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December salvage yard accident reads like a CSI script!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Kellys Hot Rod Parts, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. oldblu65
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    from Tennessee

    I saw the " 1000 Ways To Die " episode where a similar thing happened . Seems a guy was playing cards with some other fellows when they discovered he was cheating . He ran trying to get away from them . He ran through a nearby junkyard and jumped into one of the cars and laid on the floor . Well , his pursuers ran right by the vehicle , never seeing him . But before he could get up and out of the car , the big grab hook came down on the car pinning him . He screamed for help but the noise of the machinery drowned him out . The car was deposited into the crusher and well , you know the rest . They only discovered him because of all the blood running out of the crusher . Rough way to go , being crushed while still awake and alert , feeling every bone break before the lungs become unable to overcome the force being put on them !
  2. OSHA is investigating an incident in Franzen, WI, in which a man was injured in a machine used to crush old cars.
    The unidentified man was airlifted from Weller’s Auto Salvage to a hospital. His injuries were said to be non-life-threatening.
    The Marathon County Sheriff’s department says a crane operator put a car into the crushing machine.
    However, the crane operator didn’t see a salvage yard employee office worker had gone into the car to retrieve an item from its front seat.
    Results of the OSHA investigation could take up to six months. More of your tax dollars at work 6 months to investigate are you shittin me!!! The office worker part somewhat explains the accident!!
  3. mrforddude
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    Thanks, coffee really burns in your nose when its fresh...
  4. I'm thinkin if your names on the sign you are the saftey man and unfortunatly now OSHA's bitch..............
  5. draginsteel
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  6. Sounds like someone was sleeping, or snuck out to burn a bud.
  7. Mr48chev
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    Some scary stuff but a guy is often taking his life in his hands when he enters some wrecking yards I have been in. One of the local ones that I frequent stacks car three high and I have seen guys in the top cars pulling parts before. I've also seen more than one stack toppled over when I've been in there.

    I feel for the 16 year old though. To get killed like that just after he helped the guy who pushed the thing over on him.
  8. Makes you wonder what's in your new Hyundai GL
  9. Atillman
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    from Antigo

    I know this accident is very old now but this is the first time I have seen this thread and just want to clear some facts up.

    The man Crushed was indeed crushed and is my brother. It was his own personal car that the crane operator decided to mess with my brother as he planned to scrap it that day when the work shift ended. It was NOT in the scrap area.

    He fractured a few vertbraes in his neck/back, dislocated his hip, broke a bunch of ribs and punctured a lung. He was in the hospital for a long time recovering.

    When he was released to go back to work (1 1/2 years later) Wellers informed him he no longer had a position at the company. However, A lawsuit was NOT and will NOT be filed as we were raised that SHIT happens.

    I hope this clears some things up.
  10. Wow that sucks,
    sorry to hear about your brother..this puts a very personal spin on the story...Do you know what OSHA's findings were.. Wellers had a dandy fire again this winter seems that has happened there very often....Seems to be a fast way of getting rid of a lot of old tires...
  11. Mr48chev
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    That really does suck. Especially when the frigging crane operator did it to screw with him.
  12. Ebbsspeed
    Joined: Nov 11, 2005
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    Does that crane operator still have a job there? Talk about a prank gone bad. A few fractured vertabrae, fortunate to not be paralyzed. Hope he gets back to 100%!!
  13. I happen to live a few miles from Weller Salvage and have 3 relatives that worked there when this took place. I suspect the reason the injured person was fired was the bag of dope he was getting out of his car when he was crushed! The car WAS in the line to be dismantled. Think about it, does anyone really think the crane operator drove the crane out to the employee parking area (several hundred feet) and crushed a guys car?

    Edit: Ebbspeed the crane operator does still run the crane there, no prank at all!
  14. That makes more sense.

    Not as much CSI as Cheech and Chong.

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