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Did the Aero-Star coil spring swap on the '53 today...

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 53Crestline, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. 53Crestline
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    Hey all, I've seen it pop up a couple times lately so I thought I would add my experience and data to the list for anybody here that's considering the swap this spring and/or summer.

    I swapped out the stock front coil springs in the '53 today with the Ford Aero-Star springs, Moog PN CC850. Got them shipped to my front door for $62. Worked like a charm!

    It took me about an hour doing it alone this afternoon. It dropped the front a little over 2 & 1/2 inches. SWEET!
    Here we go...
    1) I supported the car frame on jack stands on both sides towards the fronts of each door.

    2) I did not remove the front shocks to do the procedure. I just took the bottom nut off (to let the A-arm come all the way off).

    3) You have to take off the four stabilizer bar bushing clamps.( one 9/16" nut and bolt for each clamp), so the A-arm can drop all the way down.

    4) Next I took the jack and applied a little pressure under the A-arm bar, nothing lifting up, just enough to hold it in place...then I removed the four nuts holding it on and pushed out the four bolts(both nuts and bolts were 5/8"). Tip!: If you don't remove the bolts, when the A-arm starts to drop, the bolts will bind in the bolt holes and it'll get jammed there!!!...(I fought with that for about then minutes on the first side, so I learned something). So completely remove those bolts.

    5) I released the pressure on the jack slowly letting the spring expand slowly so the A-arm didn't slam open and the spring go flying or something (Of course the shock still being in position would help keep the spring from shooting out too far anyway). BE SMART!!! BE SAFE!!!
    6) Make sure you place the coil spring pad on top of your new spring, taking it off your old one.
    <o></o> keep your floor jack handy...
    7) Place the new spring up into the spring hole, I guess might call it
    8) Next, hold the coil spring in place with one hand, put on your shock pad that fell off(goes on the "inside" of the lower shock mount) and grab the A-arm and swing it up underneath your new coil spring. Make sure at this point that your coil spring is seated correctly in the A-arm, because by the time your get the jack under it, it'll be to tight to spin the coil spring if it's not seated correctly.
    9) Now, grab your jack and slip it underneath your A-arm and give it a few pumps so you can rest the bar on it almost in place.
    10) Jack it up to about the right spot, use a drift or screwdriver if you have to to get the holes lined up, re-insert your bolts and put the nuts on them. Now tighten them up.
    11) Now that those four are good and tight, put your two stabilizer bar pad brackets back on and tighten those up.
    12) Lastly, make sure you put that outside cup and pad back on the "bottom" of your shock mount on the A-arm.
    13) If our cars only had one coil spring up front, you'd be done right now, so quit lolly-gaggin' and get that other side done. ;)
    Here are the before and after's...but please see note below.

    PLEASE NOTE!!! The flathead is back from the builder and currently hanging on an engine stand in the garage waiting to be painted. So the "Before and After" pics are "without Engine and Trans!" Just want to make sure people to know that. The front is obviously high in the before pics...and about "normal" stance in the after. Haven't done anything to the rear end, it's at stock height.

    Can't WAIT to get the motor and trans back in and THEN see where she sits! :)Hope this helps somebody!

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  2. phat rat
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    phat rat

    Looks good. I have a soft spot for the 52-54 HT

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