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Technical 39 transmision in model a

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Gasolinedeniz, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Hi Folks i have a 39 transmision in my 31 one coupe behind a 4 banger. At the moment i build a crossmember for my transmision mounts. Now i wonder if i should eliminate the original engine mounts on my bellhousing and should just use the front and the transmision mounts to keep my engien in place ?
    Pics of other cars with a similar configuration would be very welcome.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Barrelnose pickup
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    Barrelnose pickup

    If you have a standard front mount and a centered trans mount won’t the motor and trans just literally flop over?
    You would have to side mount your motor out from the frame rails I would’ve thought.
  3. alchemy
    Joined: Sep 27, 2002
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    32 Ford 4 cylinders were mounted with the front and rear mounts only. I've never seen one flopped over. Are the A front mounts much narrower than the 32's?
  4. Phil P
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    Phil P


    Stock its spring mounted in the

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  5. alchemy
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    Yeah, that would flop over. Maybe use a 32 front mount and modify the front crossmember to take the rubber biscuits.
  6. wheeldog57
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    Mmmmmm, that is a good question. . . I will be watching this.
  7. When I built my '29 banger w/ '38 trans, I used Float-A-Motor's (rear only) in the original location's. I didn't use a transmission mount.
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  8. ClarkH
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    This is essentially what I did. I have front and side float-a-motor mounts, and I then fabricated a copy of the float-a-motor mount for the rear that will work with a '39 universal (it bolts to the unviersal joint housing and has "lip" that engages with the foreward lower lip of the crossmember.) This prevents the back of the transmission from going downward. It still permits it to move up slightly.

    So to clarify: the rear float-a-motor mount is bolted to the transimission, but not the not crossmember. It has a lip that sits atop the lip on the crossmember, with a rubber bushing in between. The '39/V8 universal housing has a slightly different bolt pattern than a Model A housing, which is why I had to fabricate a copy rather than use the float-a-motor original.

    Below: mine left, original right


    Below: Installed, viewed from above
    trans-bracket installed.jpg
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  9. tha
    ts a smart idea, thx
  10. hardtimesainit
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    I've had Some pretty hot bangers in front of a '39 box ...for decades.
    Get a '32 front mount....two point and wide .... it mounts with 'V8 style donuts. VERY stable !
    For rear mounts Bell housing, float a motor is what I've used many hears...also with dojut rugger .
    For rear of trans to crossmember, the one shown just above my post VERY good with rubber cushions also..not donut. Ths mouunt is availanle thre / from same source as FAM.

    A wlways cut the ears off of my rear '39 mound, so no need for cross member mount and,,,,more room back there. Do as you please there.

    You can also fab a V8 style rig with donuts...for the bell housing areaa. I've seen guys do that and it looks bullet froof to me.
    Juet sent me lavorite banger of to a guy named FORD , in England....whaaah ! Already regreting....
    Ah well, I've got something , on the stand, a LOT more powerful than any I'v ever built
  11. rusty valley
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    rusty valley

    the weak point in a model A frame is where the rear motor mount and side mount spare holes are. pretty much all frames have a sag there. i would assume the v8 trans is at least a little heavier, so i would beef that up and/or add the rear trans mount
  12. TBone69
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    from NJ

    I'm running an early front cross member and front timing cover so the banger bolts directly to the cross member. Using the normal rear mounts on the flywheel cover though I fixed the egged out holes in the frame and used new rubber and bushings. She's still a work in progress and has no run time yet.
  13. Model A Gomez
    Joined: Aug 26, 2006
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    Model A Gomez

    I had the same set up in my 30 pickup and also used the stock front mount and the Float-A-Motor on the bellhousing with no problems. There is no need for an added rear crossmember if you still have the Model A rear mounts.
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  14. Okay i went back and forwards how to do it and dcided to build a new crossmember. Maybe it steffens the whole car a little bit up. My main problem was that the enginse was way to deep and so the pivot point af my wishbones was maybe only 3 inches of the road and of course under the scrubline :-( Now i build new engine mounts. i raised the engine already probably about 4 2-3 inches :) Now new probs showed up :-( I also have to raise the floor and the crapy original gas pedal has no space left. I keep you updated guys. Anyone maybe have pics how he attached the wishbones to the 39 trans ?

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