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Technical Does your hot rod or custom have any leaks?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. jnaki
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    My wife’s first car was a 1962 Corvair Coupe. It was a blue silver color and from a distance, it looked brand new when she bought it in 1965. It was her college transportation car and after we got married after college, it was OUR daily driver. Since I was the mechanical person in the relationship, it was my job to take care of the cars in the garage. Our 65 El Camino was trouble free, so that was definitely a relief.

    But, that little Corvair was known to leak and leak it did. Our neighbors always commented on how shiny the rear bumper was after I had wiped it clean. But, if they had seen it moments before, it was so thick with splattered oil that it looked like a custom paint applied in a greenish black color. The oil was definitely coming from the motor. It did not have that transmission oil smell. Our measly finances made it impossible for a full rebuild of the motor, so we did what we were told by our local mechanics to stop or slow down the leakage.

    The one thing the Corvair had going for it was the ability to start every time, anywhere. Despite the oil leaks, it started every single time and that is why my wife liked her car. It got her where she wanted to go all of the time. (except twice: Once on the I-10 in East L.A. and once on PCH during one of strongest Santana wind conditions.) Each time, our expert pro mechanic fixed the problem and it was running fine again. But, getting stopped in the middle of East Los Angeles and in a barren 5 miles strip on a wind blown, sandy Highway was not pleasurable, even for a care-free 20 something.


    The oil leaks we could live with as we did not do a lot of driving (our 65 El Camino was the reliable workhorse) and the parking area was in a pebble strewn/sandy parking lot. It was like cat litter for the Corvair and its woes. My wife had enough of the Corvair antics, so she sold it to her uncle for $100, which we never got. But, hey, it was family and he needed something to get around.

    So far, no one has mentioned water leaks. The Corvair was build low to the ground. When we wanted to use our factory air vents for a cooling drive, they opened under the dash with the standard pull handle. Little did we know that during any heavy rain…Yes, it rains in sunny So Cal. Well at least it did back then. That Corvair air vent seemed to be a leaking point of entry.

    So, if the roads were flooded, the Corvair had an exciting time going into a deep puddle created by the standard road dips on some roads. At first, it seemed like it would float around a corner or slide into something, while going through the deep puddle. After one "floating" incident, on any rainy day or chance of rain, my wife took the 1965 El Camino to work. (and I had to wear boots to drive around in the leaky Corvair.)

    But, the worst thing I found out was that if the vents were left open, I am not sure how this works, but water came pouring into the car from the open vents. Eventually, with some emergency testing, even with the vents closed and taped shut, water came into the cab. Somehow, the low stance of the Corvair drew in the deep water and out it came into the floor of the interior. Not in little drips, but huge flowing water streams. That was a mystery and one big leak. It was like Niagara Falls every time it rained. The old saying, when it rains, it pours is literally, a great description of the interior of the Corvair.

    Note: She was listening to a TV show I was watching and the owner of the hot rod in the show said he has kept his car since high school. I could hear her laugh and then she said it was a good thing we did not keep that leaky Corvair… To us, it has no value, but to other Corvair fanatics, it would have been a star. She said that the leaky Corvair would have ruined our nice garage floor and smelled up the whole place. Times have changed…
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    The convertible hasn’t moved for over a month, walked past the front bumper the other night,and now there’s a coolant leak, too far back to be from the radiator, it’s got a new water pump, I’ll have to pressurize it and see where it’s coming from
  3. Yep, they have leaks. One day I was backing the Nomad out of Micky D's. A guy was just being nice. He said, I think your car may have a leak. He pointed to a spot on the pavement where I was parked. I said Thank You, but I'd really be worried if it stopped leaking. :rolleyes: lol It was the rear trans seal. Plus the rear window leaks too. But hay it's an old car. Ron...... 2304.jpg
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  4. 392
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    I’m in the yes crowd but tackling as I go.
  5. I’m on the side of, if it does not leak i’d be worried, as it has always leaked somewhere.
  6. "T'RANTULA"
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    from Ohio

    81RxLU-DK4L._SX425_ (1).jpg I apply a thin layer of this stuff to most gaskets and have had excellent results. About the only thing that will keep a Detroit diesel from leaking. Dont go overboard, too much and you may find it in a place you dont want it.
  7. Pats55
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    from NJ

    In my case it would be easier to install two floor drains
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  8. Does your hot rod or custom have any leaks? Does a bear shit in the woods? (actually, not in N Texas....we don't have woods)
    Yeah, very small brake fliud leak...maybe an ounce in 7-8k miles. small coolant leaks. Not sure if I have an oil leak.....oil is down about 1/2 quart between oil changes.
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  10. You can buy horse stall mats at Tractor Supply or at farm supply stores.

    Made of recycled rubber - one side has channels - other side is smooth.

    I have run them in my last two trailers.

    I place them between etrac to minimize shifting - I can just replace a mat if it is damaged - they cost around $40.


    I carry Harbor Freight moving blankets

    I place those under leaking vehicles.

    My latest all aluminum car hauler is a Tommy Trailer ( hand made in Oklahoma ).

    They are very hard to come by.

    I lucked out when I picked up a vehicle a few months ago to find one for sale.

    It weighs less than 3000 pounds and has a GVWR of 10,400 pounds.

    The flooring is aluminum.


  11. bchctybob
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    “Does your hot rod or custom have any leaks?”
    Ha, ha, ha..... three have TH350s and one has a PG - they all leak. The TH350s have that 2 week, big leak syndrome. The PG is in her Corvair so it’s inevitable. My neighbor came by and saw the puddles on the floor, “cars leak a little?” “Nope, my shop sits over a rich ATF deposit”.

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  12. blvdbill
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    from California

  13. 2bubbas
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    Some of them- PU was leaking a qt. every 100 miles but finally addressed that- top end gaskets and valve guide seals stopped that but rear end leaking more and more- '46 not a drop-
  14. Dusty roads
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    Dusty roads

    I am older then my truck. Guess which one leaks ?
  15. 6sally6
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    How do you spell LEAK?
    I spell it FORD! .......................................My hot-rod-Ford has the occasional "snotty nose" and drips here and there. Not terrible but it definitely likes to "mark-it's-territory"!
  16. 18n57
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    The 265 in my 34 drips a bit from the rear seal. Not a big bother. I wonder if they did when new?

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