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Technical '33 ford grille -'34 ford grille,How do tell them apart

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 2345.coupe, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. falcongeorge
    Joined: Aug 26, 2010
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    from BC

    sad but true...
  2. Another question for this post. How do you tell the difference between a repo 34 grill and an original?
  3. alchemy
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    The Drake repro 34's are really nice. I've never had one right next to an original, but when they are on the car it's probably undetectable from real. Of course if the original has rust pits, I think that would be a good indicator of age.

    Many originals, when rechromed, lose the sharper edges on the bars and flange. Repolishing will do that. The repro grilles probably look like an original that's never been repolished and rechromed (good luck finding one of those).
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  4. Blake 27
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    Blake 27

    33 grill and hood sides compared to 34s DSC06294.JPG DSC06293.JPG HPIM0357-1.JPG
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  5. Tjcezar
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    Found this in my barn along with some other items. Any idea of the model that had the emblem placed in that spot ? So far I think this is a 33. Any help?

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  6. pitman
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    Believe the '34 went back, to a pair of side panel latches. Where the '33 had linkage from the ctr. handle.
  7. looking top down, the 33 grille is flatter than a 34. the 34 has more "V" shape to it. Its why the whole hood is different on a 33 other than just side panels. As posted earlier the hood latches are different between the two. Even the louvers on the hood sides are different.
  8. rusty valley
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    rusty valley

    its a 33. nice one too
  9. John Starr
    Joined: Sep 14, 2016
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    John Starr

    I think 33's are more elegant, but aesthetically they are less forgiving of imperfections than a '34. For me at least, with even slight imperfections in the 33's grill rungs it starts to trick your eye into thinking the grill swoop is just a dent -- like fender bender damage, not the otherwise elegant, intentionally bent design.
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  10. That’s a pretty damn neat thing to find.
  11. Everyone sees the same things differently.
    When I look at them from top down I see the 34 as dead flat on both sides with a distinct straight peak down the center. You could fold a piece of flat cardboard and land it on all the bars.

    The 33 from top down, the bars have a curve to them and each bar is semi concentric to the next. You could not land flat cardboard touching on all the bars. You’d need compound curved cardboard
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  12. flamedabone
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    Your grille is in fact a '33 and the little emblem is removable so you can put it anywhere you want. Welcome to the HAMB.

  13. My mother adorning the fender of a '33 coupe about 1947 or '48.

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    You got all your grille answers, but opinions vary on which is better and to me 33, period, end of story. the hood sides with their curves and the slender sloping grille are very artistic. The 33 Victoria is flat out sexy compared to a 34 which has an almost eerie similarity to a 35 flat back tudor. 34 closed cars have that metal channel to let the window go back 1st before it drops and that channel really stands out on a light colored car. After getting all warm and cuddly while embracing the features of the 33 vs the 34 the latter seems almost utilitarian in nature. As I started at the beginning it's my opinion. On an open hood fenderless hot rod the grille could just be a matter of choice.

    33 victoria:
    34 victoria
    35 tudor.

    See what I mean? I also like the 33 engine turned gauge panel better.
  15. rusty valley
    Joined: Oct 25, 2014
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    rusty valley

    lets see the other parts. got a dusty rotten old roadster body up in the rafters? i will haul that away, no charge of coarse.

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