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1 owner 1961 F100, 18,000 miles

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by Chris, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. I know this doesn’t really belong on the Hamb, but I know a lot of guys appreciate stuff like this.

    This past weekend I purchased a 1961 Ford F-100 4x4. It is a one owner truck and had 18,957 miles on it. It was sold new at the Ford dealership in the town of Waterville WA. A farmer bought it and his farm is about 5 miles out of town. He used it very sparingly obviously, and he passed away last year. I live about 150 miles away and was driving through heading to a swap meet and wanted to look at it. I honestly expected a well used truck that probably had 118,000 or 218,000 miles on it. When I saw it, it was obvious that is is an extremely nice truck that has been stored correctly and used very little. I have never owned an original car or truck anywhere near this nice. We headed to the swap meet and I didn’t get any sleep that night thinking about that truck.

    I decided to look at it again on the way home. My dad gave me some encouraging words once back at the truck about how special it is, and I decided that I wanted to own it. The best part is, of the many cars and trucks I have owned, I have never bought one out of town and drove it home. Ever. And I have always wanted to. So I hopped in it with my dad next to me and I got to drive that thing home. My friend Garrett drove my other pickup that we went to the swap meet in. We stopped by the old dealership where it was sold new and took some photos. We watched it roll 19,000 miles. It runs and drives as good as it looks. Its ruined me, everything I have now is junk compared to this thing.

    AF99A31B-DCB5-4F04-82F7-61DAB5C366D9.jpeg D6E8B1A4-8A12-45D1-97EF-138C9BBD1AB8.jpeg 4868BE85-AE2B-4812-B307-6A21A4C80A80.jpeg 7B92091E-91D9-4584-AE61-4EB394B626F0.jpeg 8F5A49B3-5969-48AF-87F3-8340B5548347.jpeg 228C61B0-A995-408D-A22A-ED4CA7808FBB.jpeg EC724B02-DA95-496D-B6D5-C127DDDA1A56.jpeg A499B9E6-6359-4F24-8EF8-C14C07E0377E.jpeg 6B1DCA0F-81DE-4435-B5C5-9466FEC25033.jpeg 1ACEA785-E49E-46D0-8BD0-61AB05D6444F.jpeg
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  2. Once home I got to really look it over. It’s a true time capsule. The Monte Carlo red paint is all original. The only thing I can see that’s been changed is the seat bottom upholstery. Cheap ford trucks had a pressed vinyl pattern that resembled a woven pattern. They didn't last long as the pattern cracked in all the little pressed seams. At some point the farmer had the seat bottom redone.

    1F2EBFC0-42BE-46DE-9A0A-188BA2FA6CCF.jpeg C96972E9-7D1E-474E-B322-09307DA9D90A.jpeg 1DDD2100-02C2-4960-8272-163C62F51285.jpeg 88502CE8-1E4F-40BD-92A8-FA723A46A05F.jpeg 063D946D-E9B0-4060-BAF7-D0D4DCBBC75F.jpeg A0389B1D-A7C1-4D5F-899C-008301C0AEF3.jpeg BC5613CE-862B-4610-BE96-301A1F3D2337.jpeg E307B9FA-8426-498B-97E4-D40BDE60D32A.jpeg 3D07E7CF-A3F2-4752-815F-4916A3E5F250.jpeg CE02CC97-8C1E-4F1A-8F60-109E2DAC63F7.jpeg 757A10AD-C482-4867-B07E-2227360E0F8A.jpeg 86D62C4E-E78A-4F8F-9BC4-18E9F3D8736A.jpeg 76528F2C-A726-414D-9D41-F9B26A0C2CD7.jpeg C3722D3A-35B2-438F-8D8A-BD4FB7898999.jpeg 5306B8AD-F1B2-4B17-992A-F32F5D441C3C.jpeg 5E1F5A48-3986-4DD9-B6C4-4F2EF1E07059.jpeg C7B3A629-538D-4E0F-A33C-1096F7473A4C.jpeg
  3. Working for a financial institution, I had Columbus Day off. With the kids at school and the wife at work, I had a full day to 1) blow out ny sprinklers, and 2) start cleaning the truck. The paint is pretty faded but started coming back to life. I want to detail this thing as best as it can get. I ordered new tires for it, I will check everything and then enjoy it. It’s the nicest original vehicle I have ever owned.

    38DF8389-2878-44CD-8090-01E166408AC8.jpeg 83C913BA-D28F-4CD7-A31C-C58FF5733992.jpeg F1E87D07-802B-468F-9762-9C3F589B0E50.jpeg 84E01F0D-B897-4CA1-AD8C-E131C7E1642B.jpeg C888E31A-8637-41ED-B844-C3132DA82A29.jpeg E98E7542-E7BC-4D26-BBD1-F424F40B5E37.jpeg 47929DB3-0562-4CF3-BDE9-09BEAF5CFC28.jpeg 3246FAD1-75EE-4058-9E59-608F3F87E966.jpeg
  4. Petejoe
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    from Zoar, Ohio

    Oh my fking god.

  5. BamaMav
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    from Berry, AL

    Amazing! Beautiful old truck! Rare for a farm truck to look that good, much less survive in that condition. Must have been his weekend truck, most farm trucks get the hell beat out of them. She's a keeper for sure!
  6. I have not spoken to the family yet, it was at consignment on a car lot. What I do know is that it had a plow on it and a diesel slip tank in the bed. I am assuming it was used only to fuel equipment and plow the driveway. occasional trip to town for fuel and supplies? at 18,957 miles, that's 326 miles a year the past 58 years....
  7. Chris, that truck is absolutely gorgeous. I’m smitten with it. My first truck was a 1966 F-100, I love that body style. Your truck is a keeper. I’d trade you my 2018 Ram 2500 for it! Great find and thanks so much for sharing it with us!

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  8. ROADSTER1927
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    WAY WAY COOL---------Gary:):cool::cool::D
  9. flatheadpete
    Joined: Oct 29, 2003
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    from Burton, MI

    I saw it on Instagram....intantly thought "Dang...that guy really has some cool stuff!" Pretty jealous. I need me a pick-up.
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  10. Damaged1
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    UN-REAL!!! It's a time capsule. I love it and I'm not a Ford guy.....Great find.
  11. Come on over, I have quite the selection :/
  12. RyanPartridge
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  13. tractorguy
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    I am a Chevrolet guy.......but.......I love any old trucks of that era.....especially original.....4wd......V/8.......4spd......long box step side......and the icing on the cake......returning to the original dealership. I am blown away. Have fun.
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  14. deathrowdave
    Joined: May 27, 2014
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    from NKy

    That’s as nice as it gets , I put a 4BT in mine . Yours is geared way way to heavy for a diesel . Man keep it the way it is and , just sit and look at it .
  15. BigChief
    Joined: Jan 14, 2003
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    When you finally reach out to the family maybe they'll have the original sales documents for the truck.

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  16. The 1961 warranty paperwork was in the glove box, that’s how I knew for certain where it was sold at. Name on the paperwork also matched the family selling it.
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  17. m.kozlowski
    Joined: Nov 2, 2011
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    That truck is so beautiful!
  18. bowie
    Joined: Jul 27, 2011
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    That is one awesome truck! They don’t get nicer than that. Happy for ya!
  19. khead47
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  20. In the glove box was he owners manual, warranty paperwork and this killer metal ice scraper. I googled Kenneth Ogle and didn’t get much, but much about his wife came up. She passed away last year, I am assuming that is when the family decided to sell the pickup.

    I do plan on reaching out to the family in time. I asked the car lot to give them my number, but I’m sure that didn’t happen. I do have the address to the farm.




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  21. rustydusty
    Joined: Apr 19, 2010
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    That truck is gorgeous! I hope you have a place to keep it inside.
  22. Holy Cow, Chris, my friend you hit a home run with that truck, I'm happy for you my friend.

    The wife and kids look pleased with the new addition to the fleet.

    Like you I love old Ford truck and you might have found yourself a Holy Grail, I really like the honest patina form how the truck has been cared for, drive it and enjoy it, it should be great for transportation when the snow fly's. HRP
  23. I do...I spent the rest of Monday moving crap around and getting the truck indoors. It simply can’t sit outside. Indoor storage is a prime at my place, I had plans to put my 57 F-100 in the shop but it will have to live out in the cold

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  24. woodbutcher
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    :D Outstanding Sir.Just an amazing find.May you and yours enjoy it for many happy miles and smiles.
    good luck.Have fun.Be safe.
  25. Ford52PU
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    from PA

    speechless, what a time capsule. Paint looks great. Hope you enjoy it a long time.
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  26. Fabulous find, Chris. Love it.
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  27. 41 GMC K-18
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    41 GMC K-18

    Congratulations on a snagging this incredible truck!

    What really made me smile about this truck, is those two kids of yours in the front seat, they may not realize it now, but at some point in their future, this magnificent truck will be theirs to enjoy for many years to come!

    I would be curious to know what " you think the appraised " value of the truck is now, with all of the considerations of the history of the truck, its condition and the mileage, and its paperwork that came with it.

    Proof again that there are still some great vehicles lurking in the barns and garages of the farmers in eastern Washington.

    Its cool that it came with the fuel tank and the plow.

    Again, bravo on a great score, indeed, money well spent!

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  28. Okie Pete
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    Okie Pete

    Amazing Pickup . Enjoy

  29. I paid up for the truck. Truth be told it's been advertised all summer at a pretty hefty price. The price has been coming down for months and finally got to what seemed reasonable for the truck. It needs detailed really bad. The car lot washed it and gave it a quicky wax and that was it. I have no idea of it's value, and it is not an extremely valuable truck. But I also look at it like, it could be the nicest original 1961 F-100 with the lowest existence? Who knows. Being a 4WD makes it extra special to me, because I love vintage 4x4's. You also couldn't buy a 500.00 beater and make it anywhere close to what this truck is for what it sold for. I plan to detail/maintain the tuck and maybe even show it a little. It is special to me, and I think others would think it's special, too. If/when I get bored with it (which I tend to do...I know myself), I guess the market will dictate it's value.

    The frame is still mostly black paint, as it the axles, transfer case, etc. The inner fenders and cowl is still red. It needs cleaned and detailed. It's crazy to me how nice it is.

    Absolutely 100% zero rust. Still had a factory sticker on the inside of the passenger side frame rail.

    255B4C26-7B13-4B34-BD6E-EA30AFC1761A.jpeg D36D9E83-4DA3-4489-9C06-ED69119A5D45.jpeg 18D2DD08-1747-4D0D-B182-D148F9026229.jpeg F0F417F2-FD9B-40C8-964C-B1581728F2E7.jpeg
  30. 41 GMC K-18
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    41 GMC K-18

    Grinning to myself here, I know all about " magnificent obsessions " take a look at the media page on my profile, roll up for the magical mystery tour!
    I totally get why the truck is special to you, granted its not a valuable truck, but its value is in, what it means to you, and you did what it took to procure it, and indeed, its the nicest one of its kind.
    I was hoping that your kids would eventually be the owners of it, but as you stated, " if you get bored with it ", no doubt, some discerning collector, that really does appreciate it for what it is, will step up to the plate and give it a new home, if that time ever comes.
    The truck is a survivor and it has integrity, it deserves to be driven and enjoyed, you are a fortunate custodian of what the farmer invested in!
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