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Technical Yet another Evaporust question!!??

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by hotrodA, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. I built a wooden tray and soaked my very rusty 32 hood sides in Evaporust with great results!
    However, the evaporation rate seemed high even though the tray was covered. Three gallons left two.
    The left over solution had also turned noticeably thicker. there a way to slow down the evaporation rate and can the left over solution be strained effectively? It's too expensive to not reuse. Nothing found in many pages of search info (or lack of)

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  2. boring-hop-yard
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    Not sure if this helps. I use a coffee filter in a funnel when I put it back in the gallon jug. you may also be able to build a airtight cover that goes over your box. Your box has a large shallow surface area so its going to evaporate faster than a smaller deeper box. you might get away with a large plastic bag closed tightly over your box.
    You might also think about a drip rack to minimize the volume of fluid that you lose when you remove the parts. It all ads up, hope this helps.
  3. Great tips, thanks!
    Just trying to stretch a buck.
  4. Get the msds, figure if it is water based. Since it got thicker the active chemicals are still there just the diluent is missing. Might be as simple as adding back some distilled water

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  5. indyjps
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    Clean your parts with a good degreaser before the evaporust, it will last much longer, the thickening is likely due to grease sludge.
    Keep it covered.
    When you get tired of paying for evaporust, read up on citric acid powder or oxalic acid powder derusting. Both are easily neutralized with baking soda when finished.
  6. williebill
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    Add water, as Crusty said. My covered bucket of Evaporust completely dried out, and I thought I was out of luck. Read somewhere to just add more water, and it's worked fine since then.
  7. Careful, this gentelman says it worked real good for his car.
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  8. rusty valley
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    rusty valley

    wow! thats powerful stuff!!
  9. gene-koning
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    That metro had some mighty big tires on it!

    I have had a few cars I would not have wanted to soak in a deruster solution very long, or they might have looked like the Metro picture. Gene
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