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Event Coverage Deuces of the Bluegrass

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by timwhit, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. After going to cars shows and rod runs off and on since the early 70's, it can seem a bit repetitive. Local events generally have pretty much the same cars most of the time. There's a few unique shows to go to and today I managed to make it to the 3rd annual Deuces of the bluegrass in Lexington Ky. It was a breath of fresh air. Great venue, quality cars and a lot of bang for your buck.
    I'm sure there are other events this cool in other parts of the country but this is the one I was able to make and really enjoyed it.
    I'll load some pics for you'all. This was held at Spindletop Farms, a former horse park. Promoted by Mark Cain of Shelby's Way, a local suicide awareness ministry. Great day! 006.JPG 008.JPG 009.JPG 011.JPG 014.JPG 015.JPG 016.JPG 017.JPG 022.JPG 025.JPG 028.JPG 029.JPG 041.JPG 030.JPG
  2. Thanks for posting Tim, you know I'm a Deuce nut but I sure wouldn't mind parking your '33 sedan beside mine - In my garage! :)

    Mark is a amazing man and has turned his family's tragedy into his life's work with Shelby's Way, I met him several years ago when he selected Brenda's wagon for his Shelby award and what started out as a chance meeting turned into a lasting friendship. HRP
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  3. slug
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    Man, what a great show this looks like. Beautiful venue and cars. Something to put on my radar for sure! Thanks for posting. My Vic was also chosen by Mark a few years ago at Shades. A cherished award. Slug
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  4. deathrowdave
    Joined: May 27, 2014
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    from NKy

    Damn , I wish I would have know about this one . That’s in my backyard . Looks like a great time , thanks so much for posting .
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  5. Danny: Glad to be able to share the experience. Met Mark last year but was able to have lunch with Him today. He shared their story with me and a friend. IT really causes you to want to be a part of what He's doing for people. Pretty humbling experience.
  6. GordonC
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  7. Great cars, beautiful venue, wonderful cause. It just couldn't get any better. Thanks for posting the pics.........Don.
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  8. Deuce Lover
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    Deuce Lover

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  9. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

  10. Nice cars but what's with that heap in the second picture?:D
  11. Here's another one. A guy from chicago caught up with us about 30 miles from Lexington ad his wife took pics. my sedan.jpg
  12. This is Scott Teems, a friend from St. Charles Mo. Long distance award 152.jpg
  13. DDDenny
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    from oregon

    I never tire of this stuff, thanks Tim.
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  14. 504640
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    Great shots, Tim! How many were in attendance? You started your picture portfolio with Model 40s, and a single 40 Tudor, all classic early fords, but not deuces. What was the criteria for acceptance to this show?
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  15. Thanks for the coverage!:cool: Mark Cain is an amazing great person!
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  16. Black_Sheep
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    Nice lookin' rides, thanks for posting...
  17. I don't recall how many were there but enough to keep you interested. They had a certain place for '32's but plenty of room for other cars, up to '48. Check the pics on the "friday art show" thread from a couple of weeks ago. abunch of '40 drawings a friend of mine did.
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