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Projects Are Scallops Good or Are They Bad?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Weezy1930, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. 50Fraud
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  2. GearheadsQCE
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  3. 57JoeFoMoPar
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    Scallops are absolutely 100% traditional, to answer that part of your question. However, that doesn't mean they belong on or are appropriate on every old car. In my eyes, the overall design and build style of the car has to fit with the scallops, which generally speaking, is more of a late 50s and early 60s thing.

    Scallops just stuck on the side of a car generally look bad. 50s cars, especially late 50s, and 60s cars lend themselves well to scallops. Scallops usually have a harder line than other graphics such as flames, so the harder edges and body lines of the late 50s cars seem to work well. Earlier, more rounded cars, can often seem to fight a scallop with a curved body and straight line. The scallop layout should be done in a manner that accentuates body lines, and should not be used as a means of creating some kind of body line where there isn't one already.

    As it pertains to your car, I don't think the scallop works at all. For starters, the car is too short. The scallops only emphasize that. Also, there is no body line there for the scallop to follow, it might as well be a decal. In fact, the lines are actually in conflict. Notice the scallop itself leans forward in the front, but has a longer tail on top than on the bottom, essentially making a trapezoid shape. More glaringly, the line of the scallop is slanted inches away from a straight body line, being your your firewall.

    I do like the idea of incorporating a second color in the paint scheme, I just don't think that a scallop is the right way to go about it. Awesome car tho, for sure.
  4. 28TUDOR
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    Gearhead, that's what I call scallops. I like that style better than the long stripes on A's because they are so short.
  5. arkiehotrods
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  6. arkiehotrods
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  7. arkiehotrods
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  8. unkledaddy
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    C'mon, someone with Photoshop...................put some scallops on this coupe.
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    from alabama

    My vote is for this style.............these are killer[​IMG]
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    from alabama

    If you'll send me a good straight on side shot of your car in jpeg form...I'll draw you up some different styles so you can actually see them on your
  11. Bulletnose26
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    I think there have been some great examples shown.
    I did plenty of colored sketches, looking for the right layout, but I always came back to the first choice.
    I look forward to seeing what you decide to do.

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  12. ...I second this...
  13. hallrods
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    I like the number 32 and 35 only they look like they would flow better if they were up side down. Meaning the scallop was longer on the bottom than the top.
  14. Brand Apart
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    Brand Apart
    from Roswell GA

  15. Firecat7
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    ALWAYS.....use odd numbers, never evens. check out the professional renditions.;) have at it:D
  16. Bad Daddy
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    Bad Daddy

    I like the scallops on ol' Weezy. I also like the spider caps without the trim rings.
  17. Weezy1930
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    from OHIO

    I'll take you up on that Photoshop offer. Now I just need to get some good pics for you. I'd like to see her Photoshopped with both with conservative and wild scallops for ideas. A pinstripe picture too, if you would be so kind, as today I am leaning towards a mild black pinstripe scheme.

    Thanks to everyone here for all of your valued input. The opinions seem pretty strong in both directions regarding the scallops. I hope no one is disappointed should I choose to do something they lobbied against. But, hey, if we all agreed here on the perfect car, there would be one car called "hot rod" that we would all build. And that would be boring.:p
  18. Love the Coupe-De-CAB, I think these scallops looks sweet.
  19. I like them dipped in garlic butter.
  20. BucketHeadBart
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    from illinois

    ^^^^^^^^ WHat He SAID !!
  21. 65pacecar
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    from KY, AZ

    A little key lime salt then grilled and they are excellent

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  22. Cosmo49
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    My problem with the one you have is that it is the highest contrast black/white. When I look at your car my eye goes directly to the scallop tries to look away and goes right back. For me, much too distracting on an otherwise really nice car.
  23. Johnny V
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    Johnny V
    from Austin

    I think it looks bitchin! You nailed it. Dual tip scallops are my favorite. I would run em' for sure.
  24. We I started reading the thread my reply was going to be if it's your car do what you want but IMHO scallops look better on customs.

    Then I saw this and totally changed my mind. HRP

  25. Toast
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    from Jenks, OK

    I like thin scallops, but everyone has an opinion. Yous is the only one that counts
  26. Frank32
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    Just laid some down on my truck, works for me.....

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    Last edited: Mar 8, 2014
  27. I Love 'em!! (Look at my avatar)

    They are VERY Traditional! Here's a picture of an air-racer from the 1920's that had scallops.

    Also any number of Indianapolis 500 race cars were scalloped over the years.

    There is an interesting story on how they came about:
    The early air-racer airplanes (late 'teens and into the 1920's) used to leak a lot of fuel and oil. When they landed they were covered with streaks that followed the air flow patterns over the plane. People at that time had never seen the effects of air flowing over a surface at over 100 MPH before and were amazed at the patterns it made. Everybody thought it looked FAST....and began to paint all sorts of airplanes and race cars with these fast-looking streaks....or scallops.


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  28. 40FordGuy
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    The owner is the one who has to like 'em...

  29. JGMagoo- thanks for that tid bit, thats pretty cool.
  30. hiboyroadsterboy
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    from Mass

    I really don't see a problem with them.I kinda like them on mine.

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