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Technical 66 Buick riviera ST400 yoke ???

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by therealjakeg, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. therealjakeg
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    I've got a '66 425 with the th400 or st400 whatever you want to call it. I need a yolk. Besides changing the rear tail shaft out and using a stock one does anyone know the specifics on these (larger OD?) and where can I get one. This entire package came out of a 1966 riviera. Thanks in advance for the help!! ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1437106425.314377.jpg
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    from Holly

    Been many years ago.. My old geezer brain seems to remember the first couple of years (65-66) of Buick 400 trans used the smaller 350/powerglide type yoke.

    Used a lot of nailheads back then. Used to be stacked like cordwood at the Flint, Mich. junkyards.. Only 300 plus horsepower engine that cost thirty five dollars (with exchange core). Had one in a 47 Merc, 26 "T", Studebaker Lark . Old Binder pickup and an Anglia panel.
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  3. therealjakeg
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    Thanks for the response, I have one of those and it looks different than what the Buick is calling for.
  4. The tail shaft housing and seal is the odd ball part there. The out put shaft should be the same as an cheby. The ID and splines should be the same, the OD of the yokes are different.
    Swap a Chevy tail shaft housing in, and any Chevy 400 slip yoke should work.

    Keep I'm Mind there are different length tailshafts and yokes, you'll need to match that up.
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  5. Lobucrod
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    Alliance Vendor

    31vicky is right. Put a short tail housing from a Chevy and use the Chevy yoke. In the past I have turned down a Chevy yoke to fit in the Buick tail housing when I didn't have a Chevy housing available.
  6. porknbeaner
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    my T400 had the oddball tail shaft housing on it, it is a chevy tranny and who knows why it was that way. Anyway I ended up switching to chevy tail shaft housing and running a standard T400 slip yolk. easy peezy.

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