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Technical carbs, manifolds and the/Users/ginger/Desktop/IMG_0113.jpg rest

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by glenn velardi, Jul 13, 2018 at 12:48 PM.

  1. so, i am pretty new to this so keep that in mind. very thankful that this site is here.

    i'm working on a 1951 chevy 3100 deluxe panel. sometime during its life, it had a 235 cast# 3837004, installed. the date code puts it at 6/20/56. its 4spd, 2wd.
    i just got the truck and after some research, decided to do the twin carb conversion. i found a edelbrock manifold with 2 zenith carbs, a fancy linkage and a thickstun fuel block on CL for $600.00. it sounded like a good deal so i got it. i also ordered fenton headers to go with it.

    so now the questions. can't seem to find any info on the manifold. would like to know what model it is. also, remember i'm new. there are 2 thread ports on the manifold. one on the top back, one on the side middle which is bigger. i'm thinking vacuum ports but not sure where they go. guessing distrubutor for the small one but not sure. also the carbs don't sit on the manifold. there is a block between them which has a butterfly and is connected to that fancy linkage. i am trying to upload pics. so how does that connect to the carbs and for that matter, whats it for?

    also anyone know if anyone sells a set of duals for a panel. i understand that the fuel tank on the passenger side frame rail is an issue.

    don' think the photo likk worked but i'd be happy to e mail or text send pics to anyone who thinks they can help
  2. Mike VV
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    Mike VV

    Don't the beginning of sentences, the word "I", and peoples names (Edelbrock, that's a respect thing !) still begin with capital letters ?

  3. 52HardTop
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    Do you mean to say they still teach that in school today? It's been a few decades since I attended. I just figured it was thought to be offensive or something...
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    No pics

    The Edelbrock manifold the large port usually would have a fitting with two vacuum ports
    One for wipers and one for distributor

    The rear port could have been drilled by someone, possibly for Pcv set up.

    A duel exhaust kit is what your asking for? I’m gonna say no to the kit, but any reputable exhaust shop should be able to fabricate something .
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  5. hey thanks for the info.
    to you other guys, didn't know that this was a writing 101 class. had known, i would have been a bit more careful. as it is, i have my hands full with the question at hand and thought that was the focus of this forum. not creative writing....jeezzee lighten up.
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    Yeah, no,no.....

    Fill out your profile and be the apprentice kimosabi
    I know it sounds harsh but there is some great knowledge here
    Stick around, learn, contribute
    Have fun!


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  7. LM14
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    from Iowa

    Can't write, can't post pictures, thinks everything should be available off the shelf then tells the HAMB to "lighten up" 4 days after joining?!?!?!?
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  8. squirrel
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    look for the "upload a file" button to click, next to the "post reply" button. See if you can figure out how to get it to find your image file, and upload it.

    It can be challenging..but pictures are very useful, when you are asking someone to help you figure something out.
  9. thanks again for the help, really guys, sorry if i offended anyone.
  10. town sedan
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    town sedan

    Don't worry about it, Ryan made stop with the pitch forks & torches several years ago. At least you use punctuation which makes the reading far easier.
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