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Projects fixing a smashed 31 model A pickup cab.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by tb33anda3rd, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. I am going to wire it 220, the motor can be converted and that drops the amps to 9 amps
  2. Charlie came by today with the cross member arts he made to install the flat head and later 3 speed. it is the first time in two months he has seen the truck cab. we mocked up his crossmember on an old piece of model A chassis I had. he had measurements off certain bolt holes and we duplicated it's location on this frame. I cut out some side brackets and tacked them to his crossmember. IMG_0168.JPG IMG_0169.JPG IMG_0170.JPG IMG_0171.JPG
  3. Charlie had picked up a pair of A-pillar covers and a new set of windshield lock knobs and washers IMG_0174.JPG
  4. I had a little time left tonight so I made a template for the two side top members. IMG_0176.JPG
  5. the Slacker took the crossmember home and it fit almost perfectly. pretty amazing that the chunk of frame I had matched his as well as it did. after some final set up he brought it back, with the front motor mounts for me to weld up. IMG_0179.JPG IMG_0180.JPG
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  6. while I was welding Charlie enjoyed the view and light breeze we had today.
    Rare shot of him not working...... IMG_0181.JPG
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  7. patsurf
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    he changed fingers right before the shutter clicked....
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  8. not Charlie...
  9. loudbang
    Joined: Jul 23, 2013
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    Looks like he is dozing off from lack of oxygen :)
  10. trying to figure out the radiator situation. we don't want to send our money to china.
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  11. nobux
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    I had an additional inlet and outlet added to 65-66 Mustang radiator. It fits in the Model A shell and cools my flathead fine.
  12. was it a v8 radiator or will a six cylinder one work? I have a six cylinder one around here someplace.
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  13. nobux
    Joined: Oct 19, 2002
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    I think it was a V8 one. But if you're adding an inlet and outlet it doesn't matter because as far as I know that is the only difference. The six cylinder radiator have both on the same side.
  14. I had given the slacker a '51 ford pickup steering box with the shaft cut off. he found a 36 ford pickup shaft and worm but the worm gear wasn't right. so we pressed off the cut shaft, pressed off the 36 worm, then pressed the '51 worm onto the 36 shaft. Charlie made a set of blocks that clamped to the shaft, loosely, to remove the worms, then tightly to install the worm. IMG_0186.JPG IMG_0187.JPG IMG_0188.JPG
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  15. pressing it together IMG_0189.JPG
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  16. ready for assembly IMG_0191.JPG
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  17. and a brand new 36 pickup worm to sell at the next swop meet IMG_0190.JPG
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  18. wanted to make a couple small brackets to reenforce the joint where the three pieces of wood will join at the back. I cut and bent the pieces, painted the back side with weld through primer then welded and bolted them in. they are welded to the strip of metal I added across the back. I wanted it to mimic the look of the ones at the front of the cab roof so I cut the angle. I then painted them. IMG_0193.JPG IMG_0194.JPG IMG_0195.JPG
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  19. I also cut the two pieces that run front to back along the sides of the roof opening. IMG_0192.JPG
  20. continentaljohn
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    Awesome work and love the wood deck on the bandsaw great idea.
  21. loudbang
    Joined: Jul 23, 2013
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    So we can consider you multi-talented? Master at wood and metal. :rolleyes:
  22. that whole band saw is made from wood. it must have been a "kit" from many years ago. Charlie found it at the transfer station and grabbed it for me. it works pretty good and was built and designed well........could something like that kit be sold today? I doubt it with the "too much work, just buy one from china" mentality.
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  23. photos of the band saw I have been using until I solve the wiring/motor issue on the "new" one. IMG_0216.JPG IMG_0217.JPG IMG_0218.JPG
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  24. 31Apickup
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  25. stopped at "Charlie's garage tonight to check progress. IMG_0237.JPG IMG_0238.JPG
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  26. Charlie is battling with exhaust clearance with the steering box IMG_0229.JPG IMG_0230.JPG
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  27. but the chassis is looking good!!! IMG_0231.JPG
    IMG_0232.JPG IMG_0233.JPG
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  28. so this is what we came up with to solve the exhaust issue. Charlie cut the back runner off and filed it flat. I cut a piece of 3/16" plate an 1/8" larger and brazed it on. image3-2.jpeg image2.jpeg
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