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Technical Edelbrock Throttle Linkage Issues

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Musclecarsornocars, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. This place used to be harsh, it was fun to read but had to suck if you asked the wrong question. The boys are just playing around now!
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  2. 31aford
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    from az

    four barrel uses a different rod that a two barrel. readily available or modify the o e you have to work.

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  3. 6sally6
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    Hear swat-eye dun!...........Used a stick of all-thread and bent it to suit my needs. The "trick" though is to slip the all-thread in a piece of chrome water supply tubing(the kind under your sink) from Lowes or the Depot. Bend that to fit(with the all thread inside) and use small heim joints on both ends to fancy it up.
    Looks very trick but not over the top.
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  4. tb33anda3rd
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    1. Connecticut HAMB'ers

    i like to make a mockup piece, to check operation, before cutting or bending the final piece. use a piece of coat hanger and make bends to mimic linkage. when you get it to work, use it as a template to find, adapt or make a final one.
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  5. Well I’ll have to say a big thank you to everyone that offered their ideas. I really appreciate it, seriously. However after being able to take a good look at everything and right before I attempted to bend the throttle lever into shape I noticed a MAJOR issue that wouldn’t be solved with a different size linkage etc. The linkage from the car pushes forward to open the throttle, however on the eddie, it requires the throttle to be pulled towards the rear to open the throttle. It appears that a cable conversion is really the only solution. Wish I didn’t waste everyone’s time by missing this obvious problem.

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  6. Ebbsspeed
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    Are you certain of this? I think you best take one more look at it. From what I can see of the accelerator pedal pivot, and the angle of the throttle arm on the carb, it sure looks like they would be compatible as is. Sometimes when you disconnect the linkage and the return spring the accelerator pedal will fall into the wide-open position and make it seem as though what you are suggesting is the case. Double check.
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  7. Ralphies54
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    Sorry, to the original poster you are absolutely wrong on that statement. The throttle pulls toward the fire wall to open the carb.
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  8. Maicobreako
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    bending the existing rod would be cheaper, stronger and look better IMHO.
  9. nochop
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    from norcal

    Or find one off a 4bbl car
  10. Ebbsspeed
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  11. Kerrynzl
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    I don't think that is correct from the photo you supplied. The throttle arm pulls towards the firewall when the accelerator is pushed down [it cantilevers around a pivot in the firewall]
    I just pulled a 283 engine from a 65 impala and it pulls the same way [been like that since '55]


    Here's a schematic of the throttle lever layout on Chevy's

    Throttle Linkage V8.gif
  12. B.A.KING
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    Yeah not to pile on, but your mistaken.It pulls to firewall.I also think of you get the little adapter that goes in the large carb hole it may all just fit.
  13. sunbeam
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    This post makes me think about a jeep I got many ago. I had need of a 258 AMC engine and found one for sale from a Jeep. The guy was going to a 360 V8swap. He said AMC no longer stocked the clutch linkage and could not find it used didn't know what to do. Long story short went back about a year later Jeep now sitting outside still no likage got it for a song fabed linkage and flipped the jeep. Hot Roders fab. Just shape the linkage to fit with it straighter it will be to long cut the firewall end and bend new angle and drill hole for cotter pin done right it should look factory.
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  14. first problem it has valve covers...............
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  15. plym49
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    from Earth

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  16. Been a few days but I’ll update the thread. Yes, I was foolish and wrong, the throttle pulls in the correct direction. Ended up simply bending the throttle rod to fit. Got my buddy’s father to ask a coworker to drill and tap a 1/4 rod and a bolt that would be made into a sleeve to extend the existing kickdown rod. Should have the kickdown installed by Monday

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  17. Thanks for updating thread with your progress. Sounds like you have it figured out now.
  18. your kidding right???

    linkage 9-11-18 (1).JPG
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  19. clem
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    What ???
    I thought that this was the time to get out the big hammer !:D
  20. Gary Addcox
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    Gary Addcox

    I just happen to have my rubber boots on. Now, all I need to do is wash them after reading this post. LOL

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