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garage find.......( no barns in so cal )

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by studog51, May 1, 2012.

  1. love that craigs list....... I have been looking for a tri 5 since i had to sell my 57 bel air hardtop to finnish my remodel on my house 2 years ago... would prefer a 2 door but happy with this one.....
  2. get-attachment-15.aspx.jpeg worst area on the car from being in the garage for 25 years, not gonna fool with the body just gonna drive it...
  3. koth
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    Adding to Amphicars information, use an engine oil that has the ZDDP added into it. This is the high pressure lubricant needed to protect the cam shaft to lifter contact surfaces. None of the new oil sold at most auto parts has that in it. I use Brad Penn 10W30 there are others as well. You can find a vendor locally that sells Brad Penn.
    The points and condenser, rotor, cap an wires are all easy to change out. Since you had a '57 you know that already.
    That is a really cool find, and I would make it a daily driver as well.
  4. get-attachment-13.aspx.jpg chrome is pitted but cool enough for a driver for me..:)
  5. thx koth, didn't know about ZDDP sounds like a plan.... definitely gonna take my time getting it ready to start as not to break or trash anything 98,000 miles on the car still a lot of life left in this motor.....
  6. 345winder
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    the first thing i thought was a car i rember from back in the 1980's that a lil old lady in el monte ca. used to own,,it looked just like that ad she used to drive it all over.
  7. junkyardjeff
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    I grabbed a dealer installed a/c unit off a 60 Chevy 2 door wagon with a 235 that had the same compressor,was wondering how much power it would make the 235 loose when on. Had visions of a/c in a 37 Chevy p/u but the under dash unit was way to big for that small cab so someone in Texas has the a/c system now.
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    Awesome. I just grabbed one in Oxnard, CA. last week. In a box since 1976. Probably gotta do the same stuff you do. 6 cyl. 3sp. w/overdrive. One owner Belair. Hope no thread hijack, just sharing.

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    Joined: Dec 26, 2005
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    With the same color interior. We could be Brutha's from different Mutha's!

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  10. haha nine inch, love it ..... 2 door's rule...... yours appears to be in much better shape
  11. i only gave a few grand for mine... if you tell me the same i'm gonna cry..... she's a beauty, nice score
  12. trilobyte
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    from California

    X2 on the ZDDP, I'm currently testing Castrol Edge 5w-50 formulated for classic cars, AND WHAT A GREAT FIND!
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    Yes..a very few grand. Don't cry. we're connected now!:D Was my older sisters best friends through high school. Her dad bought it brand new, drove it till 73, and gave it to her on her 16th birthday. At 19, in 1976, she left to Texas without the car. So brother parked it and built a box around it with old garage doors. Till two months ago, when the kids didn't want anything to do with it. So she called me. Bingo. I really didn't need another money pit, but....... so the cycle begins again.

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  14. wow, cool story...... i still want a wagon... ( and a lot of other stuff )
  15. redlinetoys
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    from Midwest

    Wow. Great time capsule. Congrats!!!
  16. dclickster
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    Great 55! Wish I could get the one I know about in my neighborhood. Its an adventure for me. I 've been trying for a 55 Bel Air 2dr post locked up in a garage for at least 25 yrs. Maybe this will be my year. Congrats!!
  17. dclickster..... i wish you luck, at least you know where it is.... i know where a 55 one owner 2 door hardtop is but the guy is very unrealistic on the value...... looking in itself is a great hobby... good luck
  18. get-attachment-18.aspx.jpg does anyone one why my rims have 3/8 rubber hose stuffed in the slots in my rims ?? thx
  19. yetiskustoms
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  20. WornOutOldMan
    Joined: Nov 18, 2010
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    from So Cal

    Damn! I'm watchin the wrong Craigslists.........
  21. Ice man
    Joined: Mar 12, 2008
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    Ice man

    Was an old trick. Not sure why, but think it had to do with water splashing in and having full caps. I remember see it a lot in Pgh, Pa. back when. I worked for a Chevy dealer when they came out, not sure who installed them. Iceman
  22. thx Ice man, that makes sense to me..... not gonna run hub caps although the car came with 4 clean one's in the trunk.....

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