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Technical Carter Glass Bowl Fuel Filter

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by fourspeedwagon, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Working on my '51 GMC, over the winter the fuel petcock on the bottom of the tank leaked. I've pulled it apart, cleaned the tank, lines, replaced the rubber sections, rebuilt carb (zenith 28/228) put a new fuel pump on and it's raring and ready to go. But, it doesn't have a filter except the little in carb stone. Dug out an old Carter glass bowl one from one of the boxes of shit I don't throw out and found a chip on the lip of the glass. Today there was a half dozen of them sitting on a table at the swap meet ($5!) so I got a matching one to my old one. I looked them over and found one with nice clean threads. When I got home I used a flat blade screwdriver to turn the nob (it's nurled, but also has a slot) gave it a little pressure and the bowl cracked. So.. now I have two filter housings and zero filter bowls. Maybe I shoulda bought one of the AC units on the table instead.
    So, this is a two parter--- Anyone know if the bowls are available? I see the whole thing on ebay but wondering about just the bowl? If not I'll find another.
    I want to put it in line just before the fuel pump, on the passenger side of the engine compartment. Prefer to mount it higher up than where the line runs- Do you see any problem with running the line up a bit (a foot?), locating the sediment filter, and then back down to the pump? I'd like to be able to see and service it and it'd be up higher away from anything getting kicked up off the road.
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  2. studebakerjoe
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    If you have a tractor supply near by they carry the glass bowls as well as complete assemblies.
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  3. 41 C28
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    41 C28

    Check the NAPA web site. I got a cork gasket for the fuel bowl on my 41 Chrysler at NAPA. They show a glass fuel bowl # BK 7309505, don't know if its what you need.
  4. Gofannon
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  5. Excellent, thank you.
    Any thoughts on the way I plan on routing it?

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  6. Studebakerjoe is right. I got my for my 56 Chrysler Windsor right down the road at a tractor place. Same place I got the 1 for my old farm all tractor. Just make sure you get that gasket in right on the top or she will leak. Good luck with it. Bruce.
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  7. carbking
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    Talk about a quagmire!!!

    Carter alone used at least 8 different bowls on their various glass bowl filters. Other brands are as bad! The bowls are mostly very close, but just enough different that a non-matching bowl will either leak, or crack.

    I completely gave up on trying to sell individual parts for these things. Totally impossible.

    I would suggest you go back to that swap meet, buy 3 or 4 of them, and completely redo one complete unit without attempting to mix parts. If you have one with the ceramic filter, the filter may be soaked in vinegar for cleaning. If the filter does not have physical damage, no need to replace.

    The gasket between the bowl and the housings were either a thick rubber or a thick cork (about 1/8 inch) to equalize the pressure of the glass to the housing. Never attempt to use a thin or hard gasket.

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  8. Unfortunately it was a one day swap meet so I can't go get the others.. The 2 I have are identical so I'm gonna try and repair the chip on the lip of the one bowl but no biggie if that doesn't work.

    I'm gonna head out to the shop and start in on a mount for the inner fender since I haven't heard any dissenters.
    Thanks again

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  9. carbking
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    Didn't really understand where in the fuel system you are installing the filter.

    O.E. installations generally mounted the filter inline (the metal line will easily support the filter) within a few inches of the carburetor. Many were mounted to the carburetor with an all-thread fitting.

  10. Thanks Jon - my gmc still has the inline mill so I'm thinking to put it on the passenger side inner fender, ahead of the fuel pump. I know lots of folks put them between the pump and the carb, but I'd think that protecting the pump would be important too.

    My question was basically "Is there a problem with mounting the filter a foot or so higher than the fuel pump?"

    I'd like to get it up where I can access it and keep it away from road debris.
  11. carbking
    Joined: Dec 20, 2008
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    There may be an issue, as the pump may not draw through the filter if higher than the pump. Don't know.

  12. [​IMG]

    Finally found a pure cork gasket that wouldn't leak at the John Deere dealer. Compression fittings took a few rounds of tightening to get leak free too but now I've had that paper towel under it for a while and even blowing into the filler and finally no drips.
    Ran it straight past the starter to the fuel pump so I don't know if raising it would've been a problem, but cleaning it won't be terribly often so reaching down there won't be a big deal--

    "If it ain't broke - fix it till it is"
  13. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    The glass bowl style went right infront of the carb most of the time. The 6 GMC's I stripped always had them right after the fuel pump. If you want a filter before the pump put something else inline either under the tank or on top where the fuel line come out. ( I can't remember but doesn't come out on top behind the seat.) oh well it's tough getting old....
  14. Dangerous Dan
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    Dangerous Dan
    from Graham Wa.

    For a new filter try a tractor restoration web site (Stiner , Dennis carpenter etc.) Google tractor restoration parts.
  15. Dan Timberlake
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    Dan Timberlake

  16. I wanted to put it before the fuel pump to keep trash out of it too, after just replacing that as well.
    (Fuel line exits the bottom of the tank via a petcock- I tried a filter there but there's so little space between it and the frame rail that didn't leave quite enough room.)

    "If it ain't broke - fix it till it is"

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