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Projects fixing a smashed 31 model A pickup cab.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by tb33anda3rd, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. :cool:
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  2. Gosh I love this. I had to save that 3/4 shot of the cab on the flatbed. Too cool!
  3. we are a little confused, Charlie had used another model A cowl and it fit fine behind the engine. when he went to bolt up the cab it looked like it needed a little tweaking to clear the back of the engine. the Slacker had to cut a big hole. WHY? are the truck cab firewalls that different? IMG_0628.JPG IMG_0629.JPG
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  4. I stopped over on my way home from work and made a template out of a cereal box to make a recess. I cut and bent it and Charlie will test and fit it tomorrow. worse case I am prepared to have to make it again if it is off. IMG_0630.JPG IMG_0631.JPG
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  5. 31Apickup
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  6. that is what we thought.
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  7. I just went back and looked. I always had at least 4 body bolts in place as I changed out the cross members and rails. I doubt I made it off set this much.
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  8. using a model A rear and torque tube, with a 39 box sets the motor in one place. should the motor fit without cutting the firewall?
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  9. Glad to see the cab's long journey back to the chassis is complete. Nice work!
  10. edcodesign
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    Great progress and craftsmanship!
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  11. Rex_A_Lott
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    I had wondered if you had ever discussed reversing the firewall, but never asked. Thought you probably didn't do it because you needed the room in the foot box.
    The cowl you have is a later 31, because it has the bump in the firewall for the external fuel shut off valve. Not sure if that's what you used for the mock up or not. I also thought the car and truck were the same, I would have done the same thing y'all did.
    As far as you've come now, a little bump in the firewall is just a little inconvenience. Looking good! Good luck!
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  12. Ted
    Here how I handle the fuel stand on AV8.

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  13. loudbang
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    Fixed it :)

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  14. thanks, so how indented is your firewall? Charlie was under the impression yours was just dimpled a little.
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  15. flatford39
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    Was he comparing to a 30 31 cowl or was it a 28 29 cowl?? All 30 31's are about the same. Your pick up has a late 31 with the tear drop for the fuel valve. That's the only difference in 30 31 cowls. You shouldn't have had to cut the firewall for the 59 AB block. The 8BA's are little harder as they are longer but you really don't need to cut them that much. He had something wrong with how he had it positioned on the frame.
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  16. The37Kid
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    I like the steering box clearance. Bob
  17. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

    I’m guessing Charlie snuck the engine a little rearward to improve his traction. Now he is being coy. It’s his only chance to get out on his nephews 33 Chevy

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  18. Ted
    Held front MM lower then rail .
    Closed driveline , tried to hold engine as level as possible so fuel tower wouldn’t lean towards fire wall
    Intake Manifold as close to level as I could get

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  19. The37Kid
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    Install the radiator and shell, then tell us about the hood fitment.:rolleyes:

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  20. What kind of cereal?

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  21. The37Kid
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    I didn't know you were a collector, I'm running a $5.00 per box close out plus shipping. Bob DSCF9911.JPG
  22. raison bran, family size
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  23. A602DB4B-24DD-4E47-A032-B14B0ECF963F.jpeg
    I think this is the problem, Charlie has the motor too high in the front. it will still need a recess but not as much. it will also give him a little more positive caster he needs. I will check it out tomorrow.
  24. Aaron D.
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    Aaron D.

    Can he use the firewall that he used as a template in the truck?
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  25. I will check it out tomorrow. I don't think the firewall is the problem.
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  26. he picked up the recess I made this morning and dropped it back off to me at work. he had mocked up some changes with cardboard and I tacked in a flange. I will go test fit it tomorrow. IMG_0633.JPG IMG_0634.JPG
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