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Art & Inspiration A cool roadside attraction!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Ron Funkhouser, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Can I have that 37 Chevy?
  2. I see the makings of a tail dragger in that car.

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  3. I can see a gasser or just a cool ride siting nice and low ;)
  4. Lil32
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    been there
  5. Lil32
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    Met Elvis in Williams DSCN2097.JPG
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  6. Elvis and Santa! At the same place, how Cool is that!;) Here's a neat roadside attraction. It's at North Pole Alaska. Built in the early 1950's. Thank's {Lil32}:rolleyes: lol[​IMG][​IMG]
  7. I posted this on the sitting and rotting thread. But I thought it fit here as well. My favorite roadside attractions, are one's not so famous. But are just Crazy Stuff I see along the roadside. :)[​IMG][​IMG]

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  8. 1930 Shell station Winston Salem NC. Went there yesterday.[​IMG]

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  9. edcodesign
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  10. CAHotRodBoy
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    Ethel's Cafe / Gas Station from end of Vanishing point. IMG_1346.JPG
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  11. steeltappet
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    from PA

    saw this Arizona a few years back, think it was near Jerome. az ufo_01.JPG
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  12. edcodesign
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  13. Ed, you win for the Craziest so far! :confused: Anyone have an wrench to fit this? The worlds largest NUT! It's in the parking lot of the Packer Fastener Co. 728 Lombard ave. Green Bay Wisconsin:eek:[​IMG]
  14. loudbang
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    And here everyone tells me "You are the largest nut in the World" :rolleyes: Guess they are mistaken.
  15. IT'S a nice Spring day today. So I took a little cruise. Does Anyone else have SPRING Fever? I saw these CHERRY BLOSSOMS TODAY.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  16. Latigo
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    image.jpg image.jpg Boot Hill. Tombstone Arizona. Road trip March 2018
  17. jnaki
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    If you have been living somewhere for 70+ years, you are bound to have experienced some very old things in the history of … For us, it was in the LA metropolitan area, including Long Beach, CA. So, for you young travelers, locals, visitors, here are three places that have the distinction of being the oldest and still remain, a classic roadside attraction.

    The oldest restaurant in densely populated Los Angeles is Philippe’s French Dipped Sandwiches. Sawdust floors, long counter seating, huge glass deli fixings, ceiling fans, etc. are all part of the mystique. Let alone, the ever popular roast beef, juice dipped, French roll sandwiches. You never know who will be standing in line leading up to the counter next to you. (movie actors, LA sports stars, local auto mechanic, a judge, teachers, etc.)

    From the time we were little (1949-98), this place was a mainstay in our LA journeys, driving or on the "Red Car" from Long Beach. It is still very crowded at lunch time anytime of the year. But, for us, it was Philippe’s for lunch take out and then attend the football games at the LA Coliseum. In recent times, add in car shows, concerts, museums, city hall, etc. and Philippe’s, that was/is the ticket.
    Philippe’s, founded in 1908, lays claim to being L.A.’s oldest restaurant.

    Oldest restaurant in Long Beach: Domenico’s of Belmont Shore (est. 1954),
    During the time we lived in Long Beach, this restaurant was very popular with the local teenage crowd. Families swarmed here too, but on any given night, there were flocks of teenagers having pizza, salads, and Cokes. When we were in high school, it was a weekly event to stop in Belmont Shore for a meal at Domenico’s on 2nd Street. The popular salad dressing was the best kept secret in all of Long Beach. Domenico's is still going strong, today.
    upload_2018-4-12_3-38-18.png original menu 1954

    But, the oldest saloon and now, considered a restaurant(in Long Beach) is Joe Jost Sandwiches . Joe Jost’s served food on Anaheim Street as long ago as 1924 but this place was considered a saloon not a restaurant. As founder, Jost wrote in a ledger after the end of Prohibition: “The future is beer.” It was large beers, pickled eggs and various snacks for a long time. Then they started making sandwiches and other food stuff to compliment the menu. The Polish Sausage Sandwiches were just the perfect combo for the large schooner of beer during the early college years.
    The long bar, wooden seating, billiards, all made for a fun place to be in Long Beach. But, it was the introduction of pickled eggs to compliment the cold beer that took off. Other local bars and restaurants had their own versions of pickled eggs, red, purple, yellow, orange, etc. But, Joe Jost’s pickled eggs had their own following.

    So, whether traveling, visiting or just hanging out in a cool roadside attraction, take in a little history with the three above, very cool places in Los Angeles and Long Beach.



    "But in 1920, Joe truly found his niche when he opened up a place of his own. Unknown to many the original Joe Jost’s was located on Main Street, Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. He sold candy, ice cream and cigarettes, along with other sundry items and Eastside Near Beer. For the gamesmen, billiards and poker were played in the back. In 1924, Joe sold his Balboa location and moved to Long Beach. He established Joe Jost’s on Anaheim Street as a combination barber shop/pool and poker emporium."
    upload_2018-4-12_3-41-48.png The Joe Jost Pickled egg kit:
    "The Joe Jost pickled egg kit is another thing, and it represents the pinnacle of humankind’s endeavors. Jost’s owner, Ken Buck, was working with a food scientist to figure out a way for people to make Joe Jost eggs anywhere anytime.
    (By far the biggest request I’ve had on the Internet is from people wanting me to ship our eggs,” Buck said. “But with the weight and the packaging to keep them cold and overnight shipping it would cost $50 just to ship them.)

    Working with a food scientist, Buck ran through about 10 versions of the recipe before he found the one that duplicates his own recipe. Buck started selling the kits, which consist of a 32-ounce jar with the Joe Jost’s logo and two packets of dry mix, enough for two batches of 10 eggs each. All you have to add are the hard boiled eggs and cider vinegar. The kits are only available online now at It’s perfect for your out-of-Long Beach friends and for your own earthquake preparedness kit."
    "When you’ve been a revered Long Beach institution for more than 80 years, you’re bound to collect a few newspaper stories, some mementos and other oddities along the way. Joe Jost’s has been the talk of town since the end of the old Prohibition days."
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  18. JNAKI, Thanks for the cool stories of your the California restaurants, you grew up with. :) { A STORY} As a kid I would ride my Hot Rodded bicycle to school. I met my friends at { The Virginia restaurant}. This was in the mid 60's. My lunch money that I had, was 35 cents. At that time you could a get small cherry Coke for a nickel. You could also get a small {home cut french fries} for 20 cents. That gave me a whole dime left, to buy 2 ice creams at school for lunch.;) lol I will try and stop by there, and take a photo of it { then and now }. But here is a photo of a diner that my parents liked, and took us to as kids. It's been abandoned for years. It's{ The Old Valley Diner } sad, :( Ron........ 869.jpg er} 870.jpg 760.jpg
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  19. {A Bump} Spring is here! Wake up the old Hot Rod, and take a Road Trip.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  20. jnaki
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    Hey Ron,

    When my wife and I were first going out, she called me a big nut. I was known to do odd things that no one could explain. Nowadays, she just says "he does his own thing." She and our granddaughter get a good laugh every time something odd happens and they look at me, just because... Ha!.

    Back in late 1966, we were first going out and just messing around like most twenty somethings do for fun. We found these huge concrete pipes all lined up in a neighborhood near the ocean. We found out that they were for the expansion of the drain dump into the ocean, about 4 miles out. The big pipes were getting ready to be transported just a couple of blocks to the ocean installation point.

    I wanted a photo of my red El Camino on the other side of the huge tube. (like, I was loading one in the back pickup bed) But, somehow, it did not work out. So, I asked her to step inside and pretend to be a model on a photo shoot. (The tricks we photographers do for a date...ha!)
    upload_2018-4-18_3-37-20.png 1966
    The photo came out well and I got an "A" in a college photography course for composition, back lighting, and a "shadow subject matter." The El Camino got lost in the shuffle. Also, thank goodness that the big concrete tube was too small for the local hordes of skateboarders…


    When I saw your photo of that huge NUT, this 52 year old photo just popped out at me for insertion. We may never get to Wisconsin, but, thanks for the inspiration of looking back at some old photos in our albums.
  21. So you’re saying you’re nuts

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  22. jnaki
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    Hey CF,
    As the old saying goes, "Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't..." But, I do like Mounds and Almond Joy candy bars when the need arises...Chocolate, the old age killer. HA!

    nUTs??? nahhhh! Strange, sometimes, but, not nuts. Being nuts...doesn't that come later on in life? There are a few more years before that happens...


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  23. 392
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    Great thread. Definately worth a daily check. Hopefully I can add to soon.
  24. ...Wisconsin truck stop...
    semi on a stick47.jpg
  25. {RUSTY1} Great Photo I like everything about your pickup! The stance, wheels and tires, and the cool patina paint. {JNAKI} I 'd like how you did the photo of your Wife inside the Big Nut! I probably should have PM you these pictures of my wife from back in 76. Other than 10 years and the opposite coast. We were a lot alike. We would take our long board to the beach. We hauled it, and slept in the back of our 68 El Camino too. The 60's and 70's were so much FUN !!!:) I wish I knew now to do some of my old photos like the one you did. THANK 's everyone for the cool post! O to be kids again! Ron...[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  26. Here's more recent pictures of the beach. The grandkids are now helping make a coupe with the sand. Most of my old photos at the beach have our 68 Vette or El Camino in them. So not so HAMB friendly. The beach is always my favorite roadside attraction.;) Ron....[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  27. Wheeliedave
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    Great pictures Ron ! The sixties certainly were a lot of fun !

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  28. jnaki
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    Hey Ron,

    We are all in an “Old Guy” classification. We have the time, but, some of the modern stuff just is not for us. One day, I tried the latest Photoshop and got stuck. Then I tried G.I.M.P. and was more successful. But, I have not used either of these photo programs in several years. The old draw, erase and color on drawing paper is easier for me. The simple art programs help, too.

    Sometimes, I can scan into the computer and add a shape or two. If you can cut a photo on your computer, you should be able to paste it over another in a simple painting program or Word Document.

    Those guys like “The Moose” have a skill that is envied everywhere and I certainly wish I could stick to a lesson or two. But, for some reason, I cannot get through the basic cut and paste portion without giving up.

    If you like reading tutorials, here is one from 2007 HAMB. It is long…so get ready. i could not get through the whole thing...

    One day, I watched my wife copy a photo, make a circle around the portion of what she liked, and then placed it over another photo in the exact place where it should have been in the first place. That is real "old school" Photoshop/GIMP…or in some circles, advanced scrapbooking. That seems pretty easy. I use a variety of photo tools to get as close to a “MOOSE quality” design as possible. But, currently, no Photoshop or GIMP. It may take longer, but again, those tutorials drive me nuts…

    Unless of course, MOOSE does the simple 5 step process for all of us. Using screenshots of the steps. Load the photo, select the simple…cut out what you want, select another photo paste in onto another photo, and save to files to be used later. We can worry, later, about layers or final shading, etc. But, as busy as he is we do not want to impose on his schedule…here and elsewhere.


    Results from my experiments:
    Photoshop is a little bit difficult to use, I hate reading tutorials…

    GIMP is easy to handle for all kinds of users, but experimenting is still a read of a tutorial. I never liked reading technical articles in Hot Rod, except for one article on building a Studebaker Coupe.

    If you are into photo programs, there a couple that can do some photo manipulating within the actual photo with similar results. We are not professional graphic designers and don’t make presentations to corporations, so a simple photo program might be the answer of a simple cut and paste.

    One example:

    Good Luck...
  29. I met a couple friends today, on my way there I stopped by the old Johnny Appleseed restaurant. Sadly it has closed. (61cad) posted a photo a while back of it. So I was glad to get a few pictures of it. And hopefully it will reopen again.:) Ron.... [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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