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Hot Rods Had To Have Another Five Window After All.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by ct1932ford, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. Patiently waiting,. HRP
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  2. My original measured about 49-7/8" so I lost not quite an inch on either side. I know the re-popped dropped axles are also 48"
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  3. Took spindles off to be dropped. I don't know why I thought they would just place the tie rod on top of the wishbone. Besides that they hit the axle, so unless you just want to drive straight they will need to be dropped.:rolleyes: No photos today, it is Sunday and not spending all day in the garage. Going to get some couch time.:rolleyes: Back at it tomorrow. :cool:
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  4. Have been moving snow the last few days as I am sure many of you HAMBers have.:mad:
    Did start to drop the steering arm and getting some things painted. On my way out to the Garage now. IMG_7670.JPG IMG_7671.JPG
  5. It's been could here in the Sunny South but none of that white stuff to deal with.

    Be careful Mark, I have heard of people getting hurt shoveling that stuff. HRP
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  6. seabeecmc
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    How I dealt with the dropped axle on my '32. Ron tie1.jpg tie2.jpg tie3.jpg tie4.jpg
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  8. Finished up the steering arm. It had some undercut welds and looked like it was ready to fail. I cut a piece out of a heavy flat washer and beefed it up. IMG_7674.JPG IMG_7675.JPG
    The bolt is keeping the spread the same while welding, so the heat did not pull it in.
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  9. I use my plow truck 2001 S-10 only thing holding the bed on is the liner.:oops: Lots of rot. Every year I say one more year.:rolleyes: And with this storm I mostly used my snow blower because there was no place to put this snow. Close to 2 feet of it! May put a small block in the blower if this keeps happening.:p Lots of garage time.:cool:
  10. 270bob
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    Usually stock deuce axles measure about 51-3/8" center of king pin to center of king pin. Not sure why yours is narrow. I could see it though, I always like that original look cause anybody can buy a new one. However, you will obtain a little more fender clearance with that narrow axle.
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  11. My roadster's axle is dropped and it is 48". I had fenders on it at one time and it looked right. Maybe the Heavy axles are less than other 32 axles? I have been told the heavy axles run around 50" I could have missed the 1/8" when I measured by my self. Having a friend check his heavy non dropped . Keep you posted.
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  12. seabeecmc
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  13. 270bob
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    No worries, keep moving forward on your stuff. Don't let me distract you, I have plenty of axles to reference.
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  14. Friend of mine measured his and it was 50-1/2"
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  15. Well it has been awhile, but I'm back at it. Parts are being painted as I type this. I started the coupe up yesterday. I should be getting the frontend back together soon. Yes, I will post photos. It should look something like this Moose rendering! Black 5.jpg
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  16. swifty
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    You've kept us waiting for 2 months for this post LOL
    I like Moose's rendering but then I like 32-5 windows.
  17. clem
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    Yep, that will look good. (as your cars always do).
    So are you keeping the bumpers ? - would look good without them, ( but l won’t remove mine off my full fender car due to the poor driving skills of others demonstrated on the roads here ).
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  18. Not sure about the bumpers. See when it's back on four wheels. I did put the short rear bumper brackets on. That helped. Thanks for the kind words. Mark
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  19. Stogy
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    Looking good @ct1932ford, bet you're getting pretty excited?
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  20. Dropping axle, spindles, ordering parts etc. all take time. Also waiting for weather to cooperate so painting can be done. Ted is painting right now. :cool:Two of my tires just got delivered. Back at it this week.:D
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  21. Ted painted everything today. I will wait until mid-week to pick it all up.
    Get the roadster back together first . Then onto the coupe! Stay tuned. Big thank you out to tb33anba3rd.

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  22. Picked up the parts yesterday! IMG_7752.JPG
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  23. The roadster parts still need some work so I am back at the coupe. Got the spring back in and hope to get back at it today. Had more photos but they were too dark. Try and do better.:oops: IMG_7753.JPG IMG_7754.JPG IMG_7755.JPG IMG_7757.JPG
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  24. Got the spring in yesterday. Made a spacer out of solid nylon to take up the extra space. I left the top spring out. "how low can you go" Need to shorten the tie rod . King pins and spindles in. IMG_7761.JPG IMG_7762.JPG IMG_7767.JPG IMG_7764.JPG
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  25. Still plugging along! worked on the shock mounts yesterday. They will need to be shortened once the shock get here. Been waiting for my front tires to arrive. Seems they were on there way with Fedx and got as far as NJ in route to me in Connecticut, then for some reason were put on a truck to Texas.:eek:
    Also waiting for shocks and some hardware. Put the backing plates on today and cleaned up some fasteners that were used by original owner. Here are some photos from the last couple of days. IMG_7769.JPG IMG_7770.JPG IMG_7774.JPG
    Not using these shocks. I have a thing about no covers.:rolleyes:
    IMG_7783.JPG IMG_7780.JPG
    Back at it tomorrow:)
  26. swifty
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    Love those fenders LOL
    What's wrong with the tires on the car?
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  27. They are loners and very old anyway. Hard as a rock. Going black on black on black.

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  28. Oh man .. ... @3wLarry approval !! Well, minus the obligatory "no fuggin'" fenders commentary. But, HEY ( !!! ), black on black on black. Love it !!!
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  29. earlymopar
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    Looks great. What diameter did you go with for the dropped center section of your tie-rod?[/ATTACH][/QUOTE]
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  30. IMG_7787.JPG IMG_7784.JPG
    Did a hardware run last night over at Ted's
    Finished up shortening shock brackets now that I have everything in place. Got them painted for install tomorrow. Prepped steering damper for installation by drill and tapping wise bone. IMG_7786.JPG You can see how much I had to remove. That was in the plan all along.
    Front tires arrived today from second order. First ones are lost in Texas. I have to say Speedway stood up and made good on Fedx losing my tires. :cool:

    IMG_7789.JPG IMG_7792.JPG IMG_7794.JPG IMG_7791.JPG
    Will complete damper install tomorrow. IMG_7795.JPG
    Now I have to decide what rims I will use!:rolleyes:

    OR 40's
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