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Projects 1931 Model AV8 Coupe, first try

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Willows, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. cederholm
    Joined: May 6, 2006
    Posts: 1,515


    WOW! Awesome fabrication.

    ~ Carl
  2. Felix 40
    Joined: Nov 20, 2011
    Posts: 100

    Felix 40
    from Wisconsin

    Very nice work! your pictures are great , your modifications look well thought out. You're gonna have a nice car!
  3. Willows
    Joined: Apr 12, 2016
    Posts: 20


    Thanks fellas, appreciate it.

    I picked up a insert and shell. the insert had a bunch of bars missing but i had a handfull of bent and twisted bars, to straighten them i put a saw in a vice and hammered them back to straight over the blade.

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  4. pumpman
    Joined: Dec 6, 2010
    Posts: 2,493


    Good stuff, great work and skills. Will be following.
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  5. Willows
    Joined: Apr 12, 2016
    Posts: 20


    Steering wheel work - got a little ahead of myself on this but wanted to restore my banjo steering wheel, lot of cracks and chips and dryed out.
    IMG_5599.jpg IMG_5598.jpg
    first I wanted to make it fit my steering, so I milled out the keyed center then machined out the center with the right spline from a junk wheel, then pressed it in.
    IMG_5593.jpg IMG_5594.jpg IMG_5596.jpg
    Then I made a plate to weld the bushing too - the center of the wheel is aluminium.
    then made a cap
    I then wanted to restore the wheel so I first fixed the wheel rim with bondo and sanded it all smooth. then I made a mold from it using silicone.
    IMG_5656.jpg IMG_5659.jpg IMG_5762.jpg IMG_5684.jpg

    the mold is in two halves - first using a clay type putty you build it up around half the wheel. cover it in mold release spray and pour in the silicone, after it drys you pull off all the clay then spray mold release again anmd pour the second half. You end up with a void that you fill with a two part resin that when cures, is super strong but flexible. I have made a bunch of wheels as practice - its really hard to get it to vent right and you only have about 30 seconds of work time after you have dyed and mixed the resin. I have not removed all the old wheel down to the steel insert as im a little scared and wanna get it right first time! this was a lot of effort and maybe should of just bought a good wheel! but at least if I get this down I can buy the cheaper bad wheels and fix them. fingers crossed!


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  6. Willows
    Joined: Apr 12, 2016
    Posts: 20


    Also got a visitor in the shop! scared the shit outta me IMG_7018 (1).jpg
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  7. Willows
    Joined: Apr 12, 2016
    Posts: 20


    Oh and I made this buffing wheel from an old motor I acquired. gonna need this as the steering wheels come out a little dull

    IMG_7073.jpg IMG_7073.jpg

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    Joined: Aug 26, 2012
    Posts: 214


    looks like the chicken found a coupe!
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  9. hfh
    Joined: Oct 22, 2012
    Posts: 198

    from Western MA

    Thanks for sharing all the details of your project. I really liked seeing the pictures of your banjo wheel reconstruction.
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  10. 54reno
    Joined: Dec 4, 2009
    Posts: 108


  11. oldbanger71
    Joined: Nov 18, 2008
    Posts: 124


    Nice job on the steering wheel, please keep the details of your effort comming, will follow with grate interest. Thanks for sharing.
  12. sloppy jalopies
    Joined: Jun 29, 2015
    Posts: 2,917

    sloppy jalopies

    I made up a banjo wheel 20 years ago... I cut off the spokes, built a fire in an old steel tub..
    I melted the rubber off a small ford sportie car [EXP. ?] … the inner steel wheel was made of an extruded X, bent round...
    the spokes fit into the angle in the x, tacked them in, wrapped the wheel in duct tape as the tape gets sticky on both sides with time...
    electrical taped around 1/2" of the spoke's outer ends with the tape ends ending on the wheel not spokes... then added [2] steering wheel wraps...
    cut, ground the banjo's under side hub till the base fit my speedway removable hub...
    now the steering wheel can be stowed / locked in the trunk as a little theft protection...
    after pix if it matters...
    had the boys in the tool room turn down the outer edge of a '35 closed car horn button so it fit in the banjo's hub... my $0.02.
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  13. h.i.
    Joined: Jan 29, 2007
    Posts: 407

    from denver

    Looking really good mate. Love the details on the chassis. Nice work. Have to have a visit soon.

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  14. Kiwi 4d
    Joined: Sep 16, 2006
    Posts: 2,442

    Kiwi 4d

    Golly gosh @Willows and you say this is your first time in the hot rod saddle. Man this is one smooth build. The kind of build that will surely inspire others to get out in the shed a do it.
    As said your skills are awesome even though you say you are a machinist ,you have bumped it to the next level.
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  15. grdra1
    Joined: May 20, 2013
    Posts: 200


    Awesome +++, what amazing skills and attention to detail you have. Glen
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  16. AMAZING!!
    Not only do you have the ability to conjure up the designs, you possess the mad skills to execute them.
    I've wasted a lifetime!
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  17. redoxide
    Joined: Jul 7, 2002
    Posts: 403

    from Scotland

    proper hot rod :) really imaginative ideas, its going to be an amazing car .
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  18. Willows
    Joined: Apr 12, 2016
    Posts: 20


    Thank you for the compliments guys, really helps keeping me motivated. Which it feels like as though lately i have been lacking. its been very cold here in denver for the last few weeks and i have no heating in my shop so its almost unbearable. So not much progress to report:
    I started to box the frame. Then plasma cutter crapped out, it apparently doesnt like the cold either. Luckily it was still under warranty and is being repaired.
    The good news is that i picked up a cheap banjo (deluxe too!) at the tri state swop meet a few weekends ago. The start of the steering wheel empire has begun!

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