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aftermarket heater?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by glendale, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. Is the mojave heater pretty much the only aftermarket one you can buy? I'm looking for some revues and maybe something that looks better. thanks
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  3. yekoms
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    This is my first post since signin' up.
    I'm lookin' into heater/defroster stuff also.
    I'll throw you some things that I found out about them. I didn't buy one yet I'm just figurin' things out under the dash area in my '34 coupe.
    I don't like the look of the Mojave. It gets even worse with the defroster.
    Vintage Air, Coyote Air, Southern Air and the rest of the Air places make them.
    They have a bunch of different features like: defrost,vacumn or electric water valve,remote or unit mounted switches,etc.
    I'm wantin' simple and hidden as much as can be. So what ever I end up with I'm goin' to use a manual ball valve,under the dash. I don't want the valve in the engine compartment. Goin' to hide the switch just under the dash or on the unit. I'm leanin' towards the Vintage Air Bi Level #50616VUH with out some of the wiz bang stuff that it comes with.
    Check 'em all out and let us know what you found out. 'Cause I still don't know what the hell I'm goin' to use.
    Have fun,Smokey
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  4. brownbagg
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    from grand bay

    just buy a heater core, anything, build you a box that you like add a squirrel cage and you done, about $75
  5. Brad54
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    from Atl Ga

    Don't know what your car is, or how your interior is laid out, but in the mid-'50s, Buick and Pontiac had an underseat heater assembly that blew warm air up through the seat, and also had ducts directing at the driver's feet, and across the floor to the passenger feet and rear seat area.
    It's a normal canister fan motor that mounted down in the floor, poking through the floor. The fan was inside a circular heater core, and moved the air around. The heater core had the nipples also going through the floor, with the lines run under the car to the engine.

    These were in addition to the normal heater on the car.

    Won't do squat for defrost, but that's what RainX is for.

    I'm going to install one under the front seat of my '62 Suburban.

  6. Fat Hack
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    Fat Hack
    from Detroit

    I have a Mojave heater in my car. I got the optional "plenum box" to go with it, and hooked the round outlet on the side to the stock defroster ducts, and the unit itself sits under the dash on top of the trans hump. It works GREAT, and throws enough heat so that I can drive my heap every day...even when it's 7 degrees out!!!

    I'm sold on the Mojave units...and will use one in my 58 as well!!!
  7. Mudslinger
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    IM looking at the Mojave for my F1 truck. The trucks small enough IM just buying the heater. I did a search and found a place selling it a few bucks cheaper than speedway.
  8. Ken Carvalho
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    Ken Carvalho

    I posted this in another topic similar to this one and didn't get a response so I figured maybe no one cared, but I'll throw it out again... Here are 2 options... First, not very traditional, but easily hideable. The heater/defrosters, in --Datsun-- pickups, (I got one from a 1972) have a one piece heater, defroster, core, fan, and control, all in one nice small unit. mountn it to the interior side of the firewall, run two hoses for hot water and mount or modify the controls and you are done!!! cost me $7.00, Next, I mounted in my '49 Chevy, An under dash A/C unit. Went to the Pull A Part, found an old 1960 something car that had an under dash Frigidare unit installed by the dealer back then, bought it for $5.00 mounted it under the dash of my '49 then removed the A/C freon lines and hooked up heater hose, and then had HEAT!!!! I made a hose mount to the side of the unit (which has outlets on it on the sides) and ran them up to the defroster ducts. Works great AND it looks like I have period correct A/C for my 50's style '49 Chev. Hope this helps...Ken
  9. abonecoupe31
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    from Michigan

    It's great that aftermarket heaters are available. Where I live, and with the cars I've driven, I've needed a heater more than AC....

    As for me, I run the old antique heaters...My 1928 Model A station wagon has an era correct HaDees Junior heater that I bought at the Holland Antique Auto Swap meet years back for $8...I added a new 12 volt fan motor that I got at ACI in Grand Rapids and a $3 water valve that I got at the Father's Day swap Meet at charlton park in Hastings. So I've got probably less than $40 in the whole thing.

    This sucker will take the fine hairs off the backs of your legs...

    And I've had an Arvin, a much more modern designed heater, in my 31 A coupe...that one has also worked well...
  10. slamdpup
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    i have the mojave heaters in my 39 chevy and in my 68 caddy...therrrrreeee really i love great
  11. Crusty Nut
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    Crusty Nut

    Vintage Air makes a pretty good heater unit with or without defrost. I have used a couple of them.

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