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Technical 1959 Cadillac Brake Drums

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by CadillacBob, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. CadillacBob
    Joined: Jul 12, 2009
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    Anyone have a source for these drums?

    Bought Centric 123.62002 and they appear to be for commercial chassis. They are 5" deep, instead of 3ish... maybe 3.5".

    Mine are rusted to the front hubs. Just got a puller and removed one... not without distorting it. My aim is to replace all four, but all the drums I find seem to have the same dimensions as these monsters I received.

    Any help would get this rig back on the street!

    Thanks guys.


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  2. irishsteve
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    A lot of front drums wont come off because the wheel studs are swaged so they act like a rivet.Look at the base you may be able to see the increased size.Back in the day there was a cutter that shops used to remove it so the drum would come off. Go around the base of the stud with a cut off wheel a bit,and that drum should come easier.
  3. clunker
    Joined: Feb 23, 2011
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    from Boston MA

    You can call and talk to a human being who will make sure you are ordering the right parts. They cost $100 per drum or $339 when you buy all 4. 1957-59.

    The interweb will try to tell you 1959-1988 are all the same, but they are not.

    Keep in mind that 59 brakes are not self adjusting. You’ll have to periodically adjust them yourself. No big deal, probably even a good idea. They switched to self adjusting brakes in 1960. (You could use 60 hardware on your 59 for self adjusting brakes)

    Also if you ever need to replace the master, think about a ‘67 Cad, nearly a bolt in and it has dual pots.

    Best place, bar none, to get good info on your Cad is:

    Either sign up or google search adding “lasalle club”.

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  4. CadillacBob
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    Thank you so much, for the detailed and very helpful post.

    I'll give Kanter a call, today :)

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