robertshaw t-stats were the better ones to get. Yes, they did come in different temp ratings. No, I don't think 195 is on the verge of overheating.
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    My convertible's 455 used run well above 200 until in plugged some open spots in the radiator support area. I think too much air wasn't going through the radiator. Not is is usually in the 200 area. Sometimes the little things are overlooked.
  10. tfeverfred
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    "You clowns....."? LMMFAO

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