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Projects 1957 F100 spring project

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Chris, Mar 14, 2020.

  1. Last fall I purchased this 57 F100 down near Sacramento. A guy down there knew I was into these and asked me if I knew anyone looking for one. The price was right and it looked very dry, so I jumped in with both feet. I had a friend coming up here and he offered to bring it up, so late October it showed up.

    the seller was pretty dang honest and once I got it, I verified that it is truly a rust free truck. Being a 57, short bed and a Custom Cab make it kind of the more sought after of the 57-60 trucks.

    9D06FBFC-36FE-4474-B17B-A4832003DBDC.jpeg 4B26E47C-B4CA-443C-9205-9F1D9D0D2647.jpeg 29D55145-5BBA-4461-8052-04019D553F6F.jpeg 2B8E7584-E42C-42C1-B324-72017D900283.jpeg
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    Very nice! What’s it got for motivation
  4. Fall soon turned to winter, and the truck sat. It did give me time to look it over. In the truck came a lot of paperwork, showing a lot of work had been done prior to me buying it. All new window and door seals, window fuzzies, tune up parts, brakes, gas tank ext. Even the gauges had all been rebuilt. The truck runs and drives well, but the water pump was leaking pretty bad and the transmission clunks really bad in 1st and reverse. I did pick up a set of whitewalls I put on it just to get it looking a little better, Along with a near mint 57 V8 grill I picked up.

    1413812D-DAF6-4903-8574-39A0EE1B64EA.jpeg 982D266D-9BBC-43D3-9754-23953BF1EB5C.jpeg 2C5BE384-B78B-46C0-955E-C6B339A96395.jpeg 4EC29744-A7E0-436B-9888-24888EFE50E4.jpeg
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    Dig it!!
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  7. A few weeks ago it was like 60 degrees here, and I decided to really dive into the truck so I have a sprig cruiser. I already had a Sids dropped axle, reverse eye springs and Sids parts to lower the back. I started at the front and pulled the front end out from under it, all with the steering box as I was sure it needed attention

    3B5A7810-5C75-4D36-91F4-A68A5E3726FC.jpeg 14A6E7C6-7DF5-49BD-86C8-389AAC6937F1.jpeg 9FAC25B2-908F-443A-B7C3-A06D45D56498.jpeg 0875EE24-ACE2-4F5B-9EF6-8297A435563E.jpeg A29065BA-249A-4CD0-BAE2-39240051C2B1.jpeg DE683A27-F230-4D02-86E4-BC6BA38DF4B8.jpeg C24FAF98-49D3-492A-8ECF-8C4B15ACCE83.jpeg
  8. The worm gear was toast in the box, so I ordered a new worm already pressed on a shaft and got he box rebuilt. I have been looking for a 57 “deluxe” chrome accessory bumper for a long time for this truck, and finally snagged one. I got it mounted too.

    A929722E-9B92-49B1-B7A9-838DA570E137.jpeg 643D1E93-DE14-4C72-8D22-EE975AFDFACC.jpeg 9EA9844D-0527-4232-BBDE-BCDAB373418C.jpeg
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  9. I got the front end loosely mocked up and discovered the steering arm needed no modifying for front end geometry

    BE7F5D8B-2FF4-42AB-B1F4-311BBDE557AC.jpeg FBFF376F-ACFB-431B-A7FE-16562C421160.jpeg EF5D9AF3-FE28-4F54-8269-534ADE155769.jpeg
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  10. Sluck
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    Good looking truck! Long way to go on mine, looks like you are starting from a good place. C21959A2-1D57-4E4A-9417-48F50B5C9CEC.jpeg
  11. So I moved to the back. Using the stock springs, Sids sells modified front hangers and longer shackles for the rear of the spring. You have to pop 4 rivets out of each side and bolt the new hangers on. The spring bushings and bolts were nice and tight on the rear springs so I did not replace them.
    957234DD-27AA-4755-8275-B213DB99A2B1.jpeg 7FD86732-D38D-4475-94B1-85F2ACC2ABEF.jpeg
  12. Mocked a 7.00 16 and a 6.00 16 on it and stood back....the front end needs to come down another inch or so, so a call to Sid and I ordered a set of Posie Dual Flex front springs. They should be here hopefully next week.
    350FD529-EE91-4E7F-A3DB-F1D7C3FF9891.jpeg 8FA4C5A5-DC56-4F19-906F-A9F132F3D337.jpeg
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  13. Keeping momentum going, I gutted the interior and scrapped, wire wheeled and washed the inside. I removed the cowl bent flaps and hosed out the pockets behind them. I’m trying to make his thing as clean as I can, so no dust and dirt are stirring around. The original Inca Fold paint inside was badly faded and discolored, very gray-ish. A little or and polish and t came back pretty good. I brushed a little POR15 on e front floors and sent the seat and door/kick panels to my upholsterer
    BA112AE7-DF2A-457E-B284-DDBBFA213B3B.jpeg 05F38893-91A9-4141-8631-4CBAABE5A191.jpeg D5BE6F2E-7C89-4669-A57D-0E326AF5025A.jpeg B3F6577F-21BC-48DC-A10E-DCE0A28BEE0A.jpeg 59F73690-E62A-4FA6-8722-FE892B3DF8A1.jpeg A2139CDB-E6E3-4CC2-B462-FB1DE00E2AC8.jpeg
  14. I also picked up a spare trans at a junk yard last fall, and thought this was the perfect time to swap that. So I dug it out, popped it apart and ordered a few new parts. Cleaned it and put it together, and installed in the truck.
    F339D4AC-C40A-429A-BB6D-06F8B8061D8F.jpeg F80CB2A3-DB0E-4B4E-9BC0-DE9D2A9AD218.jpeg FF0519C3-9721-4F12-9D81-D3932A975793.jpeg
  15. And here we are today. Winter is back but not for long. If you stick around, we will see what she looks like over the next couple months. Gonna get the stance dialed in, interior spiffed up and decide on wheel color. Splash of chrome and we’ll have a beater truck for his years cruising

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  16. Tall t 26
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    Tall t 26

    Very nice truck. Looking good.
    Thanks for sharing!
  17. 40FORDPU
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    from Yelm, Wa
    1. Northwest HAMBers

    Nice project, cleaned up well.
    Black wheels would be my choice..yeah, I know you didn't ask.
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  18. no, I mentioned it to get ideas. Black or body color is kind of my first two choices, unless something else comes to mind
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  19. bone stock 223 6 cyl. I will eventually swap in a 292 I have, but that’s a little down the road
  20. RmK57
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    I'm jealous! Beautiful looking truck you got there. Kinda looking for a 57-60 myself, but have to sell my Bronco first.
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  21. Stogy
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    You have a magic touch with these Ole Patients @Chris...I vote for Black Rims and the www's look awesome to...And Ooooh that Dry State Metal is just incredible...Thanks for sharing your adventures...they are always inspirational...
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  22. LM14
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    from Iowa

    Nice truck. Had one several years ago that I really kind of miss. Mine had most of the rust options installed (steps, cab mounts, floor, front fenders, rockers, core support, inner fenders....almost one each for rust repair). Yours is a great looking start.

    SlickStockIV109.jpg SlickStockIV110.jpg SlickStockIV111.jpg
  23. manyolcars
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    I need some headlight buckets for a 57. Anyone?
  24. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

    Great truck - doing good
  25. AVater
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    1. Connecticut HAMB'ers

    Love the look of your truck! IMHO, 1957 was the best looking of that design series. Nice work.
  26. This weekend was cold and snowy so did t get a lot done. I painted my steering column and got it and the steering box installed. Still need to refinish the wheel. Also, it has a new gas tank in it, but the previous owner painted it an ugly yellow...used some stripper and got it looking better


    68AF2E2A-D593-411E-882C-A7ED630DE8AC.jpeg 939D44A5-A18E-4351-A13D-F21BB84F0067.jpeg
    6336E17D-7C2C-45E5-A814-105FD433FA33.jpeg 224F38D4-F721-48AC-A421-3C4793AC5916.jpeg
  27. Bandit Billy
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    Bandit Billy

    Nice Chris! Black wheels with a little chrome? Rings? Spiders? Really a solid looking truck.
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  28. Stogy
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    Chris that may have been an Aviation Primer but it looks to have been flaking off anyway...I'm assuming from a visual and it may have in fact been spray paint from Wally looks really clean so whatever ugly it was it did its job...;)

    :rolleyes:...I just noticed the Traffic Jam in the background...even some Hotrod's in the mix...:)
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  29. truck for sure,...maybe a machinery grey for the wheels...
    cokers 7-30-16 007.jpg cokers 7-30-16 011.jpg
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