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65 Malibu SS PCV puzzle

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by PJCnLV, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. PJCnLV
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    I purchased a very nice, frame on restored 65 Malibu SS that is going to make for a great driver. The car is stock and original except for:

    700r4, just did this.
    69 chevelle FDB, MC and PV
    Early 70's 4bolt 350 block. Unsure of the heads as I have not seen the casting numbers yet
    350 valve covers with side to side PCV flow
    OEM, late 60's Open element air cleaner
    Early 60's vette oil filler tube with pcv boss

    I want get the motor looking back to original as possible. I want to use the period correct 327 valve covers which do not have either breather or PCV valve accommodations. So, I need to improvise a bit here and would like to hear some suggestions.

    I can and plan to use a PCV valve in the vette oil filler tube for the vacuum side of the circuit to the carb base. But, where do I establish venting to the motor itself without the draft tube boss which was excluded a few years before this block was born?

    Thanks ahead for any help here.

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    from Bordertown

    Most guys here drill and tap and baffle the intake manifold back near the distributor for a PCV valve, and use a vented oil cap on the front oil fill tube. There is a few threads on how they did it, since I scored a 283, I stopped worring about
  3. jmpowie
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    Just dont run a pcv
  4. PJCnLV
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    Thanks Ander, I thought about reversing the flow as you describe. For that I need to understand what the car came with. This car was built at Fremont and sold new in Nevada. If sold in Kali, it would have had a PCV system. If sold anywhere else it may have had the breather cap and a draft tube. The Interwebs have not revealed the info needed that nails this down.

    The goal is originality with a few Era/Period performance parts. Long tube Hooker Headers as a sure buy.

    This car also has factory AC that works well, so that stays for my summer drives.

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  5. treb11
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  6. slowmotion
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  7. But no muscle cars...see Rule 4 here.
  8. slowmotion
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    I seen that, it's a line that can be a little fuzzy though, especially '65 and pre. If the man says no-go, cool. Regardless, I was just trying to clarify the rule is '65 & not '64.
  9. BLAKE
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    I just went thru it on the 327 in my '32... Edlebrock intake with 2 Carter 500's, and aluminum valve covers that I didn't want to cut up - I did this:

    L79 sealed oil fill tube with PCV boss
    PCV valve (AC Delco CV590C)
    PCV hooked to front carb (15" vacuum at idle)
    Grommet in the draft tube hole on back of block
    Plastic 90-degree PCV fitting into grommet
    12" of 5/8" heater hose attached to the 90-degree PCV fitting
    Brass in-carb fuel filter (WIX 33050) in open end of hose to keep crap outta the motor
    Just ran the open end of the heater hose to an 'airy' spot between the motor and firewall... outta sight.

    At idle, I measure 3" vacuum at the open end of that heater hose... fresh air being pulled into the motor. Seems to be working fine and kinda tidy looking.


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