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1964 Chrysler technical questions

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by XxStrait-EdgexX, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. I recently picked up a 64 Chrysler Newport and I'm trying to get a few things sorted out on it. My temp and gas gauges dont work; the temp gauge has no wires going to it at all, and the gas gauge has one wire going to it that is coming off of a cylinder on the speedo (this wire has power to it). My first question is, should the other terminal on the gas gauge go to the tank sender, and should the terminal have power without a wire going to it? (it doesn't) question two is, where should the temp sender wires be coming into the interior at?? I have no loose wires under the dash but there are wires under the hood. Stupid long-winded questions but it is what it is.

    Thanks guys.
  2. R Pope
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    R Pope

    I suggest you find a service manual with a wiring diagram in it.
    The cylinder you mention is probably a resistor for the gauges. If there is no power to the gas gauge, that resistor could be shot.
    There's a bulkhead connector in the firewall that all the gauge wires come from.
  3. I do get power from the resistor, but not from the terminal on the other side of the gauge.
  4. Buford
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    Decades ago I fixed a non working fuel gauge on a '63 Chrysler. The problem was a break in the printed circuit on the back of the gauge cluster. I simply bridged the break with a stand of copper wire gently soldered. Worked GREAT! Good luck!

  5. 4-pot
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    The first thing to check on the fuel gauge is the ground strap used to bridge the hose at the sender. That strap is the only ground the sender has and without it you will have no reading.
  6. Thanks for that bit of info. I'll do that as soon as I can get her in the air. I'm pretty sure that the gauge isn't reading because the sender wire isn't even attached to the gauge... The only wire I have goes to the speedo.
  7. Big Bad Dad
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    Big Bad Dad

    May not be any wires going to the gauge. Most Mopars use a printed circuit board and the nuts on the gauge backs make the connection to it. The gas gauge and temp gauge are powered through a voltage limiter that drops the 12 volts down to about 5 volts. It is a rectangular aluminum colored little box that plugs into the back of the gauge cluster. If both gauges are not working, I would replace this limiter first.;)
  8. That wold explain why there's not any extra wires hanging around. Any idea what the actual name of this contraption is so I can look for one???
  9. tommyd
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    from South Indy

    Constant Voltage Regulator
  10. Ok, I bought one. I have the gauge pod pulled away from the dash.... I don't see anything like what I bought not the gauges or pod. Is it somewhere else under the dash??
  11. I tried uploading pics but my phone won't let me..... Would a missing nut on the back of the temp gauge keep it from working??? I notice that the nut would tie the gauge into the circuit board.....
  12. Does anyone know where the voltage regulator is under the dash on a 64 chrysler??? I cant find it for the life of me.... everything i read says it should be on the gauge cluster..... Im thinking it may be built into the gauge....

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