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Technical Electrical question. Head light switch to guage lights

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by ChucksCrib, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. I have a feed wire coming from my headlight switch to feed the lights in my gauges. I have 4 gauges, each with a separate wire that I need to feed. Since we dont use wire nuts in this type of application, What connectors are available to marry them all up......Searched summit, speedway and AAW and have come up blank. I probably just need the name/style of connector that would do this.


  2. Use jumper wires from one gauge to another. The first gauge gets the wire from the headlight switch. Make sure each gauge has a good ground.
  3. yeah.....thought about that...wondering if there was a connector which would accept all wires.
  4. In Australia I would use a "BP" connector that is designed for use with mains wiring. Here in the US the closest thing I found was an "ideal set screw wire connector". They come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you get the right size to fit the number of wires you want to join, or buy a range of sizes.

    You would strip and twist the wires together, then tighten the brass set screw to clamp all the wires into the connector together. This forms a very good electrical and mechanical joint. The plastic cover then screws ver the top to provide insulation. I would then tape the whole thing anyway, starting by taping the wires together then continuing the tape tape up and over the connector.

  5. gauge to gauge to gauge. you don't need a connector. just wrap the bare wire around the post. and tighten the nut. cheap and easy.
  6. Gregg Pellicer
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    Gregg Pellicer

    Gauge to gauge but you should use ring terminals to attach to gauge post
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  7. squirrel
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    If the wires are small, such as 22 AWG or similar, I would just put several of them together into the ends of a blue butt connector....maybe 3 gauges wires in one end, and one gauge wire and the wire from the headlight switch into the other end.

    or if you want to do it right, heat shrink and solder will work well
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  8. Hyvolt
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    Since you probably don't want to mess with it again, I'd form a small harness, with a ground harness also. Solder is the only way, with heat shrink as insulation. Put insulated spades on the ends( opposite for each polarity) so if the gauge cluster has to be removed, you can disconnect quickly without the hassle of cutting and re wiring.
  9. Thanks for the insight.....wire nuts it is
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  10. wutnxt
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    Greg Pellicer's response is good
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  11. deathrowdave
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    from NKy

    Ok , I guess call the local union hall for a couple IBEW workers they should be able to install wire nuts correctly ! Why ? Solder and heat shrink and don't look back
  12. You should become familiar with crimp connectors and shrink tube. I suggest buying a crimp tool and a selection of terminals ... and a heat gun and selection of shrink tube. Anyone working with automotive wiring should have this expertise, it's easily learned and well worth knowing.

    Crimp connectors are available in several styles which include push-on-disconnect which should work well for this application. The heat gun activated shrink tube allows a professional look as well as protecting the wires against abuse.
    Not expensive.
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  13. Guys....I was kidding........did you miss the ":p". I wired the rest of the car myself using crimp connectors with a crimp tool.....geeez:rolleyes:
  14. Sporty45
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    from NH Boonies

    These connectors work well, too. Similar to wire nuts, but crimp on
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  15. squirrel
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    Yeah, those connectors work too....although when you need to connect 5 wires together, they usually don't all fit. A butt connector gives you twice as much room for wires.
  16. BJR
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    Just don't google "Butt connector"!:p
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  17. 56shoebox
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  18. d2_willys
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    from Kansas

  19. belair
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    If you ever need proof of entropy, most threads on the HAMB (butt connector) are proof it exists. You guys are crazy fun.
  20. Cosmo50
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    from California

    I like to use these blocks when I need to do multiple connections. They are very versatile.
    Screw Terminal Block.jpg
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  21. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    Ring connectors a size designation of 14 ga. Use 18 ga. wire to form a 'Daisy Chain'. Power source to first gauge ring connector, insert power wire and next wire into connector and crimp. Next gauge do the same.
    There was a song, I think...
    "Daisy chain... DAISY CHAIN... Daisy chain for you and me..... Dope heads sang it in the '60s.
  22. I didn't miss the ":p" but have no idea what those cartoons mean. Sorry if I gave you an ulcer, but I only know English words and not many of them either.

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