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Ford V8 Chassis Compatibility

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Fairlane500, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. O.K.

    Can someone who knows post chassis compatibility from 35 -40 for Ford v8 cars, what is interchangeable, need info for a 38 Standard ford compatible chassis
  2. Kiwi 4d
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    Kiwi 4d

    Using Wescotts catalogue 35 to 40 all use the same dimensions with slight variations. Mostly around the front horns and obviously brakes and steering box. some of the body out rigger mounts are not used on pick ups.
    If you cant find this online ,I might be able to email you a copy.
    Bit like de javu seeing your 57 .We even had the hustler wheels on ours for a while too. We were down your way with the 57 in october.
  3. Thanks Brian, I have had a look at a 35 chassis and am wanting to look at using it if it is possible on a 38 Standard, as you know they arent laying thick on the ground in godzone anymore.
  4. dudley32
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    I put a 40 frame under a 36 once...minimal differences...d32

  5. Thanks Dudley, a real "I have done it" always beats, " it may work" cheers mate.
  6. dudley32
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    no problem my friend...d32
  7. GetUpAndGo
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    I have put a 36 chassis under my 38, all body mounts line up, just a few different holes for radiator etc, previous chassis was a 40, so you will be OK.

    the chassis diagram posted is spot on.

    good luck
  9. Thanks Guys, appreciate the help,
  10. moefuzz
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    The chassis changed very little from 1935 to 40
    Frame ears and body mounts are about all the same.
    Same goes for suspension and drive train mounts, no real differences...
    .... If you wanted to mount as 35 coupe body on a 40 coupe chassis you'ld be hard pressed to find a difference in the engine, suspension (and/or parts) or body mounting points, etc.
    ...that is to say that most everything is the same from 35 thru 40,
    Well that is all except the Ford part numbers (prefix) would state that the part is a 35 or 37 but in actuality it's mostly all the same stuff thru those years (with an updated part number)...

    ...There maybe differences between coupe, Fordor and commercial/Truck chassis but then again, a 35 truck is about the same as a 37 or 40 Truck and a sedan is a sedan etc.... there is Mucho compatibility between years but minor differences between truck/coupe/Fordor etc..

    The only REAL differences are in that wide 5 bolt wheel patterns were used from 36 to 39 and all were mechanical brakes thru 1938, - '39 was the first year for hydraulic brakes....
    Also, in 35 only, the steering changed from cross steer in mid 35 so there are at least 3 variations in steering box for 1935 only.

    hope this makes sense...



    Last edited: Aug 15, 2010

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