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AutoZone counter people?? (Rant)

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by BinderRod, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. Our cashier at my job{Baxter's Autoparts}asked one of our customers with a model A coup why he put a chevy in his rod,AFTER asking "Is that the original engine?" We just stood there looking at him like he was an alien,shaking our heads.{the cashier,not the customer}Yeah,theres one in every crowd.
  2. david4991
    Joined: Feb 1, 2006
    Posts: 105

    from Louisiana

    Did that this weekend, stumped Advance Auto Parts, Autozone, and O'Reilly's.
  3. slamdpup
    Joined: Apr 27, 2005
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    there all fucking stupid...theres several stores that i stop by and there all fucked....we have 24 hour autozones and advanced auto parts..and the night crew is way worse than the day shift...and whats worse than that is the new summit racing here in mcdonough ga..they are some folks there that dont know what shit is..i think they hired them from some of the
  4. The last time I was at the local Canadian Tire I had the shit shocked out of me! There was an older lady at the parts counter so I hesitantly asked for 3 feet of 1/8 copper line....Oh gonna install an oil pressure guage are ya? Geez Louise she shocked me cause thats exactly what I wanted it for!!!!Your gonna need some of these too she said as she handed me a package of the fittings for both ends.Too bad she was only there to help set up the new store.....
  5. R&C Lee
    Joined: Jun 26, 2001
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    R&C Lee
    from SoCal

    You can almost see their head hurt when you tell them it's a `32 Ford with a `59 Chevy 283 hooked to a `39 Ford trans with a Mercury pressure plate
  6. cadillac dave
    Joined: Mar 17, 2006
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    cadillac dave

    oh i remember the days when our auto parts store workers were also at the drag strip on the weekends racing against us, and you could go in a gas station and get directions....napa is still very helpfull in my small town, we have another small parts store that actually knows what a parts book is and ended up using one when i went in to get a starter relay for my toyota box truck. the other stores said toyota never made a box truck because it wasn't listed in there computor. this little independant parts store took my relay, got out the books, handed me a chevrolet relay, and dam if it didn't fit and work.....and i had 20 of these in stock on my own shelf...but if its newer than the 1970's I don't know shit and don't want to learn... I am very lucky because my dad had a junk yard/auto parts store since the 1940's..he also was a auction junkie....when a store went out of business he would buy the obsolete i have a stash of new old stock , replacement parts, and 1950's late model wreck parts, setting on the shelfs,,,and the books to go with them....hell my didtributor caps even have copper contacts!!!!!! if you guys,,,and dolls,,, get stuck for something hard to find...[ now i don't have anything like n.o.s. 32 ford running boards for $25.00] ....but my email is i do travel alot and might not answer immediatly...but i might be able to help out with some very hard to find stuff. thanks CADILLAC DAVE
  7. 28rpu
    Joined: Mar 6, 2001
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    Get to know the NAPA wholesale guy in the back of the store. We've found them to be less stressed and more knowledgeable.
  8. The AutoZone by my house is pretty cool. A couple of the guys who work there have hotrods. There's pictures all over the walls of the customers cars. This older guy is the manager,and he knows his shit.
    In defense of the guys who work there. It's the computer format that causes all the stupid questions. They have to enter a bunch of info,to get to where they need to go. Now the Pep Boys by my house,is a different story. Bunch of dumbasses!
  9. The NAPA store here is good. And we have a couple of independents affiliated with "Bumper To Bumper" that know what they are doing. Mostly in the parts business to supply their own garage. O'Rilley's here bought out one of the locals and carried over the staff. That store is first rate. But the other two in town are so so. We have Advanced and Auto Zone here as well. But they don't get my trade. For the reasons stated above.
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