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Technical Go for it?

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Darin Younce, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. If this is the worst or possibly the only crack , would you stitch it or chunk it?

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  2. alchemy
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    Stitch and sleeve. Don't scrap it. They don't make them anymore.
  3. Thanks , that was my plan just wanted some confidence. The rest looks really good but will know for sure when it is magnafluxed. It is a 52- 53 out of a truck I believe according to the oil pan. Hoping I can use rods and crank, they all look good .
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  4. Update, went to a local machine shop in my tiny town and he was all in to do the work in this flathead. He has been in business for 50 years, I have had him do some work way back but not on a flathead. He actually had one in the shop he had just finished. He said he would stitch the crack and add a sleeve , said he used sleeves with flange at top. Funny thing, I sold this guy my 43 acre farm back in 1996, he said the up keep was too much so he has since sold the place. Anyway , glad to have a shop within 4 miles of my house that can do the work.
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  5. Squablow
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    Cool you're going to save it, perfect un-cracked flathead blocks are getting pretty tough to find and it's a shame to toss a fixable one. When the perfect ones run out, I'll bet in the future blocks with "only one crack" will be the sought-after ones.
  6. I think you are right, reminds me of back in the seventies we would pass on a car with rust issues but now with all the patch panels, more affordable mig and tig welders, just about anything is fixable. With the already high cost to build a flathead, a stitch job or sleeve or whatever really dont add a lot in the scheme of things considering your going to drop 3000.00 to 4000.00 in a flathead. I Am ashamed to tell how many flatheads I have passed up that were cheap or gotten rid of over the years. Will keep eye open now. Never know what is lurking about.
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  7. By all means don’t scrap it,,,,,that is an easy fix .
    A sleeve and stitching,,,,,it will be like New almost .

  8. Baumi
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    I´m just having a block with a crack like yours repaired. He´s plasma welding it ( whatever that is) and putting a sleeve and a new valve seat(s) in. Cost will be around 1500€. All other seats and bores are like new, so we figured we ´d repair what we have instead of finding another ( possibly also cracked) block and fix that - if that´s your only crack your golden. Flatheads are not on every corner around here...
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