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History Drag cars in motion.......picture thread.

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Royalshifter, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. rooman
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    You want X/D's Gary? Here is one from the other side of the planet. Don Sawtell's 1600cc Hillman powered car seen here at Castlereagh (Sydney). This is the original version with the straight pipes and SU carburettors. Later it was punched out to over 2000 cc and had side draft Webers and a collector style header.
    Incidentally the car in the background is Ron Early's blown Y block Ford. Ron is still racing and his current ride is the former Brendan Murry Stirling that ran NT/F on this side of the Pacific but is now powered by a blown small block on alky.
    Don's older son John is seen at the wheel here. This car was built in an open front, dirt floor shed in Don's back yard. Gas welded mild steel, sand packed and heat bent where needed and painted (Apricot 'flake) in that same open front shed.

  2. loudbang
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    One of the strangest but most fondly remembered Ford drag cars was the swoopy Super Mustang dragster. This “off the books” and expensive Ford effort was shoehorned into its plans while taking a break in 1967 to pursue the Cobra Jet program. With a Logghe chassis running a Ford SOHC and a Ford-designed streamlined body that was wind-tunnel tested, it made its spectacular debut at the ’67 Winternationals. With an incredibly tight cockpit and a bubble canopy that squashed driver Tom McEwen’s head, it was an uncomfortable ride at best. Times were never good, running mid 8s at 180 mph at a time when dragsters were running in the low 7s in the 220-mph range. Showing up at only a couple more events, the dragster was never really sorted out and was unceremoniously parked for decades

    ford-super-mustang-dragster see email.jpg

    Embryonic Funny Cars are seen in these two “Factory Experimental” Mercury Comets of Jack Chrisman and Dyno Don Nicholson, debuting at the ’64 NHRA Winternationals. When Chrisman dumped a blown, injected, nitro-burning SOHC in this Comet for the Nationals, it became a car looking for a class, running against dragsters as it no longer fit into any stock-car class. With that, the Funny Car was born. Both Chrisman and Nicholson were instrumental in the development of Mercury’s Funny Cars for years.

    mercury-comet-embryonic-funny-car AFX see email.jpg

    The Jim Costilow non-Dragonsnake Cobra was piloted by Bruce Larson of USA-1 fame at the ’64 Winternationals. This was a used ’63 that was taken to Larson to prep for drag racing by Costilow. The metalflake purple Cobra set a ton of records and won a number of national events in the ’64-’66 seasons in various Sports Production (SP) classes. In May 2006, this car sold at auction for more than $1.6 million.

    Note both cars have "T" windshield stickers

    See email cobra.jpg
  3. George Klass
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    George Klass

    There are brake levers and then there are BRAKE LEVERS...
  4. Lorenzini
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  5. Marty Strode
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    Marty Strode

    This is a shot of my old friend Ron Gorans Streamliner, mentioned in the caption. Gorans streamliner.jpg
  6. The NHRA had automatic sub classes in A, B & C in 60, 61 & 62 by 63 they could see that they were no longer needed.

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  7. Ade Knyff and Bernie Regels A & B Speed from Somerville, Mass. I loved looking at this car in the pits at Sanford, Maine. image.jpeg
  8. 1934coupe
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    At Dover! One of my favorite along with the Logge & Steffe (sp)


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  10. What a monster! Anyone know this powerplant?
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  11. M/T's 4 cylinder Tempest
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  12. Dragmaster Two Thing
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  13. Al Hubbard's "Flying Bedstead" vs. Hank Vincent's "Top Banana" at Vaca Valley.
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  14. From Ewell's WDIFL site, A FANTASTIC SITE!!
    A comely roadster launches off the starting line at Half Moon Bay with track owner/partner Don Smith (white pants) watching in the background. This image pretty much sums up how primitive the sport was in the late 1950s-I doubt if this guy would pass tech today.
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  15. Emory Cook was in a heap of trouble right off the line against Jim McLennan in the Gotelli- Champion Speed Shop Spl. at Kingdon in 1959.
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  16. Jerry Card of El Cerrito owned Card Automotive Specialty in San Pablo, California, and campaigned a series of A/FMCs in the late '50s and early '60s. Card set a Standard 1320 record in the Sumner-Burt A/GMC in 1961. He also drove Ted Gotelli's first Fuller car briefly--shown here in 1959 at Kingdon.
  17. [​IMG]
    Gotta love the W motor!!!!
  18. Check out the Enderele scoops on the injectors.
  19. Altereds were so cool.Too bad they are extinct in the NHRA!
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  20. Ingenuity in action
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