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Technical 34 Commercial grill on 28/29 Ford

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Retson the Racer, Sep 2, 2021.

  1. Does anyone have pictures of 1928/1929 Model A's with a 32-34 commercial grills?
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  2. JimSibley
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    I have done it. They look a little big, but really not a bad look. I will try and dig out some pics when i get off of work.
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  3. sloppy jalopies
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    sloppy jalopies

    yea and a re-pop '32 car grill and shell is going for about $225.00 ...
    smaller than the comms... sorry no pix...
  4. Rand Man
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    Rand Man

    I like the look on fenderless. Should we assume you are running full fenders?

  5. I like the 32 commercial grill on a hot rod.They are about the size of a model A shell.Repos are.......800 bucks!. the 33-34 is deeper so it makes the front look heavier to me.
  6. ModelARon
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    I am told this is a 32 commercial grill. It came with my car that i am rebuilding. A 1930 Model A IMG_3657.jpeg 63832110725__3304581D-1287-4341-8FCB-3987217A9B05.jpeg IMG_3134.jpeg
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  7. Squablow
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    32, 33, and 34 commercial grilles are all different, the heights are all the same but the depths are different. '32 has the same depth as the passenger car ones and then the 33 and 34 are deeper, with the 33 being at a slight angle I believe.

    My T has a '32 commercial with a '34 commercial stainless band wrestled into place. I like it, and a lot of early rods from the period also used them.


    Some say a full height grille is too much on the front of a T and that they should be cut down but I disagree.

    Here's a chopped one, although I do like the look of this car.


    I think this one is '34 truck, notice the deeper sides and the stainless band insert.


    Here's an A like yours that uses a 32 truck grille.

  8. Squablow
    Joined: Apr 26, 2005
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    The 32 commercial shell is identical in size to a '32 car grille, just that the bars are stamped into the shell in one big piece instead of a separate insert. You could cut down the depth of a 33-34 shell to 32 size by taking a vertical strip out and welding it back together.

    The best part of a '32 commercial shell was up until a few years ago they had never been reproduced, so if you had one, you had a real one. Unfortunately now that is no longer the case. Although it seems to have brought the prices way down for people who are shopping for originals today.
  9. alchemy
    Joined: Sep 27, 2002
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    The reason the original 32 commercial shell prices are dropping is because the only ones left for sale are rotten condition. All the good ones are installed already. And now anybody can buy a brand new one for the same price as a rotten one cost two years ago.
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  10. only really difference between 33 and 34 commercial grilles is the trim ring. 33's did not have it and 34s did. They both are at a slight angle in terms of the how the bars are but the area where it meets the hood is vertical, thats why they are deeper mainly.

    As stated by others, easy way to tell a 32 commercial vs a passenger grille is the insert. 33/34s are easy to spot based on the sides, then have to look for the trim holes for a 34 shell vs a 33.
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  11. Sometimes I learn stuff - thanks !
  12. M42
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  13. Baul Black
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    Baul Black

    I´ve done this recently on my ´28 Roadster:

    Attached Files:

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  14. Those two cars have '32 passenger car grilles.

    The bullnose at the top is stamped differently between '33 and '34 due to the difference radiator cap and Ford emblem ornamentation used.
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  15. Yep! Full fendered!
  16. I really like that 32 Truck grill. Ideally I'd like to be single color, paint matched to the body.
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  17. That is bitchin! Mind posting more photos?
  18. that goes with the trim ring as well. its designed to cap it on a 34 shell
  19. A Boner
    Joined: Dec 25, 2004
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    A Boner

    Nice example here! (Stole pic from 3WLarry Black on Black on Black thread)
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  20. B.J. Burkdoll's 31 coupe with 32 commercial shell, looks good to me.

    DSCF4263 (Copy).JPG
  21. what mods did you have to do?
  22. This is my buddies 30 20210903_141159.jpg
  23. I'll see him at club meeting Tuesday. I'll ask him.

  24. I have to respectfully disagree. 33 and 34 are completely different from each other.
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  25. Okay, but I have a original 33 shell on my 33 pickup (has only had the bull nose and cap filled in) and then an original 34 shell in the garage right now. I had the 34 shell next to my 33 and could not find any visual differences other than the holes for trim ring. There could be some tiny stamping differences, but even at 2 feet away they both look the same. Unless you were talking about the Passenger car grille then yeah those are night and day different.
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  26. clem
    Joined: Dec 20, 2006
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    Please elaborate……….
    We obviously still have more to learn……thanks !
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  27. dumprat
    Joined: Dec 27, 2006
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    from b.c.

    The 33 truck shell doesn't have a bullnose. Only a small stamped area for the emblem.
    34 has a stainless trim and an raised stamping for the bullnose to sit on.
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  28. alchemy
    Joined: Sep 27, 2002
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    Taboo's filled 33 truck shell would look exactly like a filled 34 shell except for the stainless inner trim. All the evidence has been removed.
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  29. Besides the trim and bull nose. The 34 shell is several inches deeper than the 33. It should be very noticeable. It sounds like you have two 33 grills. Not a 33 and 34.

    And I know this because I have a 33 and a 34 BB.
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  30. 32's are narrower, but 33 and 34's are the same depth, due to the hood being the same along with the frames (as pick ups used the same frames as a passenger car)

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