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Event Coverage Arlington reunion

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Vintage48, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Just a reminder for you Puget Sound area guys that the Arlington drag strip reunion and car show is next Saturday, Sept 14 and usually a cackle fest of sorts.
  2. bummer I'm heading over for the East vs West flathead run same weekend...
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    What are the unofficial events for Friday nite? Still burnouts and cruzing downtown? Or just the Longhorn, which works for me. We'll be there.
  4. Last information I got was No "sanctioned" events planned for Friday night.
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    Member unofficially raise hell. That's always the best way. Lol.:D
  6. Weather guy says its supposed to clear off and be nice today. I always forget about this event, but this time I grabbed an event poster early on so it was in front of my face when I was in my shop.

    This will be my first time ... should be fun. Ill be wearing my Bonneville 65th Anniversary Tshirt, say howdy if you see me.
  7. Well I didnt take any pictures. I did shoot one video. Lets see if I can remember how to link :) Go full screen and crank it up.

  8. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

  9. pontman
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    Still have wood from that. I was a little to the right of your shot. Nothing like the smell of NITRO!
  10. Pete1
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    from Wa.

    I wonder if anyone was there today that was at the first meet in I think it was 1949 or 50?
    Mine was the second car down the track that day.
    The timer was tripped by rubber hoses across the track then.
  11. 56sedandelivery
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    I went today, and got there a little late; they no longer charge for admission after about 1 or 2 PM. So, I made a donation to the Arlington Food Bank Booth opposite the Entry Booth. I've been to every one of the Reunions, except one (spaced out on that one), since they started having them. Sorry, no pics on my end. There were at least NINE TO TEN, "40's", Willys Coupes. Saw something new this year, two young ladies in BIKINI'S; I don't know who they were with/representing, but ALL eyes were on them! Again, no pics! The hang glider, engine driven, ultralights were up in force, since this is held at the Arlington Municipal Airport; the show must have been quite a view from their perspective. The condemned runway still just sits, baking away in the sun, and is only used by local police departments for pursuit practice, that the drag strip was on at one time. I'd sure like to see it put to some better use for us drag race types. It was overcast most of the day, but still hot/muggy. Lots of the same cars, lots of new ones, and some that should have been left at home (lowered mini-trucks on trailers). Good show overall. Butch/56sedandelivery.
  12. Its funny in the vid how the crowd sort of jumps whenever he gives it a hit. There were some nice cars and some crappy cars. I brought my camera but nothing really hit me hard enough to make me wanna unsling my camera. The two bikini girls looked out of place (no I'm not a eunuch lol) it was kinda odd.

    There were a lot of Willy's for sure. Those were my favorite car when I was a teen, and I came so close to buying a totally stock one back in the day ... it was in my grasp but just couldn't pull in enough coin (only a grand back then lol).
  13. FEDER
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    Talked to the Girls in the Bikinis. They were walking around until a group of older overweight Wives complained that they were innapropriate for a family type show.
    One of the promotors came over to them and asked them to stay close to the car they came in a Ferrari. GODDAMN THEY WERE HOT!! Nothing pisses off an old fat housewife more than seeing thier hubby get an immediate boner when for them it takes a lot of Viagra!!!
  14. john walker
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    john walker

    they were at the greenwood car show too and we got the same complaints from the same group. crikey, wouldn't want bottle fed children to see breasts.
  15. I wasnt complaining about em ... just seemed out of place. Didnt know they came in that Ferrari, that musta turned a few heads running down the freeway.

    I see your truck all the time in greenwood john walker, must be your shop. Ill have to stop in some time and check it out. Seen some cool rides sitting out there.
  16. Here they are.

    I was taken pics, they showed up, my camera somehow got pointed at the 2 ladies, enjoy!

    The cars were great. The red 38 Chevy coupe is mine.

    I taked to Jerry Ruth on Wednesday and he asked me to bring the coupe there. I was glad he did, it was a great show`.

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  17. nwbhotrod
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    from wash state

    Photos man we need Phots

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