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History Barris Customs '55 Chevy 4 Sale in Hemmings

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by jakespeed63, May 26, 2017.

  1. AlkyWagon
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  2. That is cool.
  3. chevy57dude
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    The buyer can call Mark M. in his '55 -The Astorian, on the white phone.
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  4. manyolcars
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    I dont agree with the head lights but thats gorgeous
  5. Torana68
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    from Australia

  6. lukey
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    It's been on eBay for a while too.

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  7. khead47
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    $95000 !!!!!!!
  8. Brand Apart
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    Brand Apart
    from Roswell GA

    Damn that's cool. I'm surprised they don't take to barret Jackson 95k probably would be no sweat.
  9. 0NE BAD 51 MERC
    Joined: Nov 12, 2010
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    0NE BAD 51 MERC

    It reminds me of the car Kurt McCormick had in a picture of his collection a number of years back . Not sure if it is the same one or not. Hard to say ,lots of car's have claimed to be Barris stuff . Definitly late 50's, They where getting pretty gaudy by then . I prefer the earlier stuff, much cleaner designs .
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  10. Squablow
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    I love everything about this car except the layout of the quad headlights. Being as historical as it is, I'd never cut up those front fenders, but I might make up a second set of front fenders with '58 Lincoln quads instead and paint them to match the car, then hang the other set in the rafters for safekeeping. I figure, no harm that way.

    I do have to wonder if they'll get anywhere close to the $95K for it though. I personally love period custom cars like this, even from the wild showrod period, but they're not really the "hip" in-thing right now, in fact a lot of people seem to hate them. I wonder who the buyer is that would step up to pay close to six figures for this car.
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  11. Gman0046
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    Just not my cup of tea. Over the top in my estimation.
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  12. Torchie
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    Never cared for the Lucas headlight treatment that some customs received. But it is a period piece for sure. As long as they can prove it's a Barris built car I don't doubt that some one will go for it. May end up over seas as some have.
    The price (Compared to what it would cost to restore it to this condition) is not that far out. Take a look at any of the original Customs that have been been brought back to their former glory lately to get an idea how much time$$$$$ it costs.
    Gil Ayala's T-Bird custom or Kurt McCormicks Sam Barris Buick come to mind.
    Not to mention what it takes to keep a car like this in excellent condition.
    And besides. As my dear old Daddy used to say. "Asking ain't getting."
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  13. straykatkustoms
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  14. It is definitely a Barris car.
    Photo from Rik's archives:
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  15. I remember some of the early "3-in-one" custom model car kits I put together as a kid had a telephone option.
  16. Torchie
    Joined: Apr 17, 2011
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    I had no doubt that it is/was a Barris Car, Sancho. That's a big part of the reason for the asking price. Been more then a few that have tried to be passed off as a "Barris"car though.
    If you compare this car to the Ina Mae Overman Lincoln that Valley custom Built and is currently for sale(I believe) at $45,000 and needs a complete redo it still backs up the thinking that money spent up front usually save money at the back end.
    When I win the mega million lotto I will buy them both. A Guys got to have a dream.........:)
    It's interesting that back in the early 60's Ed Roth talked about Modern art selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars and wondering why custom and show cars shouldn't as well. Maybe that time is here.
  17. Love all the comments. Would do almost anything to be the caretaker of a car with significant history. It sucks that the wealthy snatch up these cars, but hopefully they have the deep pockets to properly maintain and store them. Look at the American Graffiti '58 Impala, purchased by Ray Everham. He truly did that car a big favor. Looked killer at Amelia Island this year. ...for everyone to look at, instead of rotting away in some garage.
    Thanks for posting that picture from Rik's collection. It made my day.
    those 3 in 1 model kits were so much fun!!
    P.S. we had a significant Gene Winfield Merc come to the Gala twice! Owner is the nicest person and that car is in also in good hands
    Crowd went wild over it
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  18. sideswipe
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    I first seen that car enroute to Wichita in 81 for the first leadsled. the owner was driving across the country with our convoy. I remember he had to pull off to change a front wheel bearing. it was in original paint then. my .02 cents
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  19. 55chevr
    Joined: Jul 12, 2008
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    That car isn't a very radical custom and not very unique. It certainly doesn't command $95k. Unless someone is nuts.
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  20. Movinman
    Joined: Feb 20, 2005
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    Provenance is everything. It's a historic car built by arguably the biggest name amongst our founding fathers. It has 60 years of photographic proof of its existence. I'd be its caretaker in an instant if I had the means.
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  21. Moriarity
    Joined: Apr 11, 2001
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    Staff Member

    Here is a pic of it at the first Kkoa show in Wichita in 1981. It was owned by Barry David who was the Kkoa chaplain. When it was on eBay the description said that it was still in original paint. I know for a fact that Curt McCormick had it painted in th '90's when he owned it... cool car. I would love to have it[​IMG]

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  22. dan31
    Joined: Jul 3, 2011
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    $95 k ? .Some new pick ups cost $70k and will be worth $10k in five years so i guess its all in how you look at it. Cool car.
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  23. Dan31 is right. And a low mileage '67 Stingray just recently SOLD for $675,000....this may be irrelevant but still blew my mind
  24. Quads were in....don'tcha sushi.....
  25. Cool car, if I had the money I would buy it in a breeze.....
    It's beautiful - even those quad headlights! - and I would not even care if it's by Barris or an unknown builder.

    What's all the whining here, are we on the Custom forum of the HAMB or not? I've never seen anyone complain if a Model A or Deuce is chopped and channeled ....... it's always here on the Custom forum that people whine about poor cars and whatever.....
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  27. plywude
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    Member Emeritus
    from manteca ca

    This car was bought new by Jim Seaton in Santa Maria he had a small wreck and took it to Barris for repairs, the insurance company paid for most of the modifications.
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  28. D.Conrad
    Joined: Jan 8, 2010
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    1. 1940 Ford

    That's my '50 Bel Air on the right of the Chevy.
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  29. Plywude, terrific bit of info. Ya think
    Ole' George padded the estimate, to secure the job??? Lol

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