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Technical Y- Block Headers...

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by MAD-EVAN, May 31, 2016.

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    Hey, does anybody know if the headers for a thunderbird 292 will fit a 4 door Fairlane?

    Basically, I have a 292 I'm putting back into my 1959 Fairlane. The car originally had the "dual" exhaust setup, meaning it did not have the crossover pipe.

    While trying to extract the stud in the downpipe of the passenger side manifold I snapped part of the ear off.

    Looking online I can only find headers for the F-100s and Thunderbirds. I've been told the truck headers won't fit due to steering gear box size and/or location.

    So my question is, in theory the thunderbird was a smaller car, so would the headers for a thunderbird fit in a Fairlane? The engine mounts should be the same versus the truck mounts, steering gear box should be relatively close.

    Has anybody tried this before or am I the only one?


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  2. AVater
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    1. Connecticut HAMB'ers

    I believe the shape of the Thunderbird exhaust manifolds is slightly different than that of the other Ford Cars. In the Ford Cars, towards the rear of the driver's side there is a significant dimple to clear the steering box. In the photo below, the exhaust manifold is from a car like your Fairlane. The pair to the right is from a T bird. Note also on the T bird exhaust, the collectors are shorter and appear to be a tighter angle. I am not sure how this will translate into aftermarket headers.
    Bottom line, a Thunderbird exhaust from the driver's side may not clear the steering box in your Fairlane.


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  3. miker98038
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    Trucks and Thunderbirds used a front motor mount (similar but different), very much like a 56 Chevy. Birds used a single trans mount and rods from the frame to the block, trucks used ears on the bellhousing. Cars used more conventional side engine mounts, so most bird or truck units won't fit

    Red's Headers show pass car units, but I haven't bought from them in years, don't know how they are these days.

    More info.

    Might also give Jerry a call and ask.
  4. The headers on my 56 Thunderbird are almost like a mini fenderwell, I don't think they would work on a passenger car at all - they go Over the steering shaft and under the battery.
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    Thanks for the quick responses. Thought I had out smarted the problem, turns out I didn't know all the variables.

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  6. fiftiescat
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    from NY

    The Y-Block header game is such a pain in the ass. My reccomrndation is find a nice matching pair of factory wide dual exhaust manifolds. I just bought a set of "headers" from reds for my 54 Merc and have yet to try them out. They look decent but they look restrictive. The dual pipe ones look pretty cool and should fit your application

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