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Art & Inspiration '49, '50 & '51 Ford's let's see yours

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Aug 2, 2018.

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  2. Modded 105E
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    Modded 105E

    Looks superb. More pictures please.
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  3. 50Fraud
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    Sorry, I just noticed this post. No, I don't have a paint code or even a name for the dash color. It was picked out of a generic paint color book, so it was something like "Brown #5".
  4. brokedownbiker
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  5. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

  6. F-ONE
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    from Alabama

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  7. eaglebeak
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    When you are moving your car make sure the rope is tied on better than this.
    Good thing the burn pile was there. It would have been a hard landing.
    Next stop was the pond. Very little damage to the lip under the trunk lid.

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  8. Sum54ford
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    from St. Louis

    My 1951 Ford Victoria kustom.
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  9. Chopp'd49
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    Mine - In progress. 1951 December fall day.jpg 1951.jpg
  10. Wheeliedave
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  11. Is that a Chevy grille? If so, what year? I like that it fits in with the end trim.
  12. My old 49 coupe...350/350 turbo, maverick 8"....cut down Olds coils, flipped spindle supports and rear blocks
  13. HRP has his for sale in the classifieds.... Too much rust....
  14. Rockys50ford07.JPG shuboxRockys.jpg I swapped my 41 Pontiac for this 50. Had a 350 crate motor/350 turbo and an O/T front suspension. Some guy named Scott from California bought it and painted it black/green flames
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  15. First day with my first car....50 Crestliner. Built a 255 Merc for it......April 18th, 1964
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  16. I bought this Vicky in the mid 80s. Flathead, 3 twos, 3 speed. I kept it for a few years and set it free. Rockys51vic.jpg
  17. Kiwi 4d
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    Kiwi 4d

    FF9C9F85-30A3-4867-9FBC-DD651E29514E.jpeg 497EB5B4-6542-4A64-AC25-2070D245E43F.jpeg F45606C9-0855-4E57-8827-F5BCD7C7861B.jpeg
    Wow I love this car of T&A flathead .So similar to how ours was supposed to look . But the shop that did the front end screwed up and got it too wide and we had to off set the rims inwards so we could even turn corners. So sadly we could not run same caps with spinners as you have , that was our plan all along . Think they were 56 lincoln, corrrect me if my memory fails please.
    The shop got total of 43 things wrong , then closed up . Otherwise it would be see you in court.
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  18. ..the only "shoe" I've ever owned, saved it from a slow death under some pine trees...sold it to become a parts car donor....I'd like to get another one someday.
    49 ford 001.jpg 49 ford 004.jpg 49 ford 007.jpg
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  19. T&A Flathead
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    T&A Flathead

    Thanks @Kiwi 4d It photos well
  20. JOFA
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  21. Sum54ford
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    from St. Louis

    Thanks yes it is a 1954 Chevy grill and I have it tied in to the stock parking light tops.
  22. Sum54ford
    Joined: May 24, 2012
    Posts: 106

    from St. Louis

  23. manyolcars
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