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Driveshaft Length ?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by QMOTOX, Aug 30, 2008.

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    from STL, MO

    I just picked up a new driveshaft for my Model A yesterday and have a issue I'd like to ask you guys about before I go back to the driveshaft shop.

    I did all my research on measuring and talked to the shop about what measurements that they wanted. I told them that the car was a parallel 4 link setup with very little travel. 3" up and 2" down from ride height. I gave the shop the measurement of 25 1/8' at ride height from tranny seal to flat on the pinion yoke(center line of rear U-joint).

    I go to put the shaft in today and it seems a little to short. I put the transmissiom yoke in and bottomed it out and I have to slide it out 1 5/8" to seat the rear u-joint. I was expecting to have it slide out like 1" to 3/4". It just seems a little far out there.

    Let me know what you guys think if it will be ok this far out. Or should I head back to the shop. I'll get some pics tomorrow. Thanks
  2. 325w
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    We were always told 5/8 to 1 inch out of the trans. You can use your thumb as a gauge. Your knuckle should lay right in there. IMHO
  3. JohnEvans
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    from Phoenix AZ

    Spicer recomended to push yoke all the way in ,pull out 3/4 inch . Measure from center of ujoint hole in yoke to center of yoke on rear axle and that was the length of shaft needed. I'd say it would probably work but being you just paid for them to make it ,take it back and say add 3/4".
  4. you are ALWAYS better off installing the slip yoke in the tranny , pulling it out 3/4"-1" and then measuring center to center on the u-joints

    in theory the shop should have been able to get it right with the info you provided them by doing a few calculations... but in reality most shops have guys that are not that have to make it simple for them! write in in grease pen on the shaft , so they don't forget

    even after you give them the center to center dimension of the u-joints....check it when you pick it up. you do realize that math and reading skills are not a required skill to get a job anymore in this county? you don't even have to speak english

    all this i have learned the hard way....

  5. Tman
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    Damn 3 window..........the HAMb feels like remedial classes today!?!?!?!?!

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