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Cloning the "Pioneering Plymouth" ...a Barris Kustom 1953 Plymouth

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by xxwelderxx, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. I just bought that issue. When I get it I'll scan it for ya.
  2. FASI
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    For your rear window, use aircraft quality acrylic plastic rather than plexiglass, it is more scratch resistant. Check at a small airport for the places that mold replacement small aircraft windshields, they can make it for you and I found them to be reasonable.
  3. axle
    Joined: Mar 3, 2001
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    from Drag City

    You should build an exact replica of this Ed Sloan Custom as its never been done before. Seems like Del-Rio met the same unfortunate fate as Bob Hirohata. This is a great thread.
  4. general gow
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    general gow
    Staff Member

    neat car to clone. i think the truer you stay to the original, the happier you will be in the end.
  5. Zed
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    from FRANCE

    very exciting ! :cool:
  6. RPW
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    Lets see...
    I have the #1 on the list, but you cant have her. It is very hard to get to a wife like her!

    Otherwise none of the parts you need are very rare, so it wont be a tough search for you.

    #2 the '53 Lincoln lenses, can be brought from (very high quality)

    #7 The spotlights you need are Appleton S-552. There are (at least) two different versions of S-552 and the one you need are those with a push button in the end. They Can be found now and then, for instance on E-bay and Craigslist (and on HAMB as well!).

    As for the crome trim and grille parts I'm sure that advertisning here at HAMB will give results.
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  7. Nothing personal, I just laugh when I hear one of the young guns (not you) ask if an old car is safe to drive a 100 miles round trip.

    my uncle Rocky was a postman in Wheatridge Colorado had a 50 stude that was a piece of crap when he bought it. his annual vacation he would drive to New york and back one year and Pasadena CA. and back the next. he did that for 12 years till the automatic trans died in utah and he didn't want to wait a week to get back on the road so he traded it and 400 bucks for a 53 chev that he drove till the day he died
  8. I'm not in Texas but I do have a 53 wagon that has the roof cut off. but the chassis is complete.
    S&S Fabric in Canby Oregon is the best place in the country to find your interior.
  9. 51 mercules
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    51 mercules

    (6)Try the Car Shop for your 53 Bel-Air Trim
    (8 & 10)TRy C & G Mopars for your hubcaps and parts car.Phone 909-825-1231.
  10. banditomerc
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  11. JeffreyJames
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    from SUGAR CITY

    I love that because it's such cool idea, you can really see how the generosity of people here really kick in. We want to see you do it just as much as you do!!!
  12. Small photo from Motor Trend August 1959 about $5-$500 customizing ideas...they say the trim is 54 Chevy, same thing...

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  13. You have NO idea how stoked I am that you are considering this! It will become a pretty pricey project but the final result will be well recieved and well respected.

    You know you have to run the stock drivetrain. It will be just fine and you'll be happy that you didn't compromise.

    Let me know if you want me to dial in your entire drivetrain for reliability. I have 33,000 on mine now and it still performs as well as it did 33,000 miles ago.

    I love this thread and will assist any way I can.

  14. Hnstray
    Joined: Aug 23, 2009
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    from Quincy, IL

    Cool car! I had 2 '53 Convertibles, one at a time back in the day. The second of which I swapped in a '55 Dodge 270 Hemi. Many years later, about 1992 or so, I bought a sweet little Belvedere hardtop like this one. It had a very nicely done split manifold and full set of dual pipes. I just LOVED shifting that thing at lower speeds, just cruising, as the momentary "bark" of the pipes was just perfect.

    I sold the car about 1995.......knew where it was for a few years......then lo' and behold, I was watching the Johnny Cash bio movie, Walk the Line, and there on the screen I swear was the little Belvedere!! Of course when I say that my friends like to scoff, but I think it is the same car. The last I knew of it (before the movie), it was around Branson, Missouri. My grandson found a story on the internet about the making of the movie and there was a link to a newspaper article about the fellow who leased the movie Belvedere to the movie company. He had only owned the car about two weeks when driving through Memphis (where the movie was shot) he was hailed by a guy and the lease proposal was made.

    The movie car is the same color as was mine, dark blue top over dove gray body, it had the twice pipes and fender skirts. If it wasn't my old car, it was somebody's!

    Don't mean to hijack the thread, just got enthused about a great little '53 Belvedere hardtop and encourage you to do the the car as you have in mind and best wishes with the build.


    p.s. I currently have the '53 Dodge (Diplomat) version of this body type. Really like 'em.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2010
  15. I was wondering when you were going to chime in on this thread.

    I am totally using the flathead 6 and 3 speed.

    Dont remind me about the price its gunna cost. haha
  16. Grandadeo
    Joined: Dec 24, 2008
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    Would really like to see you do this project. I had similar ideas for my '53 Plymouth hardtop, even had the taillights. Got cold feet and sold them at the Charlotte swap last spring. I need to be working on my Fords.


  17. I may have to make a detour to your place before and after the Roundup this spring and get you motivated!!



  18. Are you bringing me free money?
  19. PeteFromTexas
    Joined: Apr 4, 2007
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    Very cool. I'm glad to see you are going through with this idea. I'm not to far away from you. If you need anything let me know. I'd love to help.
  20. 296ardun
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    Great advice from the master of custom history and style.
  21. I love that you are going to make a run at recreating such a beautiful and iconic kustom. I have a special place in my heart for Plymouths as you may be able to tell from my avatar.
  22. So today was short lived while going over my 53 Plymouth. It is at my wifes grandparents house and something Im not used to in Texas showed up...Black Widows!! So Because I saw 3 in the passenger compartment alone, I am having a Terminex guy come over Thursday to spray in and around my car and in the garage before I go back in.
  23. Of course:rolleyes:

  24. So what do you think the chances are that I can get this emblem for the car? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

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  25. thesupersized
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  26. No_Respect
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    from So-Cal

    Cool that this car will be recreated I always liked it and was curious of it's where abouts Good luck with the car and with your wife!!!
  27. I talked to Ed again tonight. It was great. I was asking him questions and his wife and him were discussing the question. They are celebrating their 53 wedding aniv. this year!!

    He told me some interesting points. He told me for one when he sold the car the guy who bought it didnt take very good care of it. He said it was quite worn out after that guy got his hands on it.

    He told me there were push buttons inside the car to open the doors and trunk. he didn't remember where they were located though.

    He said he is pretty sure the interior was done at a shop called Valley Customs. He said they only did interior.

    The best thing was he said he would very much like to see pictures of the car when its done. I told him I would bring the car to CA for his family and him to see.
  28. farmer12
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    Love them Plyms! Good luck with the project.

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