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Brooklyn, NY Infamous Street Racers Back in the Day

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by NITROFC, Jul 19, 2008.

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  2. Angry Frenchman
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    Angry Frenchman

    Them guys had it going on!! I've seen some stuff on here about NYC street racing but never any pics of the guys that made it happen. I've had some fun down there but I wish I could of seen this stuff going on. please post some more
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    very cool topic

  5. HotRodRick49
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    Someone should make a movie about this.

    I would spend 12 dollars to see this, or whatever movie prices are.
  6. c57heaven
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    Seymour Balz; now there is a name...
  7. Zerk
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    He works at South Street Shop in NJ
  9. wow , cool pics and history!!
  10. I got a call one morning from a guy who identified himself as "Brooklyn Heavy"...wanted some fiberglass parts for a Mustang II. I told him the cars weren't even at the dealers yet...he said..NO PROBLEM. Next morning he was at my shop with every part you could unbolt. Hood, fenders, grill, bumpers, hatch.
    Couple weeks later we finished the molds, made the parts and "Heavy" sent one of his homies to pick them up. Didn't want the steel parts back.
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  11. Cris
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    from Vermont

    Amazing. Thanks for scanning and posting.

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  13. Zombie Hot Rod
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    Zombie Hot Rod
    from New York

    Those are some Jive Ass Turkeys...
  14. monsterflake
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  15. Those were definately the days! Nitro, refresh our memories in what magazine was that article from?

    Great post...

  16. jonnycola
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    Thats fucking awesome....

    And that last picture.... the guy is a dead ringer for Willis from Diff'rent Strokes.
  17. 1929rats
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    If I remember correctly....there was an article in Hemmings Muscle machines about street racing in the 70's in NY as well....maybe a year or 2 ago.....when I get home, I'll try and find it and scan it for everyones enjoyment....great post
  18. Al - Thanks for posting these. This is some amazing stuff. Love reading about the east coast scene.

    — MRAK
  19. Dino the weirdo
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    Dino the weirdo

    The Connecting Highway was so famous we'de have guys coming up to our track -Dover Drag Strip just to get a real time slip to fine tune 'em .Many a time the guys would slip me a $20. as to not announce their time ! This was the days before finish line scoreboards .Only the driver who got a hand written time slip and me announcing in the tower knew what they just turned. No computer files saved ...reset the clocks and it's gone. And get this ...they even Copied our class winners decals and had "CONNECTING HIGHWAY Class winner" printed on them . Stories like : their trailer was parked at the end of an offramp. Make a run , shoot down the ramp right into the waitiing trailer ,slam the door or yank the ramps and haul ass .
  20. novadude
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  21. Yep the Connecting Highway was one of the Greatest places to be on a Saturday Night! <br> but the Real Fast Cars raced at upper Laurel Hill Highway and the off ramps were ware the Trucks were Parked <br> also the Money Runs were in front of Shea Stadium they would Block the Whole Highway and Race had the 1/4 mile all marked off
  22. That's when I had my Shop in Astoria, Queens NY back in the 60-70's
  23. sololobo
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    What a cool post!! So cool to see all brother and sisters black/white digging on a common interest with no B.S.!! Rock On!!--Sololobo
  24. That's Experience talking! <br> also there was a Car from South-Ozone Park, Queens called the "American" <br> Hemi-cuda 10 or 20&#37; engine setback 9 second Car ran for Money on the Streets <br> I know because I used to sell him Speed Parts <br>
  25. Asphalt Outlaw Hero
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    Asphalt Outlaw Hero
    from Dixie

    Some pretty famous drivers started out on the streets.I can remember growing up in Memphis,Tn. seeing "Mr 4 Speed";Herb McCandless driving a 348/280 chevy.Terry Vance of Vanc eand Hines use to drag on the streets in Fla. during the motorcycle races.
    There use to be a circuit that motorcycle drag racers did and part of it was the Bronx. Lots of stretch vans sitting outside of a bar.Suddenly, a crowd would go outside,doors came open and wheelie bars were seen to emerge from the rear.Bets were made and streets blocked off.Two blocks was a quarter mile.Two cars at end and they flashed their lights for the "winner's lane".Cops were prety cool about it:cool:.Not like there were were a whole lot of neighbors around the Bronx anyway.
  26. Hemmings muscle news had some issues covering this but your pics are way-mo-better>>>>.
  27. HotRodToomer
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    Our solution to the fast and the furious.

    damn awsome.

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