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AARRGG...Read the &$#! ad... Classifieds Blues

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Saxxon, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. It's damn near winter up here in Winnipeg so I figured now is the best time sell a set of snow tires and rims that are taking up space in my garage. Should be a simple thing to sell... Wrong !!

    I post the ad in the local Kijiji indicating the price, tire type, size, general condition and that they are mounted on 5 bolt steel rims and used on my PT Cruiser (and should be good for most Dodge / Chrysler)

    I get a pretty good response. The problem is the first few guys show up with:

    > 4 bolt pattern (twice)
    > An Accura whose bolt pattern was way too large (Apprently my fault)
    > A young couple who are angry the tires are already mounted on rims and that these same tires are 16's and won't fit their 17's.

    I add the bolt pattern size to the ad (5x100mm)

    Again a decent responce but once again, folks are not reading the add. Once again I get folks with 4 bolt patterns and other makes and models with different bolt pattern sizes. I'm ok with the fact not everyone knows the patterns come in different sizes so I show some patience with these folks. But then again, would it kill you to do a net search to confirm ??

    Ok... let's make the ad idiot proof. A quick search on the net and presto... I have a list of makes and models that these wheels / tires / bolt pattern will fit.

    The updated ad generates 3 immediate responces. Just to make sure they are on the right track I confirm what vehicle they are driving is on the list, they are 5 bolt pattern and aware these are mounted on steels. All 3 have shown up.

    1. Perfect match except he wasn't happy with my price ($400) he offered $100 for the set because (and I quote) "These are ugly steel wheels. I was hoping they would be customs" (???) I declined politely. He then proceded to describe all the faults and blemishes that would justify spending 1/7th of the "new" price. I tolerated this until I got too cold at which point I walked away.

    2. Again, perfect match, but the perspective buyer only wanted 2 of them (FWD) and was annoyed when I wouldn't seperate the set. I sent him on his way.

    3. 3 Perfect matches in a row. Still no sale... The buyer was disappointed that the tread pattern was less aggressive than he expected. He mumbled something about wasting his time and went away.

    Right about now I'm thinking I will wait for the 1st big snow storm then re-list the tires with a $200 increase and sell them to the 1st desperate person who calls. In the meantime I think I'll kill or maim the next jack-ass who wanders by and doesn't read the ad.
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  2. Put em on the Scout, and burn em to the cords... Won't make you any money, but might make you feel better.

    Your ad says they fit a Scout, right???:rolleyes::D
  3. I know exactly what you this town, if things aren't in mint shape and cheaper than free, good luck.....definitely not a seller's market.
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    I'm still trying to find the content that's
    1. applicable to here
    2. makes anyone else care.

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